KOA's 2015 Camping Report Groundbreaking

The senior management of Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) has tapped a rich source of detailed information regarding the habits and preferences of North American campers thanks to a comprehensive 2015 North American Camping Report the Billings, Mont.-based campground franchisor released in March. KOA provided Woodall’s Campground Management a glimpse into the responses it received from more than 5,800 in-depth surveys of campers and potential campers — not limited to KOA — that shed a decidedly... Read more

Pelland: "Mobilegeddon" Is Overblown

The following is from Woodall's Campground Management columnist Peter Pelland, CEO of Pelland Advertising. Peter Pelland Chicken Little was well-intentioned when he hysterically warned of impending disaster. The only problem was that his predictions were based upon conjecture rather than facts. Back at the turn of the millennium, modern-day Chicken Littles mongered fear over the impending “Y2K” disaster that, of course, never happened. More recently, there has been more than a bit of press... Read more

Big Credit Card Processing Changes Loom

The following column is from Art Lieberman, president of MCPS for Campgrounds. Art Lieberman An incredible event will happen this year in the credit card acceptance industry and every single merchant in the United States that accepts credit or debit cards will be participating, whether they want to or not. For many years the credit card industry has been seeking a way to make credit card transactions more secure. Over the past few years they have been experimenting in Europe with a method that will... Read more

Luxury Motorcoach Resorts See A Surge

Can we call it a comeback? A surge? A return to glory days? When it comes to profitability, development and expansion of luxury motorcoach resorts, those in the business agree that there's a lot to be positive about these days, but they are hesitant to break out the ticker tape and start ringing the bells. Jerry Kidd “I would say we're cautiously optimistic,” said Jerry Kidd, president of Kidd Group Communication Design, a Tallahassee, Fa.-based company with a 30-year history and deep... Read more

Be Aggressive, Proactive With Reviews

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Whether you love them or hate them, online reviews of RV parks and campgrounds are here — and, like the travel industry at large and commerce in general, more and more consumers are turning to online reviews when they make decisions about where to visit. As you know, it’s the “new normal.” While reservations giants like and Expedia are turning their attention to the campground market — bringing into the market the possibility of even more online-savvy travelers who rely on reviews... Read more

Here's The Latest In RV Park Recreation

March 27, 2015 by · 1 Comment 

Many RV park and campground owners seeking a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace are finding out that a horseshoe pit just won’t cut it anymore. More and more, today’s campers — especially those with children — are looking for high-profile outdoor recreation amenities such as immersive water parks, massive play structures and spectacular miniature golf courses. These can be extremely expensive — prices can run well into six figures for some equipment — but they can make the... Read more

Experts Offer Up Campground Tax Advice

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Regardless of which philosophy you subscribe to – paying taxes as a necessary evil or blessed to earn enough to have to pay taxes – no one wants to give the government a penny more than is required. With a little know-how, smart planning, and a savvy tax partner, small business owners can whittle their tax burden to the bare minimum, experts told Woodall's Campground Management. Like most small businesses in the U.S., you are very likely hot and heavy into tax preparations for tax year 2014.... Read more

March's Edition Of WCM Is Now Available

The full March issue of Woodall's Campground Management is now available here. Inside you'll find expert advice on tax strategies for small businesses, the best approaches to dealing with online guest reviews and a look at the luxury motorcoach sector of the RV park market. You'll also find an in-depth look at the recreation amenities available to RV parks and campgrounds, glances at three campgrounds and an in-depth profile of Golden Village Palms RV Resort, and a look at a wide variety... Read more

Here's How To Market Your Park's Rentals

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The following Modern Marketing column by Evanne Schmarder appeared in Woodall's Campground Management. Experiences. That’s what you’re selling, right? The great outdoors, moonlit nights around a campfire, vacation destinations, lifelong memories — not the rectangle of space we call a campsite. Guess what? There is absolutely no reason your market must be confined to RVers and tenters. Many parks are recognizing this, adding alternative accommodations to their lodging mix. No one knows... Read more

Texas Publication Names Its Best RV Trips

Deciding to go camping with the family has a completely different connotation when you throw an RV into the mix, reports Southlake (Texas) Style. Tents and sleeping bags are optional. Although your definition of “roughing it,” may vary, there are certain amenities you can’t—and quite frankly don’t—want to be without on an RV excursion. For example, never stay anywhere without the three basic hookups: electricity, water and sewage. And, according to Tommy Wilson, operations manager at... Read more

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