WOODALLSCM.com February 2018 - 31 it to meet customer’s expectations. “We have been aggressive about see- ingmoresegmentationoftheindustry,” he said.“If places are pushing anything that is high-quality, but can’t keep up with what the customer wants, then that hurts the high-quality market. So, segmentationisimportanttooursector of the industry. “I respect our competitors, but at the same time it is important that the consumer understands the difference between different segments of the industry,” he continued. InKeyWest,Fla.,anotherhigh-quality resort, the Bluewater Key Luxury RV Resort is strategically located in a vaca- tion spot just minutes from downtown Key West. Part of the resort’s allure is year-round tropical weather, with prox- imity to a historic seaport, world-class restaurants, sightseeing and nightlife. For those who enjoy fishing, swimming, scubadiving,snorkelingorotheraquatic sports, the surrounding Gulf of Mexico waters and Atlantic Ocean provide plenty of recreational opportunities. According to Howard Griffin, who handles marketing for the resort, there are several amenities the park provides which make it a luxury stopover for RV enthusiasts. “Our strongest and most valued amenities and assets are our weather, our location and our proximity to a world-class year-round vacation para- dise,”hesaid.“Toaddtothat,Bluewater Key is an owner-owned resort, where individuals own the lots as personal property with most owners making the resort their winter home.” Not all luxury RV parks are found in tropical locations, however. Normandy Farms in Foxboro,Mass.,isnestledinthe pines on more than 100 wooded acres between Boston and Cape Cod. Guests are close enough to walk the Freedom Trailandviewuniquehistorical sites in Boston, once dubbed “the cradle of liberty,” or to enjoy the salty air at a romantic oceansidelocaleon“theCape.” But since not all campgrounds are in such illustrious locations, offering ex- clusive amenities is another tactic to at- tractinghigh-endcustomers.Bluewater Key, for example, also features ameni- ties that rival any upscale resort hotel. “Just out of our front gate we’ve provided access to a biking, jogging and walking trail that runs the length of the Keys,” said Griffin. “We also have a heated/cooled pool, people and puppy parks, a first class laundry service facility, community boat launch, and both private and community docks. “You can swim and fish off your dock or within minutes by boat you can be in either the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico with all the entertainment that provides,” he continued. Charters and boat rentals are both available to visitors as well. Being a quiet getaway in the midst of RVC’sLiveOakLandinginFreeport,Fla.,liketheirotherresorts,featureshigh-qualityparkmodels. BluewaterKeyoffersluxurioussitesrightonthewater. RVC’s unique attractions add to the high-quality label.