22 - February 2018 Woodall’s Campground Management purchase the house from the resort,” said Soard. “With our market it becomes a real custom situation—whattheendbuyerspecificallywantsinthemodel.Wearenotacommodityrental, but more of a high-end provider that raises the overall value of the resorts we are in.” Soard went on to say he is currently working with a Wisconsin resort that purchased units from Woodland Park 20 years ago and is now wanting to replace some of these with new models.“That’satestamenttohowwellourproductsperformovertheyears,”hesaid.— Ron Barger Cavco Industries Inc. Cavco park models and cabins are built at 19 plants throughout the United Stateswithdifferentmodels and floorplans offered at each location. Six regional factory locations specialize in park models and cabins specifically designed for eachregion.Thirteendiffer- ent lines of products are available overall including an entry level series, park model loft series and luxury cottages. In 2018, Cavco is settounveilitscontemporaryfarmhouseseriesthatistentativelynamedthe“MagnoliaSeries.” Cavco-ownedFairmontHomeshasalsoreleasedtheCanadian150Series,whichhasbeenvery well received in the Canadian market. (602)-256-6263 • www.cavco.com Champion/Athens Park Model RVs Champion/Athens Park ModelRVsarecurrentlybuilt atnineplantsthroughoutthe United States; in 2017, all plants saw increased park model shipments. One of the mostpopularmodelsamong campground and resort rentals is the 15-foot-wide park model design. This model boasts an exposed- beam ceiling and has a rolling island in the kitchen. Outside, a wood-burning fireplaceaddsawarmtouch to the front porch. A 12-foot-wide park model features a huge loft, farmhouse sink, shiplap ceiling, stackablewasher/dryerandbarndoorscoveringtheclosetarrangement.Thecompanyalsoplans to introduce new floor plans at all of the plants in early 2018. (903)-677-0108 • www.championhomes.com/park-model-rv ConestogaWagon Company Conestoga Wagon builds its unique Conestoga Wagons at its plant in Gar- den City, Utah. Modeled after the oversized shipping wagons that used to traverse the roads in Penn- sylvania before the advent of automobiles, the wagons are constructed with wide, solid-timber beams, feature metal brackets, custom- built axles and a canvas shell provided by Belgrade, Mont.-based Montana Canvas. Each wagon can be custom-built to what the customer desires and requires a lead time of around six weeks to complete. (307)-277-0525 • www.conestogawagons.com Euro StructuresAustralia FoundedinAustralia17yearsago,EcoStructuresonlyrecentlystartedshowingitsEcoTent in the United States market. TheEcoTentisbuilttowith- stand harsh conditions and features a galvanized steel frame, heavy-duty modular canvas shell and a large fly that gives the Eco Tent its unique look. Built on a raised platform, the Eco Tent is customizable and can even feature additional rooms. Built to remain in place all year, the canvas shell has a 10-year lifespan in even harsh conditions and due to its modular construction, customers can replace a single panel of canvas instead of the whole shell. Delivered in a kit, the company notes it takes two people two days to build the structure. www.ecostructures.com.au Exterior of Cavco’s West Glacier. Exterior of Champion/Athens 523. Conestoga Wagons feature canvas tops. Eco Tents sit on raised platforms.