ARVC NEWS & NOTES ARVC Launches 2018 NFPA Roadshow Across Eight Cities 14 - February 2018 Woodall’s Campground Management In its continuing effort to create a port- folio of value-added benefits, the National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds (ARVC) has created a unique educational course with the purpose of making parks safer — while at the same time providing a property insurance discount for parks that comply with the program’s initiatives. Need for NFPA 1194 Education/Training In a recent 2017 industry study conducted by ARVC which included both ARVC member and non-member parks, 94% of the 690 participating parks sur- veyed indicated they have made improve- ments or additions to their park’s infrastructure, amenities, buildings or sites that required approval by their local authorities (visit for a copy of the report). Yet without a standardized model code for safety, ARVC members could be left fending for themselves when it comes to getting these new structures approved by local authorities. ARVC, a leading advocate for fire pre- vention and an authoritative source on public safety, recognizes the importance of teaming with NFPA in these endeavors. NFPA — with a membership of more than 700,000 individuals around the world — develops, publishes and disseminates more than 300 consensus codes and standards intended to minimize the pos- sibility and effects of fire and other risks. ARVC leads the national effort to adopt NFPA 1194 across the board. Multiple factors influenced the development of the ARVC Foundation’s NFPA 1194 course program. ARVC wants to ensure park owners, operators and key personnel have the knowledge they need when making improvements or additions by promoting the adoption of NFPA 1194 at the state and local level. The ARVC Foundation’s Practitioner Certificate for NFPA 1194 provides an in- troduction to the standards and covers all impacted areas — including electrical, facilities, fire safety, water and sanitation. The course content includes recom- mended practices on utilizing the stan- dards and strategies for working with authorities. The program was rolled out at the 2017 Outdoor Hospitality Confer- ence and Expo; in 2018, ARVC is taking the program on the road in order educate members and non-members about these business critical standards. Top Three Reasons to Get NFPA Training • Park owners and managers should understand the current standards. “The NFPA 1194 certificate program covers all national standards concerning critical facility requirements,” explained ARVC Senior Director of Education Barb Youmans. “It will not only help parks and park owners who are building, renovating or expanding their parks to understand the most current standards, but will also give them the resources they need as they work with their local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) regarding that work.” • Park owners and managers should learn about the resources available. Consistency across states and local jurisdictions regarding regulations related to the RV park and campground industry is almost non-existent. Lack of understanding of the needs and require- ments of a campground have left many park owners and operators frustrated with the lack of knowledge the local authorities have regarding reasonable standards for our industry. David L. Berg, CPO, OHC owner/oper- ator of Red Apple Campground in Ken- nebunkport, Maine, said education of the NFPA 1194 standards made a big differ- ence in his business and community. “Recently our zoning board wanted to put in some very unrealistic and overbearing zoning requirements on campground owners. I went to the public meeting and listened to the town staff put forth very unreasonable situations for park owners — such as not being able to jack up and put a park model on blocks, not able to put in Florida rooms, not able to keep them on a site for more than 30 days and so on. We took them on one by one using the red (NFPA) 1194 code book as the bible across the country. “After multiple requests and discus- sions about reasonable practices based under (NFPA) 1194, we were able to convince them 100% to go with what was in that book and not with what their town employees recommended,” Berg added. “It saved all of the campgrounds in our city a lot of problems going forward — and a lot of money.” • Campground owners and managers should plan property enhancements and/or additional amenities with NFPA in mind. Ever increasing RV vehicle sizes will impact campgrounds throughout the country. To meet the expectations and needs of customers, owners and opera- tors will need to make improvements and additions to their facilities. This trend will continue throughout the future of the out- door hospitality industry. ARVC’s Money-Saving Partnership In conjunction with the Practitioner Certificate for NFPA 1194 and in partner- ship with Leavitt Recreation and Hospi- tality Insurance — a company that has been providing insurance to the RV park and campground industry for 30 years — ARVC has also developed a risk manage- ment endorsement program. This pro- gram is designed to ensure practitioners have a clear understanding of how to create and implement a risk-mitigation program that can help ensure the safety and well-being of their employees, guests and property. Also covered with the endorsement is an understanding of OSHA and ADA regulations and how to manage the risk associated with legal compliance for these agencies. ARVC members who are certified NFPA 1194 Practitioners with the risk management endorsement may qualify for up to a 15% discount on their property and liability insurance through Leavitt (members must contact their Leavitt agent for more information about this program and to discuss actual discount amounts). To register or learn more about the NFPA 1194 and roadshow, visit or call 303- 681-0401, ext. 120. WCM NFPA Roadshow Locations • Feb. 21-22 — National School Eastern Campus, Myrtle Beach, S.C. • March 6 — CCOA Convention, Fountain, Colo. • March 13 — WACO Convention, Stevens Point, Wisc. • March 16 — NCA Convention, Danvers, Maine • April 25 — AZARVC Convention, Laveen, Ariz. • July 25-26 — National School Western Campus, Denver, Colo. • Sept. 11 — FLARVC Convention, Tampa, Fla. • Dec. 2 — PCOA Convention, College Station, Pa. RVSalesContinueHistoricRise The popularity of recreational vehicles showsnosignsoffatigue.AccordingtoGrand Rapids,Mich.-basedStatisticalSurveys,sales ofbothtowableandmotorizedsegmentswere up by double digits through November 2017. Year-over-year towable sales showed continued growth for the first 11 months, climbing 11.2% through November. Results by category showed sales for the travel trailer segment climbed 12.6% year-to- date, while fifth-wheel registrations were up 9.3% for the 11 months. Thor Industries Inc. was the towable sales leaderthroughNovemberwith48.6%shareof the market, ahead of Forest River Inc. owning a36.2%shareandGrandDesignRVCo.(4.5%). Cavco Industries Inc. led the park model segmentwitha21.2%marketshare,aheadof Kropf Manufacturing Co. Inc. (18.3%), Cham- pion Home Builders (13.6%) and Skyline Corp. (12.4%). Meanwhile, Thor Industries Inc. was the motorized sales leader through November with a 41.4% market share, ahead of Forest River Inc. (23%) and Winnebago Industries Inc. (15.1%). Class A motorhome sales edged up o.1% through November and Class C sales gained 20.8% during the 11- month period. WCM