Furniture Suppliers Help Guests Unwind

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Bruce Webster of Lynkris No matter whether it’s park furniture such as picnic tables and patio furniture, or site furnishings like fire rings and grills, most campground owners have a very simple philosophy: Buy the best quality you can afford. Quality doesn’t always mean it’s the most expensive, but it hardly ever is the cheapest and it’s usually the better deal in the long run. “I look for quality because I only want to have to buy something once,” Theresa Isaacson of Yogi Bear’s... Read more

This Jellystone's More Than A Campground

If there's one thing passers-by might get from a glance at Rustic Creek Ranch Resort at North Texas Jellystone, in Burleson, Texas, it's that families are welcome. That will be even more apparent come Memorial Day, when the resort publically unveils its newly renovated Pirate's Cove waterpark, which recently received a $1 millon upgrade. “We're very excited about the new Pirate's Cove,” said General Manager Steve Stafford. “The previous waterpark was extremely popular... Read more

Column: Did You See This In KOA's Report?

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The following Modern Marketing column by Evanne Schmarder appears in the May issue of Woodall's Campground Management. RVers will put up with a lot: Close neighbors, highway or train noise, low water pressure, GPS misdirection and more. But for many, fail to deliver on Wi-Fi and kiss that business goodbye. A study commissioned by Broadcom amusingly found that 75 percent of people say one week without Wi-Fi would leave them grumpier than one week without coffee. Not surprising since Pew Internet... Read more

Opinion: Looks Like ARVC's Hitting Its Stride

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Editor’s Note: Woodall’s Campground Management and RVBusiness Publisher Sherman Goldenberg writes a monthly “Publisher’s Corner” column for WCM. I had a chat this week with Paul Bambei, president and CEO of the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC), coming out of the Colorado-based association’s most recent spring board meeting in Denver. I had wanted to get a take — beyond Woodall’s Campground Management Editor Justin Leighty’s credible WCM news coverage — on... Read more

Campground Stores Are A Business Booster

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Campground stores have come a long way, baby. While once nothing more than a pegboard on a patch of wall behind the registration desk selling items campers most likely forgot to bring – matches, bug spray, tablecloths and the like – the retail operations of many parks today have become a business enterprise that even Warren Buffett has taken a second look at. Okay, maybe not Warren Buffett. But chances are good at some time in the last 100 years a guy named Warren who enjoys his buffet cooked... Read more

KOA's 2015 Camping Report Groundbreaking

The senior management of Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) has tapped a rich source of detailed information regarding the habits and preferences of North American campers thanks to a comprehensive 2015 North American Camping Report the Billings, Mont.-based campground franchisor released in March. KOA provided Woodall’s Campground Management a glimpse into the responses it received from more than 5,800 in-depth surveys of campers and potential campers — not limited to KOA — that shed a decidedly... Read more

Pelland: "Mobilegeddon" Is Overblown

The following is from Woodall's Campground Management columnist Peter Pelland, CEO of Pelland Advertising. Peter Pelland Chicken Little was well-intentioned when he hysterically warned of impending disaster. The only problem was that his predictions were based upon conjecture rather than facts. Back at the turn of the millennium, modern-day Chicken Littles mongered fear over the impending “Y2K” disaster that, of course, never happened. More recently, there has been more than a bit of press... Read more

Big Credit Card Processing Changes Loom

The following column is from Art Lieberman, president of MCPS for Campgrounds. Art Lieberman An incredible event will happen this year in the credit card acceptance industry and every single merchant in the United States that accepts credit or debit cards will be participating, whether they want to or not. For many years the credit card industry has been seeking a way to make credit card transactions more secure. Over the past few years they have been experimenting in Europe with a method that will... Read more

Luxury Motorcoach Resorts See A Surge

Can we call it a comeback? A surge? A return to glory days? When it comes to profitability, development and expansion of luxury motorcoach resorts, those in the business agree that there's a lot to be positive about these days, but they are hesitant to break out the ticker tape and start ringing the bells. Jerry Kidd “I would say we're cautiously optimistic,” said Jerry Kidd, president of Kidd Group Communication Design, a Tallahassee, Fa.-based company with a 30-year history and deep... Read more

Be Aggressive, Proactive With Reviews

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Whether you love them or hate them, online reviews of RV parks and campgrounds are here — and, like the travel industry at large and commerce in general, more and more consumers are turning to online reviews when they make decisions about where to visit. As you know, it’s the “new normal.” While reservations giants like and Expedia are turning their attention to the campground market — bringing into the market the possibility of even more online-savvy travelers who rely on reviews... Read more

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