4 - February 2018 Woodall’s Campground Management Tents ForTroops Seeking Partner Parks to Join Program campgroundsthatareinterestedinhost- ing a travel trailer, which will be loaned out to active duty military personal for free. The demographic of people that utilize the program typically is younger military families, according to Charlie Curry, founder of Tents for Troops, and the program is hoping to find RV parks thatarechildfriendly,withamenitiesfor children. Once a park is approved, Tents for Troops will send a travel trailer to the park.Theorganizationwillthenprovide everything needed to outfit the trailer, suchascookware,dishes,boardgames, camp chairs, a cooler, etc. U.S WarrantyCorp.hasofferedzero- deductible, long-term extended war- ranties for these trailers. The partner parkwouldberesponsiblefor“loaning” thetraveltrailersouttoactive-dutymil- itary members for 2 to 7 days for free. Most of the travel trailers will be new; therearealsousedtraveltrailersingood condition. Park owners will collect a $100 TACO,NJCOARelease2018 Travel & Camping Guides Both the Texas Association of Camp- ground Owners (TACO) and the New Jersey Campground Owners Association (NJCOA) have released their 2018 camping guides. The 2018 RV Travel & Camping Guide to Texas is now being providedtoconsumers at RV shows, visitors’ bureaus and camp- grounds in Texas and across the country. “Our theme this year is festivals, the most interesting of which we highlight in each region of Texas,” said Brian Schaeffer, executive director and CEO of TACO. Although the camping directory is avail- able in a mobile-friendly format at www.Tex- asCampgrounds.com, Schaeffer said printed directories remain in high demand, largely becausetheycanbefasterandeasiertouse than online directories and don’t require precious cellphone data. TACO’sprintingcovers265,000usersofthe guide. “Our biggest sources of distribution are the Texas Information Centers, the points of entry into Texas,” Schaeffer said. The 2018 RV Travel & Camping Guide to Texas not only includes detailed information oncampgrounds,butinformationaboutplaces tovisitandthingstodoinTexas.Theguidealso includes a two-page section with information on parks and attractions in Oklahoma. TheNJCOAguide,theNewJerseyCamp- ground&RVParkVacationGuide,isfreeand available for order online or viewed in digital format at www.GoCampingNJ.com. NJCOA distributes its guide at a number of RV shows throughout the year and can alsobeacquiredbycalling(800)-2CAMP-NJ. NewJerseyofferscampinginthemountains, along rivers, lakes, the bay and along the JerseyShore.Thisyear the guide has an updated format and infographics on serv- ices and amenities for the 95-plus NJCOA membercampgrounds andRVparks. Readers will also discover information about attractions and experiences available throughout the six regions in the state. The guidebook features stories on National Out- doors Month, which takes place in June, and campground etiquette. This year the member spotlight shines on campgrounds who have been passed down to the next generation. WCM Media, publisher of Woodall’s Campground Management and RVBusiness magazines, with partner Sherm Goldenberg in March of 2011. Goldenberg will continue in his role as publisher and co-owner. “It’s been a good run, one that I’m proud to have been a part of since 1977 when I got my start, doing business as Bev Gardner & AssociatesInc.andworkingoutofmyhouse with two young daughters scampering around,”saidGardner,whoservedasG&G’s vice president of sales after acquiring the two magazines from Affinity Group Inc., a California company subsequently renamed GoodSamEnterprisesLLC,aunitofCamping World Holdings Inc. Other titles for which Gardner’s inde- pendent agency sold advertising over the years included Trails-A-Way, Camperways, Southern RV, California RV Traveler, Hanley’s Van Conversion Buyers Guide, Chevy Outdoors, Coachmen Easy RVing, Camporama, Family Motor Coaching, Trucking Times, the Woodall’s Campground Directory and Woodall’s RV Buyer’s Guide. During her tenure at G&G, Gardner, a for- mer board member of the RV/MH Heritage Foundation Inc., helped launch the “RV IndustryPowerBreakfast,”the“RVBusiness Top50DealerAwards”andthe“RVBusiness RV of the Year” programs. An Elkhart native and Purdue University grad who will serve as chief revenue officer for G&G, Fore spent almost 20 years with Coachmen Industries Inc. and then Patriot Homes before going to work in 1990 as a sales manager for Elkhart RV supplier Dicor — a company for which he ultimately became president and co-owner. Fore officially retired in late December from his position at Dicor more than a year after he and his partners sold their interest in the firm to Wichita, Kan.- based RV supplier Airxcel Inc. Inhisnewrole,Forewillworkcloselywith veteranfront-linesalesexecsAllyKollatand WendyThorne,whoareassumingleadsales and account responsibilities. “My interest at this point is to use what I’velearnedoverthepast50yearsandhope- fully reach farther down the road in the pub- lishing business and the trade media,” said Fore. WCM Following a high-profile career in the U.S. RV industry, veteran trade publishing execu- tive Beverly Gardner announced her retire- ment and the sale of her equity in Elkhart, Ind.-based publisher G&G Media Group LLC Dec.20toanotherlong-timeRVindustryexec, former Dicor Corp. President Gregg Fore. A lifelong member of the Elkhart commu- nity and a graduate of Elkhart High School who attended the University of Colorado, Gardner served for years as an independent publishers’ rep before co-founding G&G California’s Thomas Fire was only 92% con- tained when Woodall’s Campground Manage- ment went to press on this issue. Sparked on Dec. 4 in Ventura County near the Ventura Ranch Kampground of America (KOA) Holiday in Santa Paula, the fire was fueled by hot and dry Santa Ana winds, eventually growing to becomethelargestwildfireinCaliforniahistory, GardnerAnnounces Retirement from G&G Media Group, Sells Equity in RVB Parent to RV Executive Gregg Fore Sherman Goldenberg and Beverly Gardner Tents for Troops, a Washington- based non-profit that has offered free RV park and camping sites to active- duty military personal for more than eight years, is looking for more parks to join its program. TheTentsforTroopsprogramstarted with just one single park, Toutle River RVResortinCastleRock,Wash.,andhas now grown to include RV parks and campgrounds across 48 states. The program is seeking RV parks and Gregg Fore Charlie Curry, middle, says Tents for Troops needs partner parks. deposit, $35 of which will be non- refundable to help cover propane, utilities and other costs. Through prior experience,individualsusuallyleavethe units spotless, according to Curry, but if they do not, park owners may keep the full deposit. Parks will be allowed to rent out the trailers when they are not in use by military guests, with 50% of this income going to the partner park and the other 50% going to Tents for Troops to help fund the program. Currysaidthattheorganizationisstill workingonsomedetailsoftheprogram, but should have the details done soon. Drop-ins are not allowed, nor are elec- tronicreservations.Ifyourparkisalready aTent forTroops member or a new park wishing to joinTents forTroops, contact thegroupat503-425-9105orwww.tents- fortroops.com. This is a long-term program,soifaparkwantsatraveltrailer and Tents for Troops doesn’t have one available now, the organization may have one available next year. WCM VenturaRanchLoses16Structures;ThomasFireBurnsintoNewYear according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire). According to Mike Gast, vice president of communicationsatKOA,VenturaRanchlost16 structures,includingitscampstore,registration, maintenanceandstoragebuildings,andseveral deluxe cabins due to the fire. Also lost in the fire were two RVs owned by Scott Cory, the owner of Ventura Ranch. No campers lost their RVs and no RVs sitting in the campground’s storage lot were destroyed, according to Gast. OpenedasaKOAin2009,VenturaRanchhas about 75 RV sites, four deluxe tent sites, 44 reg- ulartentsites,12teepeesand18deluxecabins. At the beginning of January, Gast said that KOAwasbeginningtohelpCorystartthedesign process for rebuilding his campground. WCM A deluxe cabin at Ventura Ranch KOA lies destroyed by fire. The National Park Service (NPS) an- nounced in early December that it would be dropping the number of free admission days to national parks from 10 to four in 2018. Accordingtoapressrelease,thethree remaining admission free days for 2018 will be April 21, the first day of National Park Week; Sept. 22, National Public Lands Day; and Nov. 11,Veterans Day. NPS Reduces Number of Free Days to Four in 2018 The NPS also held a free admission day on Jan. 15, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Normally, 118 of the 417 national parks charge an entrance fee.The other 299nationalparksdonothaveentrance fees.The entrance fee waiver for the ad- mission-free days does not cover amenity or user fees for activities such as camping, boat launches, transporta- tion or special tours. Other federal land management agencies offering their own fee-free days in 2018 include the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Forest Service and Army Corps of Engineers. WCM Acadia National Park