30 - February 2018 Woodall’s Campground Management ‘We are really seeing an overwhelming interest from new RV owners entering the market that have higher expectations and have been disap- pointed at other places,’ said Andy Cates, CEO of RVC Outdoor Destinations Higher Expectations: Attracting Campers with Resort-Style Luxury ForresortslikeNormandyFarmsofferingexclusiveamenitiesandhigh- quality features is another tactic to attracting high-end customers. Not all campers are looking for the “roughingit”experienceinrusticcamp- grounds or RV parks.While that experi- ence certainly has its place in the camping world, there’s another way to hit the open road that is anything but rough — hundreds of luxury, resort- style RV parks located throughout the country that appeal to higher-end campers. Several factors qualify a park as one oftheseluxurylocations.Parkscan’trely on a beautiful location alone to lure resort campers. It takes a different class of amenities and a higher level of service to pull in these “glampers.” Luxury resorts typically cater to specific demographics and market accordingly, although any campground can utilize these strategies to enhance their own campers’ experiences. Memphis,Tenn.-basedRVCOutdoor Destinations has been providing“high- quality” amenities at its 10 properties since 2006, according to Andy Cates, CEO of RVC Outdoor Destinations. “We have spent a significant amount of money at each of our resorts trying to make them different from our competi- tors,” said Cates. “We are really seeing an overwhelming interest from new RV owners entering the market that have higher expectations and have been disappointed at other places.” Cates said that RVC has consistently received strong marks from guests who have stayed at one of the company’s re- sorts.Allresortsarepetfriendly,include free Wi-Fi, a large saline swimming pool, playgrounds, large fire pits and concierge services, among other things. “We are the Hilton of the business,” said Cates. “When people enter our re- sorts, we want them to see the quality.” Cates said the interest has pushed RVC to begin an expansion project at Catherine’s Landing in Hot Springs, Ark., which will more than double the size of the property and add 130 new sites.Thecompanyalsoplanstoexpand quicker in the future by adding more properties to its portfolio. Cates said that what sets RVC apart is its focus specifically on one segment of the camping population. Instead of havingabunchofpropertiesatdifferent points in the spectrum, Cates said that thecultureisdifferentatRVCandallows