Wichita RV Park’s Future Left Up to Committee

September 2, 2009 by · Comments Off on Wichita RV Park’s Future Left Up to Committee 

The existing RV park adjacent to the Kansas Coliseum in Wichita, Kan., figures into two of the three proposals submitted last week by private developers, according to The Wichita Eagle.

Hotels and retail also might be in the facility’s future as Sedgwick County weighs the three proposals.

County leaders hope to meet in the next two weeks with the three development groups that submitted ideas for the complex, which includes Britt Brown Arena, pavilions used for livestock and horse shows and Wiedemann Park, an RV park.

The future of the coliseum, near Hartman Arena off of I-135 near 85th Street North, is in question as the county prepares to open Intrust Bank Arena downtown in January. The county sought proposals for the property and received three last week from Hartman Arena, Heritage Development Group and North American Management of Kansas LLC.

Assistant County Manager Charlene Stevens shared brief summaries of each plan with commissioners Tuesday (Sept. 1):

  • Hartman Arena would operate the pavilions and Britt Brown similar to how those facilities are now used. The county would share revenue with Hartman. The proposal does not appear to include the RV park, Stevens said.
  • Heritage Development Group wants to create a Western-themed entertainment venue called “Saddle Rock Rodeo Resort.” The group, in partnership with Walz Harman Huffman Construction and Adventureland RV, would operate the pavilions and the RV park, and proposes expanding the complex to include hotels and a clubhouse.
  • North American, a partnership with Law Kingdon/The Law Co., plans to operate the pavilions similar to how they are used now and add a hotel and/or retail development. The group proposes changes to the arena and RV park, although Stevens did not say what the changes would be.

Stevens said a review committee needs more details from the developers about revenue sharing, investment and financing.

“For all proposals, more information is needed to determine financial benefits or costs to the county,” she wrote in a memo.

She also said the county needs to know how developers would pay to make the arena comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The proposals did not lay out specific plans for complying with the act, although that was a requirement.

Stevens said the county would sort out those issues before making any agreement with a developer. She also noted that the turnaround time, about a month, for the proposals “was a short time for people to respond.”

Stevens said her goal is to have a recommendation to commissioners by the first week of October.