WOODALLSCM.com February 2018 - 33 located 70 miles from Glacier National Park and there are numerous outdoor activities in our area. “From mid-June to mid-September we have a complimentary happy hour every Friday with appetizers, beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks provided. There’s also music on Tuesday nights,” she continued. “We have yoga and mahjong weekly. Each July we have a western-themedparty,andeachAugust we have another themed party.” Sites for RVs aren’t the only option. Many luxury resorts feature on-site cabin rentals for additional conven- ience and extravagance. In addition to amenities, resorts like Bluewater Key often provide a luxury level of service. “Our guests receive our ‘Concierge Service’ to make their stay as enjoyable as possible,” said Griffin. “Even before they arrive, they are contacted to discuss their anticipated arrival time and resolve any questions they may have. From the initial arrival at the se- cure front gates to their departure, they will enjoy a superior level of service.” Staff aid guests in checking in, disconnecting their tow if desired and provide escort service to the individual sites, along with helping guest park safely, connecting their utilities and an introduction and familiarization with their individual site. If the guest has a boat or other watercraft, staff will also aid in getting it launched. “Any problems they may have will quicklyandefficientlyberesolvedtoget them settled in and enjoying their stay in our little piece of paradise,” said Griffin. “We provide daily garbage pickup service at their site and have ice and propane tanks at the concierge office. We make every attempt to make our guests’ stay as enjoyable and uneventful as possible.” BluewaterKeyalsoformallyorganized its owner’s group, the Bluewater Key RV Ownership Park Owners Association Inc. in August, of 1989. The resort has matured over the years with sizable investmentsbyboththeassociationand individual owners. Another beneficial, and profitable, feature is the Property Owner’s Association Rental office.When lotownersaren’tinresidencetheycanbe rented out to other campers. As one might guess, with a great location, luxury amenities, and compli- mentary activities and services, recom- mendations from campers help promote high-end campgrounds. But advertising and marketing these high-end resorts in just the right venues also has results. Social media and web traffic play a crucial role in reaching potential customers. Polson Motor Coach, for example, utilizes web traffic to drive real traffic to the Montana resort. “Marketing, word-of-mouth and social media bring people in,” said London. “We also travel to RV shows and parks in the winter months and use our social media regularly.” Glowing reviews are another surefire way to book interested RVers. Nor- mandy Farms, for instance, is listed on directories such as Good Sam, who awarded the park a perfect 10 rating. It was also recognized by Time Magazine as a glamping destination, awarded “The Best Luxury RV Park” by Yankee Magazine and was voted one of the “Top 13 Campgrounds in theWorld” by the Travel Channel. “Ourwebsiteisalsoquitepopular,plus luxury RV resorts. These clubs — such as Good Sam, Thousand Trails and Passport America — provide campers entire databases of campgrounds that may be more difficult to find otherwise. Resorts benefit from club-wide market- ing, online reservation platforms and members-only discounts offered through the clubs. When it comes right down to it, the recipe for a luxury RV oasis is simple: lo- cation, amenities, service — and then marketing all three by getting the word out. Marketing a luxury resort might mean utilizing social media, enhancing awebsiteortakingadvantageofnational clubs,butultimatelythesestrategiescan be used by both luxury RV resorts and regular campgrounds offering an enhancedcampingexperience.It’sjusta matter of understanding each camp- ground or resort’s unique demographic —andmakingacustomer’sexperiences unforgettable. — Ron Barger WCM RV slide outs at Polson Motor Coach are given plenty of room to operate in. weprint20,000brochurestodistributefor marketing purposes,” said Daniels. Taking advantage of national club memberships can also be beneficial for