ELS Offers Camping To Lazydays Customers

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Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.35.22 AMLazydays has announced a new partnership with Encore and Thousand Trails RV Resorts, owned and operated by Equity LifeStyle Properties Inc. (ELS) All customers who purchase an RV from Lazydays will now receive a 14-night Camping Card redeemable at any of the 173 Thousand Trails or Encore RV Resort locations in North America.

Lazydays is world’s largest RV dealership and places a strong emphasis on providing the best possible RV purchase, service and ownership experience to each of its valued customers. Thousand Trails and Encore RV Resorts offer year-round camping in the great outdoors with spacious campsites, hiking trails, fishing, resort-style amenities and family fun.

“This is a natural partnership for us,” said John Lebbad, chief marketing officer for Lazydays. “Our customers are big fans of the campgrounds offered by Encore and Thousand Trails RV Resorts, and we are excited about offering them true value with this camping card to enhance their overall RV lifestyle experience.”

Marguerite Nader, president and CEO of ELS, said, “We are excited about our Lazydays partnership. We share the vision of creating a quality first-class experience to those who enjoy traveling and the RV lifestyle. We look forward to providing Lazydays customers with new opportunities to explore some of the most desirable camping destinations through our network of RV resorts.”

El Monte RV Partners with ELS Campgrounds

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El Monte RV deal

El Monte RV has teamed up with Thousand Trails campgrounds and Encore RV resorts to create all inclusive RV getaways.

The getaway includes an RV rental from any El Monte RV location nationwide with overnight campground accommodations at over 170 locations, unlimited mileage and free generator use for as low as $99 per night, according to a news release.

From now until May 24, RV enthusiasts can buy a certificate from El Monte RV for $15 that guarantees deeply discounted all inclusive getaway package rates for reservations from El Monte RV for three to 14 nights. These rates apply to reservations that occur from now through December 2013.

RV rental options include a Class C Cabover style C25 for $99 per night, Class C Cabover style C28 for $149 per night and a Class A family sleeper for $199 per night. Overnight RV site accommodations are included in the rental at over 170 Thousand Trails campgrounds and Encore RV resorts locations.

For more information about the all inclusive RV getaways, visit the Cool Deals section of


Gettysburg Farm Hosts Annual RV Rally

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The welcome sign at Gettysburg Farm, a Thousand Trails RV resort and campground near Dover, Pa.

Gettysburg Farm, a Thousand Trails RV resort and campground, is hosting its annual RV rally, car show and pig roast July 21 at the property near Dover, Pa.

The family event, which will run from approximately 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., will feature a pig roast served a la carte. The menu will include pork sandwiches, hamburgers, baked potatoes, sweet corn, sausage sandwiches, cotton candy and more with much of the food being produced at Gettysburg Farm, according to a news release.

The country band Key Largo will provide musical entertainment from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. A recent addition to the annual event, the classic car show is expected to attract up to 100 cars competing for trophies and dash plaques.

Children’s activities will include an inflatable bouncer, carnival games and the opportunity to pet and feed some of the barnyard petting zoo animals, including the recent additions of two llamas, Chuck and Larry.

The event is open to the public and is free for guests staying at Gettysburg Farm. Outside visitors will be charged on a per-vehicle basis.

Located in heart of Pennsylvania farm country, Thousand Trails’ Gettysburg Farm is a real working farm, accommodating RV and tent campers with an emphasis on family fun.

To book a visit to Gettysburg Farm or any of the other Thousand Trails RV Resorts and Campgrounds around the country, visit or call (866) 730-0637.


Q&A from April 17 Equity LifeStyles Conference Call

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ELS Conference Call Transcript Q&A

Editor’s Note: On Tuesday (April 17), Equity Lifestyle Properties Inc. (ELS), corporate parent of Thousand Trails and Encore Resorts, reported its first quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call. A transcript of the Q&A, courtesy of Wall Street Cheat Sheet, follows.

Membership Upgrade Product 

Gaurav Mehta – Cantor Fitzgerald: Moving back to your initial comments on right-to-use contract I was wondering if you could provide more details on what the new membership upgrade product is?

Marguerite Nader – EVP and CFO: When we’re talking about our membership upgrade product or a right-to-use product I think it’s important to first discuss the profile of the member who upgrade. They’ve generally – these are members that have been with us for a while, they like the lifestyle there, economically they are well-off and they’re looking to enhance their experience within ELS and within the Thousand Trails footprint. The upgrade offers opportunity to enhance that experience such as increased flexibility of the number of parks they can visit, longer terms on their reservation, alternative vacation option that type of things.

Gaurav Mehta – Cantor Fitzgerald: Then the sales force training, was that to educate the sales force for their membership upgrade?

Thomas Heneghan – Director, President and CEO: Yeah, as Marguerite said in her comments we’ve been dealing with a third-party operator to do a portion of our upgrade for the last 10 years. This is a fairly experienced operator and historically as we transition from one product to another, it’s a rollout. It’s done with time – say, six to nine-month lead time. This time around it was not done that way. In fact, they took the sales team off the field for sales training. It turned out that that was not a very good decision in retrospect as I commented. We expect, again as I commented, to get that sales team back up to full sales force level and continue to provide the upgrade to the Thousand Trails members. So, we don’t think this is an issue with respect to the membership per se. We don’t think this is an issue with respect to even the third party. We really think this is an issue that we shot ourselves in the foot on, we realized it, and the shame of it is it takes a little while now to actually get that sales force back up into full capacity because there is no sales teams that have to be hired; there is hiring process, and once they are hired there is the training process. So, although we’d like to go back to the full team immediately it does take some time, and in our guidance, we provided for that to be through the second quarter primarily of this year.

Rental Program

Jana Galan – Bank of America Merrill Lynch: I think I caught in Marguerite’s comments that there’d be about $35 million invested in rental inventory. I was just curious if that was across the portfolio or are you really looking to focus on the Hometown property?

Marguerite Nader – EVP and CFO: That number represents the whole portfolio.

Thomas Heneghan – Director, President and CEO: It includes both new and used.

Jana Galan – Bank of America Merrill Lynch: And as you look to kind of grow the rental business, where do you kind of see that going and I guess, kind of, be impacted on the results of the properties going forward?

Thomas Heneghan – Director, President and CEO: We have been very successful with the rental program in our core markets in Florida and Arizona. We’ve recently been adding product to Colorado, but literally across the United States, California to the East Coast where we have initiated the rental product we’ve seen demand and we’ve been able to occupy. We’ve experimented a little bit up in Michigan thus far, I think we’ve purchased order of magnitude 60, 70 homes, and we are seeing the same results up there in Michigan, but there is strong demand for this form of housing in most of our markets.

Jana Galan – Bank of America Merrill Lynch: And since clearly the demand is there, does this kind of change that way you are thinking about those all-age potential acquisitions?

Thomas Heneghan – Director, President and CEO: That’s a great question. We look at the all-age much differently than we did 10 years ago. 10 years ago we just thought it wasn’t competitive against the single-family housing alternatives that were in existence and the ease with which you could get into single-family homes. We think that has changed. As I said in my comments, we think that all-age manufactured home community business has returned to its niche of providing single-family, affordable single-family housing. The big issue – two big issues we see in getting in that business in a big way, one is that the dynamic that is at play with respect to being successful in that business is much more local in its focus. You have to be in the right markets, you have to know where job growth is, so just doing a macro bet that is going to return as single-family housing – affordable single family housing play, you could be right on the macro and wrong on the markets. There are some markets where there are still some challenges with respect to the all-age business. And the second thing is at margin all occupancy in the business is achieved through community owners investing their capital, and that is an issue that we think we need to be mindful of and the question we’re trying to figure out is, is that investment of capital to create that occupancy going to return itself in terms of improve value in the communities and I’d say at this point we’re still looking at it. We’re still trying to figure it out but at this stage I think our preliminary conclusion is that may be true, but even if that is true does it belong in the portfolio that we have that is primarily age restricted, and we struggle with that today I would say.

Thousand Trails Weighs In on Geocaching

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A sample geocache

Editor’s Note: The following news release comes from Thousand Trails.

Living life on the road in an RV brings fresh and exciting experiences. Whether scanning the trees for an elusive bird or biking local trails, RVers across the country are always on the lookout for new outdoor adventures. One of the newest ways RVers can get out and enjoy nature is geocaching.

This modern-day treasure hunting combines old-school puzzle work with some of the newest GPS technology and is a great activity for all ages and physical abilities. A Geocacher can be any person seeking fun and adventure in the outdoors. From families with children and retirees to rock climbers and hikers, geocaching is one of the fastest growing, live, recreational social media activities.

Seth Rosenberg, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Equity LifeStyle Properties, Inc. (NYSE: ELS), owner and operator of Encore and Thousand Trails RV Resorts and Campgrounds, agrees geocaching is an interesting activity for RVers.

“Geocaches are as varied as people’s imaginations,” Rosenberg said. “We have found there are geocaching sites near several of our properties. Some of the cache containers are just small tubes with logbooks, while larger caches may contain trinkets and knickknacks for swapping. It simply adds another fun dimension for RVers.”

With over 4 million users, is the most popular geocaching website. Members of this community use GPS-enabled devices and their wits to find containers hidden by other geocachers. Users can search by city, state or zip code to find cache locations within a particular area.

Having an error factor of up to 30 feet, GPS devices will only take the geocachers to a general area. Camouflaged into the surrounding area, caches should be difficult for an unsuspecting person to spot. Geocachers use the provided clues and their own intuition to find the caches.

Rules for the sport are basic. If a geocacher takes something from a cache, they need to leave something of equal or greater value. Sound ethics, like respecting private property, minimizing the impact on nature and not endangering people, are encouraged and vital to the continuation of the sport. A common practice of geocachers is to “Cache In, Trash Out.” By picking up trash on the way back from a geocache location, geocachers help keep natural areas clean.

Cache listings include ratings for difficulty and terrain. From 1 to 5, the listings give seekers an idea of what to expect before heading out on their find. A listing with a rating of 1/1 will be easy to locate and on easy terrain. A listing of 5/5 will not only be difficult to locate, it may entail climbing rocks, trees or even rappelling from heights.

With the ability to pick and choose geocaches of different difficulty ratings in virtually any location, geocaching is a perfect sport for RVers. Geocaches rated as an easy find on flat terrain are perfect for families with young children or seniors with limited mobility. Although many of the geocaches are easy to discover, there are more than enough difficult caches to satisfy the more adventurous RVers.

Since its inception in 2000, geocaching has given people the opportunity to visit new and interesting locations, enjoy the outdoors and make new friends. RVing has been doing the same for decades. The curiosity and inherent sense of adventure of RVers makes geocaching a natural fit.

With geocaching becoming more popular among RVers, it is no surprise to find cache locations close to RV resorts and along highways. Whether the deserts of the Southwest or the dense forests of New England, thousands of geocaches are waiting to be discovered.

With 173 premier RV resorts located in some of the most desirable natural locations in the country, Encore and Thousand Trails RV Resorts offer geocaching RVers a great base for their sport.

For more information about Encore and Thousand Trails visit and


Florida Resort to Host Trapshooting Events

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The entrance to the Silver Dollar Shooters Club in Odessa, Fla.

Encore’s Silver Dollar RV Resort, located in Odessa, Fla., will host three Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) events during March.

Shooting events are open only to ATA registered shooters, according to a news release.

The Silver Dollar Shooter’s Club will host the Florida Chain Shoot March 1-4. All trap clubs in Florida will be represented and the event marks the final shoot in the chain.

The 32nd annual Southern Grand will be March 12-18. It is a national ATA event and the largest at Silver Dollar Shooter’s Club.

Wrapping up the March shooting, Silver Dollar Shooter’s Club will host the Florida State Championship March 20-25. While the Florida State Shoot is a state event, Silver Dollar Shooter’s Club is adding a $5,000 Lewis class for out-of-state shooters.

For registration information for these ATA shooting events, call (813) 920-3231.

Encore Resort Announces March Concert Lineup

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Encore announced the March musical performance lineup for Voyager RV Resort’s Wednesday and Friday Night Concert Series.

These Three Tenors on Voyager RV Resort's March concert bill.

Tucson, Ariz., residents and RV enthusiasts from across the country can enjoy a wide variety of musical acts at the concert series, according to a news release. All shows will be in the ballroom and begin at 7 p.m.

  • The Friday Night Concert Series begins March 2 with These Three Tenors. Hailing from New York, These Three Tenors have a varied repertoire from operatic and Italian classics to Broadway favorites.
  • The Friday series continues March 16 with Highway Legends. Jeff Dayton and Mike & T Smith use their extensive experience performing on the road with country music legends to bring audiences the best of country, pop and R&B music.
  • The Southwest Surfers kicks off the Wednesday Night Concert Series March 7 playing hit songs from The Beach Boys, including “Surfin’ Safari”, “Barbara Ann” and “Help Me, Rhonda.”
  • Fans of gospel will enjoy How Great Thou Art featuring Robert Shaw March 14. Along with his 12-piece band and a gospel quartet, Shaw keeps Elvis’ spirituality alive by performing inspirational hits, including “Amazing Grace” and “How Great Thou Art.”
  • Paying tribute to some of the world’s finest music, the 3 International Tenors continue the Wednesday series March 21.
  • The Wednesday Night Concert Series comes to a close March 28 with the musical act, Bernie and Red. The husband-and-wife team brings a fresh and original format using song and humor to entertain audiences.

Ticket prices range from $10 to $18 and can be purchased at the Activities Office at Voyager RV Resort (8701 S. Kolb Road, Tucson).

Encore Resort Sponsors Fishing Contest

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Aerial view of Sunshine Key RV Resort and Marina

Located in the heart of the Florida Keys, Encore’s Sunshine Key RV Resort and Marina in Big Pine Key, Fla., will host a three-day fishing tournament from Feb. 24-26.

Open to both overnight guests and daytime visitors, the fishing tournament will award over $4,000 in cash for first, second and third places in six different categories, according to a news release.

A captain’s meeting kicks off the tournament on Feb. 24 at 5 p.m., with the Sunset Sangria Party to follow. Tournament fishing and weigh-ins will take place on Feb. 25 and Feb. 26 from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The weekend tournament will culminate with an awards dinner and dance that will begin at 5 p.m. on Sunday after the final day’s weigh-in. Cash prizes and fishing gear provided by PENN will be awarded to the top three finishers in six different categories: cero mackerel, dolphin, king mackerel, wahoo, snapper and best overall.

Sunshine Key is offering special stay packages for tournament anglers, which includes: $399 package (overnight RV site for 3 nights, 1 entry fee, 3 day boat slip); $599 package (travel trailer rental for 3 nights; 2 entry fees; 3 day boat slip); $149 package (4 entry fees, 2 day boat slip). A single entry fee is available for $30.

To register for the tournament and to arrange for accommodations at Sunshine Key RV Resort and Marina, call (866) 730-0637 or visit Registration closes Feb. 23.

Encore and Thousand Trails Partner to Promote Fishing

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To kick off the beginning of the 2012 fishing season, Encore and Thousand Trails RV Resorts announced their Go Fishing contest, which entails three fishing package giveaways.

Through Feb. 29, contestants can enter through Encore and Thousand Trails websites for a chance to take home a fishing package for the family worth over $500, according to a news release.

Contestants can fill out an entry form for a chance to win by visiting Three lucky winners will be selected and will receive an extensive package to include: a Fenwick HMG 6’6” Medium action spinning rod, a Pflueger Supreme XT spinning reel, a Berkley Trilene XL Armor Coated fishing line 8-pound test and a Shakespeare Ugly Stik Ladyfish spinning combo, in addition to a generous supply of Berkley fishing bait. No purchase is necessary to enter the contest. The drawing will be March 9, and winners will be contacted directly.

With 173 locations across North America, Encore and Thousand Trails provide the best in outdoor vacation destinations. Catering to the RV customer and outdoor enthusiast, Encore and Thousand Trails combine the beauty and relaxation of nature with resort-style amenities.

Encore Resorts Appeal to Grapefruit League Fans

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Each spring, 15 professional baseball teams arrive in central Florida for the Grapefruit League spring training to prep for the upcoming MLB season. Beginning Feb. 23, baseball fans visiting spring training from around the U.S. can benefit from nearby Encore and Thousand Trails RV resorts for accommodations, according to a news release.

For more information on the Grapefruit League and the spring training schedule visit

RV travelers who want the best in resort-style amenities can choose from many different Encore and Thousand Trails RV resorts locations across central Florida. Each location offers unique amenities and activities, such as swimming pools, spas, fitness centers, lounges, sports courts, organized activities, Wi-Fi access and more. With Encore and Thousand Trails RV resorts’ many locations across Florida, finding a base for spring training is simple.

To book a visit to any of the premier Encore and Thousand Trails’ RV resorts located in Florida, call (866) 730-0637 or visit Encore and Thousand Trails RV Resort locations across Florida include:

Encore RV

  • Barrington Hills 9412 New York Avenue, Hudson.
  • Breezy Hill 800 NE 48th Street Pompano Beach.
  • Bulow RV Resort 3345 Old Kings Road, South Flagler Beach.
  • Clerbrook Golf & RV Resort 20005 U.S. Highway 27, Clermont.
  • Crystal Isles Resort 11419 W Fort Island Drive, Crystal River.
  • Fort Myers Beach RV Resort 16299 San Carlos Boulevard, Fort Myers.
  • Gulf Air 17279 San Carlos Boulevard, Ft Myers Beach.
  • Gulf View 10205 Burnt Store Road, Punta Gorda.
  • Harbor Lakes 3737 El Jobean Road, Port Charlotte.
  • Highland Wood Travel Park 900 NE 48th St., Pompano Beach.
  • Lake Magic RV Resort 9600 Highway 192 West, Clermont.
  • Pine Island 5120 Stringfellow Road, St James City.
  • Pioneer Village, 7974 Samville Road, N Fort Myers.
  • Ramblers Rest RV Resort 1300 North River Road, Venice.
  • Royal Coachman 1070 Laurel Road East, Nokomis.
  • Sherwood Forest 5300 W. Irlo Bronson Highway, Kissimmee.
  • Silver Dollar Golf & Trap Club Resort 12515 Silver Dollar Drive, Odessa.
  • Southern Palms, One Avocado Lane, Eustis.
  • Sunshine Holiday Daytona 1701 North U.S. Highway 1, Ormond Beach.
  • Sunshine Holiday 2802 W Oakland Park Boulevard Fort Lauderdale.
  • Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina 38801 Overseas Highway, Big Pine Key.
  • Sunshine Travel 9455 108th Avenue, Vero Beach.
  • Terra Ceia Village, 9303 Bayshore Road, Palmetto.
  • Toby’s RV Resort 3550 NE Highway 70, Arcadia.
  • Topics RV Community 13063 County Line Road, Spring Hill.
  • Vacation Village 6900 Ulmerton Road, Largo.
  • Winter Garden 13905 W Colonial Drive, Winter Garden.
  • Winter Quarters Manatee 800 Kay Road NE, Bradenton.
  • Winter Quarters Pasco, 21632 State Road 54, Lutz.

Thousand Trails

  • Orlando 2110 U.S. Highway 27 S, Clermont.
  • Peace River 2555 U.S. Highway 17 South Wauchula.
  • Three Flags 1755 State Road 44 East, Wildwood.

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