Biloxi RV Parks Oppose Another Competitor

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The Biloxi (Miss.) Housing Authority (BHA) is considering building a recreational vehicle park on U.S. 90, east of Beauvoir and the Kangaroo gas station, the Biloxi Sun Herald reported.

Owners of other campgrounds in the city said they have been struggling since Hurricane Katrina and are just getting back on track from the oil spill. They don’t welcome more competition.

“The Housing Authority should be for people that need housing,” said Jonathan Mikovich, who operates the nearby Cajun RV Park on U.S. 90 with his family.

“Our tax dollars are going to compete against us,” said his wife, Susan Mikovich.

Bobby Hensley, director of the Biloxi Housing Authority, said there is another side to the story. He said if the campground is built, the housing authority will pay taxes like everyone else. And he said the campground would support public housing.

Hensley said the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and federal government have told housing authorities they need to find ways to make money.

“Our contract with the government is probably going to be cut in half next year,” he said. BHA has to find some way to supplement its income, he said, or close apartment complexes and cut staff.

“This is something HUD wants us to do,” he said.

Before Katrina, the Biloxi Housing Authority operated an apartment building on the approximately 6-acre site of the proposed RV park.

The property is in the Velocity Zone and even if they were to rebuild there, Hensley said they couldn’t get insurance. “It’s not suitable for residential housing.

He said a waterfront RV park is one of the best uses, because it could be evacuated before a hurricane.

It would have a swimming pool and other family amenities.

“We don’t need a convenience store. There’s one sitting there on the corner,” he said, referring to the Kangaroo station.

The Housing Authority tried to sell the property, and Hensley said it got one bid, for less than $100,000.

Jerry Creel, Biloxi community-development director, said he’s heard from RV park owners in the city who are upset with the Housing Authority’s plans.

Several other RV parks operate within a few miles of the proposed campground. In addition to Cajun RV Park, Southern Comfort Park is on U.S. 90, Fox’s RV Park is on Beauvoir Road and Majestic Oaks is on Pass Road. Other RV parks are near Interstate 10 in North Biloxi.

Hensley said the housing authority will continue to look at opportunities for the property, and hasn’t decided if the site will become an RV park.

Susan Mikovich said the BHA should try again to sell the site. “There’s better use for that land.”

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BP Oil Spill Sours Gulf Coast Tourism Business

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Cajun RV Park, Biloxi, Miss., in better times.

The British Petroleum oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has prompted several class action lawsuits involving hundreds of clients in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida as tourism business has floundered, according to WLOX-TV, Biloxi, Miss.

At the Cajun RV Park in Biloxi, business has been watered down by the threat of oil. Spaces that are normally full sit empty.

Jonathan Mikovich runs the park and said business is down 35% this month alone. When potential campers call, Mikovich said the spill is a topic of concern.

“I would say most of the people are mentioning it, but overall I think are just looking for another destination to go totally because they don’t want to have it impact their only week off of vacation they get.”

Texan Earl Miller is staying at the park with family members. He said he’s enjoying the southern hospitality, and has plans to go golfing.

“We made the decision to come down here before the oil spill started. And once we thought about it, we wouldn’t be actually using the beaches that much, and we didn’t think it would affect our golf.”

The manager of the RV park in Biloxi has not taken litigation against BP off the table. He doesn’t want to go to court, but Mikovich said if he continues to lose revenue, he may have no choice.

“If revenue is being off as much as we are thinking it’s going to be, we could absolutely do that,” he said.

Meanwhile, officials with BP promise every legitimate claim of financial loss will be paid.

Biloxi RV Park Welcomes Snow Birds’ Return

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Aerial view of Cajun RV Park. Gulf of Mexico is at top of photo.

Aerial view of Cajun RV Park. Gulf of Mexico is at top of photo.

As the temperatures up in the northern part of the country plummet, a Biloxi, Miss., RV park hopes to see more Snow Birds heading south for the winter.

Cajun RV Park is located on the Biloxi beach front.

The staff says since Hurricane Katrina, FEMA trailers, contractors and extensive storm renovations kept the park from doing any commercial business. Now that’s changed and the park is trying to lure the Snow Birds back, according to WLOX-TV, Biloxi.

In planning their yearly pilgrimage from their home in New York state, Beverly Least said this time she and her husband decided to head for south Mississippi instead of Florida.

“Everyone is having a good time and everyone is friendly,” said Least. “There is nothing like Southern hospitality which you really find down here, that you’re not apt to find along the coast in Florida.”

On New Year’s Day, more than 100 campers and RVs packed into Cajun RV Park. The staff says most of the people are travelers who booked their holiday getaways early.

General Manager Jonathan Mikovich said, “It’s a good sign for the area and everything, especially for the park to have had a better booking for the season. We think that, hopefully, for the whole entire Snow Bird season this year will be a great year.”

Cajun RV is trying to rebuild the large Snow Bird business it had before Katrina. The staff says many visitors coming in now remember Biloxi before the hurricane and are happy to see the progress.

“I think in the long run, most everything is going to get done,” said Mikovich. “It’s just taking a lot longer than people anticipated it doing. Everybody that’s coming into the park and is traveling into the area has absolutely noticed the improvements from year to year. Especially this year, a lot of people haven’t even mentioned Katrina at all, so that’s really a great thing.”

Some Snow Birds say they are already planning their south Mississippi vacation for next year.

Least said, “Your coastline at dusk is the most beautiful coastline I’ve ever seen. It’s gorgeous.”

Cajun’s RV Park says the biggest draws to the area are the beaches and casinos.

Camper Dies After Run Over by RV in Biloxi Park

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A Sebring, Fla., woman died Wednesday night (Dec. 30) after she was run over by a recreational vehicle in a Biloxi, Miss., RV park.

Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove said Patricia DeBriyn, 60, and her husband had come to Biloxi to spend a couple of days and were staying at Cajun RV Park at 1860 Beach Boulevard. Hargrove and the Biloxi Police Department have concluded the death was an accident, according to the Biloxi Sun Herald.

Police were called at 7:41 p.m. and emergency-medical personnel confirmed she was run over by a recreational vehicle.

“She was in the driveway by herself when somebody was pulling into the park,” said Police Chief John Miller.

DeBriyn was taken to Biloxi Regional Medical Center. The coroner said she was pronounced dead at 8:02 p.m.

Hargrove said an autopsy showed she died of crushing to the chest.

The police said she was wearing dark colored clothing and was sitting in the roadway when she was struck. Alcohol was a contributing factor, the police said.

The driver of the RV wasn’t identified.

Police said no charges were filed at the scene and the incident remains under investigation.

“There are circumstances we’re stilling looking into,” Miller said.