CalARVC Announces Fall Getaway Speakers

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July 4th activities promoted.

July 4th activities promoted.

The California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC) announced its lineup of speakers for its Fall RV Park Getaway, which happens Oct. 6, with a preview public-relations workshop Oct. 5.

The event happens at Coloma Resort, and the resort’s operators, the Faieta family, will serve as one of the keynote speakers. The other will be Ed Poole.

Coloma Resort is much more than an RV Park. Coloma Resort has created the non-profit Coloma Outdoor Discovery School, a residential program offering one- to four-day experiences in gold rush history, science, and ropes challenge. The resort also markets its unique wedding venue and concession with the California State Parks Department.

The Faieta family.

The Faieta family.

The founders of the Coloma Outdoor Discovery School, Fred and Marielle Faieta, had a vision to combine the classroom experience with an authentic connection to the history of the California Gold Rush through experiential learning in a safe, outdoor setting.

Fred and Marielle established the school in 1990. After two years, the founders and board decided to structure the school as a nonprofit public benefit institution so the concept would endure for generations to come. To this day, Fred and Marielle continue their support as advisors and benefactors to the school. They still continue to be hands-on.

Former residents of Carmel, Calif., the Faietas have lived in the Coloma valley since 1988. Both Fred and Marielle have been very strong leaders in the community supporting many local developmental, historical, and charitable organizations.

Ed Poole

Ed Poole

Poole is the eminent California Public Utility Commission attorney specializing in the park community. He will discuss the issues around electric sub-metering, solar panel installation, California climate rebates and water-meter installations.

There will also be roundtable discussions held by six experts. They include:

  • Dave Kendrick, Dogtrekker — Be Pet Passionate.
  • Reid Lundstrom, SCS Communications — Cable vs. Satellite TV.
  • Wes & Diane Sanders, Pioneer RV Park — Getting & Keeping Club Business.
  • Tyler Campbell, Tytanium Ideas — Social Ads.
  • Paul T Jensen, Attorney at Law — Ask the Attorney.
  • Christian Campisi, Bonterra Solar — More than Energy Production, Solar Sells Lifestyle.

The Oct. 5 session on public relations will be put on by Jeff Crider.

Rafting Boom Is Helping Calif. Campgrounds

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CalARVC-logo-286x145California is experiencing yet another year of drought. But a whitewater rafting company in the Sierra foothills is experiencing its highest business levels in history.

“We’re off to a record start,” said Arnie Chandola, owner of Coloma-based American River Recreation (, which runs whitewater tours down the South Fork of American River.

While most Sierra rivers ebb and flow with the snowmelt, there are eight dams along the South Fork of the American River, which hold back the water for both conservation and recreation purposes, according to an announcement from the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC).

The whitewater rafting industry has contracts with water agencies, which guarantees that will be delivered during the spring and summer for rafting purposes.

No water is released from the dams on Tuesdays and Wednesdays this year because of the drought, but water is released on the other days, creating excellent whitewater rafting conditions, Chandola said.

“The flow of the river is the same. We’ve just lost two days,” he said.

And since rivers elsewhere in California are heavily affected by the drought, Chandola is experiencing a record volume of calls for his business, which started its 2015 season three weeks ago.

“The availability of whitewater rafting along the South Fork of the American River is good news for campgrounds in the Mother Lode Country,” said Debbie Sipe, executive director of CalARVC, which hosts, the statewide travel planning website.

Indeed, campgrounds in the greater Auburn area are reporting a strong start to this year’s camping season. Many campgrounds in the area include rental accommodations, including:

Elsewhere in California, Sipe said that inland campgrounds that normally depend on lake and river recreation are promoting other activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, horseback riding and off road vehicle tours.

CalARVC Gives Park Model RV Push Update

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The California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC) released an update today (Nov. 5) on the push by various outdoor recreation organizations to show Congress support for H.R 5658, the “Recreational Vehicle Certainty Act of 2014” sponsored by Reps. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.) and Marlin Stutzman (R-Ind.) to clarify the definition of RVs, and most relevant to campgrounds and RV parks, park model RVs.

So far the state that’s seen the most RV park and campground owners reach out to Congress is Florida, with 88 people sending 285 messages to representatives and senators. California was next, followed by Wisconsin, New Jersey and Texas.

In all, according to CalARVC, 655 campground and RV park owners nationwide have sent nearly 2,200 messages to 307 members of Congress.

In CalARVC’s message to members, the organization thanked the 63 member parks who had written in at this site to find their Congressional representative and senators and send a message to each.

“We urge the other three hundred CalARVC members to send their letters today,” CalARVC continued and quoted Deb Carter, executive director of the Maryland Association of Campgrounds “In Maryland, we are already having issues with processing titles to Park Model RV’s. Even though the HUD ruling is not in effect until April, at least one of our Department of Motor Vehicle divisions is questioning how to Title a unit with a porch manufactured on it. What I find amazing is how quickly this has become a ‘real world’ problem,” CalARVC quoted her as saying.

As CalARVC continued in its message, “Not all of you have park models or park models with factory installed porches; however, you still need to make sure your voice is heard. Simply because you do not have park model RVs today does not mean you don’t want the ability to choose them in the future. Whenever a government agency overreaches, we need to be there to stop them in their tracks.”

Once the message is sent, CalARVC suggested, “Take the next step and visit his or her district office. Now that elections are over, your rep will be headed back to Washington. Try to see them before they leave. If you can’t see them, make an appointment with a staff member. The staff member will communicate your visit and your request to your Congressman.  ARVC has made talking points available to help you speak to the subject. Need more information, feel free to call Debbie Sipe at CalARVC, (530) 885-1624 or Jeff Sims at ARVC, (303) 681-0401 ext. 110. Either staff member can help clarify any details. ”

CalARVC even offered talking points on the issue. Those are below:

– In the early 1970s, Congress established a preemptive building code for manufactured housing. In that law it established a RV exemption that set the maximum size of an RV at no more than 320 square feet and a manufactured home at no less than 400 square feet.
– In the late 1970s the park model RV was developed. The early designs were under 400 square feet and greater than 320 square feet.
– There was a debate as to whether park models were house-like and thus should be regulated as housing. Ultimately, a 1980 law established a statutory definition for park models as less than 400 square feet and gave HUD authority to issue regulations.
– In 1982, HUD issued guidance in which it exempted large RVs (under 400 square feet) and established four definitional tests:

  • On a single chassis.
  • 400 square feet or less measured at the largest horizontal projections.
  • Towable by a light-duty truck.
  • Designed for seasonal or vacation use.

– Over time, porches began to be added to park models. The porches are added in addition to the 400 square feet of interior space. Today, about 85% of park models have porches.

HUD Action
– On Oct. 1, HUD issued a memorandum in which it stated that the RV industry had been misinterpreting HUD rules for many years. It stated that the porch area on a park model must be included in the calculation of the 400 square feet if the unit was to be classified as a park model RV.
– HUD claims that this is not a change in policy despite the fact that HUD officials consistently told industry officials that porches were not to be included in the calculation and that park models have had porches for many years.
– HUD did not grandfather existing park models.

Impact on Campgrounds
– With HUD’s action to deny RV status to existing park models with porches, there are about 20,000 units that face an uncertain future. If they are not RV’s, then:

  • We fear that park models will not be permitted in campgrounds.
  • They are structures that should have been built to a construction code. Will local officials condemn them?
  • Many campground owners have purchased park models and rent them. Is their investment now worthless?
  • Many campgrounds have developed sites specifically for park models. This investment is now worthless.

– HUD has taken this action without cause. HUD officials admit that there is not a health or safety problem.
– Please co-sponsor HR 5658.

States Join With ARVC’s Park Model Push

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After a conference call with state executives last week, the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) announced it was coordinating a grassroots effort to support a legislative proposal in Congress to clearly define recreational vehicles.

While the legislation is something ARVC and the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) have long sought, the push gained urgency when the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced it was changing course on park model RVs and including factory-built porches in its figuring of the 400-square-foot maximum for living space in park model RVs.

State associations have started to pass the information along to members to emphasize ARVC’s request. For instance, both the Arizona and California associations of RV parks and campgrounds sent out ARVC’s information to members today (Oct. 20).

In addition, California’s Executive Director Debbie Sipe included additional information, writing to members, “It’s very important that we all contact our representatives in Washington, D.C., to tell them how we feel about HUD interference with our industry. ”

“The form is easy to fill out (I just did mine), the system will even pick your proper Congressional representatives for you.  You can use the standard letter that’s already there, or even better, customize it to fit your particular campground,” Sipe wrote.

To access the online letter directly, click here.

The Wedge Will Be At Pomona RV Show

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The WedgeThe unique Wedge Cabin designed by Cal Poly Pomona architecture students and built by Cavco Industries will be on display at 62nd Annual California RV Show, starting Oct. 10 at the Fairplex in Pomona.

The most prominent feature of the Wedge, which provides a glimpse of the future of camping and was on display at the California State Fair, is that its attention-getting 4:12 pitch is also reflected on the porch, which accentuates the drama of the point, and provides for changing perspective views.

According to Cal Poly, the school’s architecture graduate students were asked to design cabins as part of the work by the state Parks Forward initiative that would generate interest in the state park system and appeal to groups that don’t typically go camping, such as millennials and minorities.

Architecture students were given the opportunity in the fallout of the 2011 state budget crisis in which 70 parks were targeted to be shuttered. Although the closures did not occur, the independent Parks Forward commission was created to come up with proposals to address financial, operational and cultural issues facing the California Department of Parks and Recreation. The panel especially wanted to re-create the look of a traditional cabin to jumpstart interest in camping.

Parks Forward members said at least one of the students’ designs will be located in a state park by 2015, but the hope is that the designs will be so well received that they will be mass-produced and located throughout the more than 280 state parks.

The Wedge incorporates wood and glass for a more modern look, can fit one full-sized bed and a twin-sized bunk bed, and also has plenty of seating. The cabin offers a 60-square-foot porch where occupants can get some shade on a sunny day. The cabin also meets Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

Cavco is a leading designer and builder of systems-built structures including manufactured homes, modular homes, commercial buildings, park model homes, and vacation cabins.

The 10-day event will feature more than 1,200 RVs, 35 manufacturers, and 15 dealers, plus six celebrities, food and educational seminars, including the informative RV factory showcase. The show provides a free trolley and also offers mobility scooters, wheelchairs and kids wagons for rent at the entrance.

The show runs Oct. 10-19. Information is available at or (818) 248-6600.

The show is produced by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), the national trade association representing recreation vehicle (RV) manufacturers and their component parts suppliers who together build more than 98% of all RVs produced in the United States. The California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC) is also participating with a campground display.

CalARVC Sponsoring River Cleanup Again

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For the second time in two years, the California Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds is cosponsoring the Great Sierra River Cleanup, a Sept. 20 cleanup effort involving waterways throughout the Sierra.

“The beautiful rivers of the Sierra not only provide us with drinking water, but they give us incomparable recreation opportunities. So we want to do everything we can to support efforts to keep waterways throughout the Sierra as clean as they can possibly be,”said Debbie Sipe, executive director of the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC), which hosts, the statewide travel planning website.

Organized by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, the Great Sierra River Cleanup is a coordinated effort that spans 22 counties and over 1,700 river miles, including the South Fork of the American River and other rivers that are used for white water rafting, fishing, swimming and other recreation activities.

During the first five years of the Great Sierra River Cleanup, nearly 19,000 volunteers removed close to 600 tons of trash and recyclables from watersheds throughout the Sierra, which provide California with more than 60 percent of its water supply.
Items typically removed during Great Sierra River Cleanup efforts include beverage containers, cigarette butts, diapers, tires, furniture and even appliances.

For more information about Great Sierra River Cleanup, visit

Calif. Parks Broaden Fall Activity Offerings

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CalARVC-logo-286x145Many privately owned and operated campgrounds across California are heading into fall with an increasingly diverse offering of onsite activities and entertainment, according to an announcement from the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC).

“Every year our members try to outdo what they did the year before, and that’s good news for people who like to enjoy a variety of activities and entertainment when they camp,”said Debbie Sipe, executive director of CalARVC.

The Auburn-based association hosts, the statewide travel planning website that includes detailed information on interesting things to see and do across California as well as advanced search functions that enable consumers to find campgrounds in or near the places they would like to explore.

“Unlike, which lists government run campgrounds such as those you see in state and national parks, lists privately owned and operated campgrounds, which are the parks that are mostly likely to have on-site activities and entertainment. Private campgrounds are also most likely parks to have full hookups, Wi-Fi, swimming pools, hot showers and other amenities not typically available in government run campgrounds,” Sipe said.

Here’s a sampling of some of the fun activities and entertainment taking place at privately owned and operated campgrounds, RV parks and resorts in California this fall:

• Campland on the Bay in San Diego: This park has numerous scheduled activities throughout the fall, including games of beach volleyball, capture the flag, dodgeball and horseshoes. The park also has arts and crafts classes, tie dye T-shirt classes, kayaking classes, adult dart tournaments and a skate park as well as a marina with pedal boats, kayaks, catamarans, wave runners, aqua cycles, paddle boards and other rental equipment. Halloween weekend events include a costume contest and a Kiss tribute band.

• Emerald Desert RV Resort in Palm Desert: This park has several special events planned throughout the fall, including a pumpkin festival weekend Oct. 31-Nov. 2 with Halloween-inspired drinks for adults and children, a pumpkin-carving contest and a costume parade to visit decorated campsites. Dance parties and dance lessons are also scheduled for the third Friday of each month throughout fall and winter.

• Far Horizons 49er Village in Plymouth: This park, which is located in the Sierra Nevada foothills, will have a wine crush weekend Oct. 2-5. A “best scream”contest as well as Halloween costume and campsite competitions are scheduled for Oct. 16-19, 23-26 and Oct. 30-Nov. 2.

• Flying Flags RV Resort in Buellton: This park, which has RV sites as well as vintage trailers, including Airstreams, and park models as rental units, has several activities on-site, including the 5th Annual Buellton Vintage Trailer Bash, which is scheduled for Sept. 27. Vintage trailers and vehicles will be on display from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., when the park will be open for members of the public to see the vintage trailers. Other special activities arranged by the resort include package tours that include tastings at four area wineries, a gourmet picnic lunch as well as pick up and drop off service at Flying Flags.

• Golden Village Palms RV Resort in Hemet: This park’s fall activities include classes in Zumba, water aerobics, water volleyball, Tai Chi, Mah Jong, Yoga, as well as groups that regularly gather for arts and crafts and square dancing, Cribbage and Mexican Dominoes. This resort also has several tribute band concerts lined up for late fall and winter, starting with a tribute to the Beatles on Dec. 10.

• Lake Minden RV Resort in Nicolaus: Throughout October this Sacramento Valley park invites campers to craft tombstones, zombies, mummies and other things that go bump in the night for the annual trick-or-treat hay ride. The park will also have campsite-, bicycle- and zombie-decorating contests. Activities during the last week of October will include craft making of Halloween jewelry and greeting cards. The weekend of Oct. 24-26 will feature a chili cookoff Friday night while Saturday’s activities will include a ghost and goblin scavenger hunt, a pumpkin-pie eating contest and pumpkin painting. Halloween weekend will include a Halloween-themed potluck, a scarier-by-the-hour movie marathon, face painting for the children and a trick-or-treat hayride around the park.

• Lake of the Springs RV Resort in Oregon House: This park’s fall activities include line dance classes on Oct. 18. The park will also celebrate Halloween on Oct. 25 with pumpkin carving, campsite decorating, a haunted house and trick-or-treating.

• Palm Canyon Hotel & RV Resort in Borrego Springs: This park’s fall activities include Nightfall, an annual astronomy event scheduled for Oct. 23-26, when amateur astronomers come to the resort with their telescopes and examine the planets and stars that surround us. The resort, which went through a $1 million restoration last year, features 60 hotel rooms and 100 RV sites, including Airstream and “canned ham” trailer rentals.

• Rancho Oso RV Resort in Santa Barbara: Guests at this park can watch stock dogs herding sheep and cattle every Saturday. The park also offers a bucking bull demo with “baby” bulls that are being prepared for future work in rodeos. Horseback trips are also available for riders who are 8 or older. Pre-Halloween activities are planned for the weekend before Halloween, including pumpkin decorating, a costume contest and trick-or-treating. The resort’s accommodations include five rental cabins, plus several covered wagons, which are arranged in a circle around a campfire pit.

• San Diego Metro Kampgrounds of America (KOA) in Chula Vista: This campground, which features RV and tent sites as well as park model cabins, has scheduled fall festivals on the weekends of Oct. 17-19 and 24-26 with hayrides to a pumpkin patch, carnival games, pumpkin carving and a Halloween parade.

• Smithwoods RV Park in Felton: This park plans to host a Halloween spaghetti dinner with Halloween-related activities on Oct. 26.

• Sorensens Resort in Hope Valley: This park, which has 24 RV sites and 35 cabins that stay open year round, offers a variety of classes and field trips, including a guided 3-mile fall color hike on Oct. 17 to see the aspen groves above Hope Valley.

• Springs at Borrego RV Resort in Borrego Springs: This park’s fall activities include Friday night wine tastings and classes in Vinyasa Yoga and water aerobics. Future events will include evening star parties with world-renowned astronomer and sky photographer Dennis Mammana on Oct. 26, Nov. 23 and Dec. 14.

• Ventura Ranch KOA in Santa Paula: Pre-Halloween themed activities are being planned for this campground, which offers a wide range of rental accommodations, including fully furnished safari tents, teepees and park model cottages. The campground also has a host of other amenities to keep its campers entertained, including a jumping pillow, a pedal cart track, a 25-foot rock climbing wall and the longest campground zipline in the country, which is divided into 800-foot and 600-foot sections. Bigfoot Adventure Walks also talk place from time to time on weekends, along with family friendly classes in tie dye T-shirt making and rocket making, in which children and their parents can try their skills at assembling and launching a small rocket. A new swimming pool recently opened.

These are just a sampling of some the activities and special events taking place at campgrounds and RV parks across California in the coming weeks, according to CalARVC.

CalARVC Suggests Shoulder-Season Ideas

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CalARVC-logo-286x145Now that Labor Day has come and gone along with the unofficial end of the camping season, this is not the time to sit back and relax, the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC) said in a message to members.

It is the time to keep the momentum going. This is the time to implement a shoulder season marketing campaign. Camping won’t be the top-of-mind this time of year. You will have to remind them, CalARVC suggested.

The organization suggested using available digital tools. While some apply specifically to CalARVC members, others have broader availability. CalARVC’s suggestions are:

  • Membership listings — Make sure your listings on and websites are up-to-date. Verify your dues are current so your listings stay active. Add photos to enhance your listing.
  • Electronic newsletters — If you have been using them all along, great. If you haven’t, now is the perfect time to start.  It’s time for your fall season edition. There are several enews programs on the market with iContact or Constant Contact being some of the most popular. Retrieve as many email addresses as you can from your front office software.  It may take a bit of work to get the first issue out, after that it’s just writing the content.
  • Promote the unique “fallness” of your region in your eNews and on your website. What is the best about your region in the fall? Is it the local pumpkin & harvest festivals? Is it the best weather at the coast? Is it the fall colors? Is it the relaxed season without the crowds? Whatever it is, campers will want to come take advantage of it if they know about it.
  • Host a wrapup camping weekend. Bring in a local technician to talk about winterizing RVs. Allow the technician to schedule individual assessments with your guests for a fee. The technician can get reimbursed for his time and the camper will get an objective evaluation of work that needs done on his or her rig.
  • Join the trend and have a Halloween weekend with costume parades, best decorated campsite, ghost stories around the campfire. Many parks have several “Halloween” weekends because the event has become so popular. One California park has three Halloween weekends and all 300 sites are booked with waiting lists.  For ideas of what other parks are doing to extend their shoulder season, click here.
  • Sign up for Camp-California’s $50 weekend event. Receive promotion on and through traditional press releases along with social media coverage.
  • Make sure to keep your social media conversations going. Continue to post regularly to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other pages. Need help creating a social media plan? Camp-California’s social media partner, Tytanium Ideas, can help.
  • Invest in digital advertising campaigns. Unlike print advertising of the past, when your advertising campaigns were year-round, now you can create seasonal campaigns promoting the unique season and activities.
  • Attend CalARVC’s RV Park Fall Getaway to see what others are doing to promote their shoulder seasons. Click here to register.

Pay attention to what you are doing now. Replicate this process in the spring. All you have to do is change the messaging.

Continue to use e-newsletters, website, social media and digital advertising to promote local events, Easter and spring break activities, spring wildflowers, wildlife viewing, and even offer a spring cleaning session. Bring in a local service technician to talk about annual maintenance. All the “dudes” will love tinkering on their rigs together, sharing tips and suggestions, and asking advice from others.

CalARVC’s Fall Getaway Has Eight Experts

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Members of the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC) can join fellow park operators Sept. 23 in Plymouth, Calif., to connect with eight different experts covering a wide variety of topics. These industry experts will bring timely insights on topics to help operators run their parks and make more profitable decisions.

During the roundtable session, attendees are seated in small groups with peers. The pros move from table to table giving tables time to focus on each topic, get feedback, hear what other park operators are thinking and ask questions. The format provides plenty of time throughout the day for pursuing points most pertinent to attendees’ needs.  

Those experts, their companies and their subjects are:

David Strait — Strait Answers:  Targeting Failures That RV Parks Want to Avoid.
Kathy Parsons — Credit Bureau Associates:  Background Checks Save Money, Time & Heartache.
Bob MacKinnon — Guest Reviews: Best Uses for Customer Surveys.
Deb Kohls – Front Desk Anywhere: Taking Tips from the Travel Industry.
Don Gilbert/Trent Smith, Lobbyists: Connecting Locally.
Brad Harward— California Department of Housing and Community Development: RV Park Regulations.
Wade Elliott—Utility Supply Group: RV Electrical Trends.
David Schenck — Work Comp Insurance Solutions: Keep Employees Safe & Costs Low.
Brian McGuinn— Southeast Publications: Forming Alliances.

For $50 CalARVC members get to interact with these experts, fellow park operators, and tour a Good Sam-top-rated park. To attend, sign up here.

CalARVC’s Site Lists Labor Day Openings

August 26, 2014 by · Comments Off on CalARVC’s Site Lists Labor Day Openings has identified campgrounds across California that still have vacancy for Labor Day weekend.

“Many campgrounds have interesting on-site activities, including barbecues and special events for children. But you can also use campgrounds as base camps for exploring local attractions, festivals and other special events that are taking place this weekend,”said Debbie Sipe, executive director of the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC), which hosts, the statewide travel planning website.

Consumers can search for campgrounds with vacancy by going to, clicking on the “Discover California” tab and then the Labor Day Weekend tab.

As of Aug. 25, campgrounds with vacancies included:

Northern California

  • Kamp Klamath in Klamath: This campground, which offers RV and tent sites, will have an all you can eat chicken/salmon barbecue, live music and dancing on July 4th weekend. The park is also offering four nights for the price of three.
  • Trailer Lane RV Park in Weed: This park has 20 sites with water, sewer, electrical and cable TV service. You can pick blackberries and apples on-site in season. The park is also close to the Weed Golf Course. Fishing and a pheasant club are also nearby.
  • Lassen RV Resort in McArthur: This park includes RV and tent sites and is located nearly Lassen Volcanic National Park, Lava Beds National Monument, McArthur Burney Falls and Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park. Fishing enthusiasts will also enjoy Hat Creek, Fall River, Baum Lake and Eagle Lake, all of which are nearby. The Intermountain Fair is also taking place over Labor Day weekend.
  • River Oaks Resort in Lewiston: This park has 700 feet of Trinity River frontage and is popular with fly fishing enthusiasts. Lake fishing features trout and smallmouth bass. The park includes shaded RV and tent sites as well as park model rentals. Bike and boat rentals are available. Other amenities include a hot tub, sauna, restaurant and snack bar.

Greater San Francisco Bay Area

  • Gilroy Garlic USA RV Park in Gilroy: This park has 176-site concrete sites with full hookups. The park also offers free satellite TV and Wi-Fi.

Central Valley

  • The Park RV Resort & Campground in Orland: This park has large level sites, including 70-foot pull through sites. Onsite amenities include a swimming pool, fire pit and horseshoe pits.
  • Vineyard RV Park in Vacaville: This park has RV and tent sites as well as furnished tent cabins. Other amenities include a swimming pool, two off leash dog walks, volleyball courts and ping pong.

Sierra Nevada

  • Forest Park RV Spaces in Canyon Dam: This campground is one third of a mile away from Lake Almanor, a great location for salmon, trout, bass and catfish fishing.
  • Lake Isabella / Kern River KOA in Weldon: Labor Day weekend activities at this campground include an ice cream social, a movie night, pancake breakfast, water relays and water balloon toss. The Sierra Arts & Crafts Festival is also taking place in nearby Kernville.
  • Meadowcliff Lodge & Coleville KOA in Coleville: In addition to offering RV and tent sites, this park features motel rooms. Meadowcliff Lodge was originally built as a 10-room motel in 1959 and has spacious rooms that are twice the size of today’s hotel rooms. The lodge also has separate, fully stocked kitchens, which families can rent so they can prepare their own meals. Meadowcliff also has its own restaurant, which is frequented by guests as well as travelers and local residents from nearby communities.
  • Yosemite Ridge Resort in Groveland: This park is located 12 miles from the boundary of Yosemite National Park. The resort has cottages and cabins, including park models. It also has an onsite restaurant, Buck Meadows Restaurant, which was built in 1952. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Los Angeles Area

  • Camp Williams in Azusa: This campground has RV and tent sites, a Hobbit House cabin that sleeps four as well as an onsite store and cafe.

Southern California Deserts

  • Victorville Shady Oasis RV Park in Victorville: This park includes RV and tent sites. Activities include bingo for the whole family on Aug. 30 and 31.
     Emerald Desert RV Resort in Palm Desert: Labor Day weekend activities include a happy hour on Aug. 29; a red, white and blue barbecue and pool party with entertainment on Aug. 30 as well as a kid’s movie and pizza night.
  • Shadow Hills RV Resort in Indio: This park features 100 concrete paved sites, tent sites as well as free Wi-Fi and satelllite TV, a dog park, a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, a pond and walking trail and a recreation room with indoor shuffleboard courts and pool tables.
  •  The Springs at Borrego RV Resort in Borrego Springs: This RV resort, located just outside Anza Borrego State Park, will have a free cookout on Aug. 30. The Springs at Borrego RV Resort provides its guests with a variety of amenities not typically found in RV resorts, including a spa and wellness center that offers massages for couples as its newest amenity. The park also recently added a large amphitheater to accommodate large outdoor events.
  • Palm Canyon Hotel and RV Resort in Borrego Springs: This resort has a Western style hotel as well as RV and tent sites as well as vintage trailers, including a 1942 National Coach Trailer, a 1957 Aljo, a 1959 Shasta Caravan, a 1967 Aristocrat and several Airstreams. An onsite bar and grill will be open for the weekend.

San Diego County

  • Butterfield Ranch Resort RV Campground in Julian: This park includes cedar cabin park model and bunk house rentals as well as horse corrals for visitors traveling with their horses.
  • Circle RV Resort in El Cajon: This park will celebrate Labor Day weekend with complimentary hot dogs by the pool. The park is also offering 10 percent off its normal rate.
  • Escondido RV Resort in Escondido: This park’s amenities include a heated pool and spa, a clubhouse with a 57-inch TV, a one-third acre dog park and complimentary coffee, tea and newspapers.
  •  Oak Creek RV Resort in El Cajon: This park has a state of the art fitness center, a heated pool and spa, a luxurious clubhouse and a lounge area with a wide screen TV.
  • Rancho Los Coches RV Park in Lakeside: This park’s amenities include a swimming pool and spa a recreation hall with kitchen, a horse shoe pit and large on and off leash dog run area.

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