“RV Cooking Show” Lands 11 Nominations

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Evanne Schmarder

Evanne Schmarder

Food, fashion, drink and style are themes have been the focus of entire cable networks, online hubs, mobile channels, and blockbuster films. They’ve launched chefs, restaurants, designers, celebrities, vacation spots, hotels, wineries, events, and products. The Annual Taste Awards are the original awards for the lifestyle entertainment industry.

Also known as the Tasty Awards, it is the premier broadcast awards show celebrating the year’s best achievements in food, fashion, home, and lifestyle programs on television, in film, online, on radio, and at live interactive events.

Evanne Schmarder’s “RV Cooking Show” and its Australian brand, “RV Cooking Show Australia: 90 Days Downunder” have been nominated for 11 Taste Awards, the show announced.

Nomination categories include Best New Series, Best Branded Program, and Best of Australia among others. Taste Awards nominees are selected from nomination submissions by the Academy of Taste Makers, a diverse and respected association of food and wine editors, writers and bloggers, chefs, fashion journalists, television producers and stations, online video platforms, mobile device providers, retail and technology enterprises, previous award recipients, and others based on their level of excellence in the categories in which they have been nominated.

Six of the show’s honored nominations will be decided by a panel of Taste Award judges. Five are open for Viewers Choice voting including the RV Cooking Show brands nominated in categories of Best Food Travel Program: Web, Best Home Chef in a Series, and Best Instructional Web Series.

To vote for the RV Cooking Show visit, click on the red text that reads “Place your Viewers Choice votes here,” and vote for both the RV Cooking Show Australia and San Diego Grilled Fish Tacos at Santee Lakes on numbers 4, 5, and 12.

Winners of selected categories of the 6th Annual Taste Awards will be announced in December. The Hollywood Red Carpet Awards Celebration, featuring a star-studded lineup of food and fashion TV celebrities, including winners, nominees and presenters, will be held at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, Calif., on Jan. 15.

Schmarder also works with “Rollin’ On TV,” runs her own Roadabode Productions consulting company and is an international speaker on RV park and campground marketing, as well as being a Woodall’s Campground Management columnist and  contributor.

Schmarder Finds Global Common Ground

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Schmarder talks at the LeadingCampings autumn meeting in France..

Schmarder talks at the LeadingCampings autumn meeting in France..

When Evanne Schmarder went to Europe last month to address members of the LeadingCampings network of five-star outdoor resorts, she found things were very similar to what she found in Australia earlier in the year — and much the same as she finds in North America.

“It’s fascinating. The park owners over there want the same thing the park owners want here: They want to provide a wonderful experience that keeps the guests coming back again and again. It’s universal,” said Schmarder, principal of Roadabode Productions, “Rollin’ On TV” collaborator and Woodall’s Campground Management columnist.

“They all struggle with Wi-Fi, they all struggle with site fees — are they high enough, low enough — how to market, what to market. They’re all so kind like they are here, like they were in Australia. There didn’t seem to be lots of secrets among the group,” Schmarder said.

She went in early October for the fall meeting of LeadingCampings in southern France. “This particular gathering was their annual autumn meeting. They had a good representation of parks throughout western Europe. The purpose was to talk about the group, talk about business, talk about the upcoming year, talk about the budget and learn something as well,” she said.

Eicke Schueuermann, executive director of LeadingCampings, invited Schmarder to talk about her inaugural Digital Marketing Benchmark Study for Outdoor Hospitality. During her 45-minute presentation, Schmarder talked to representatives of parks from Germany, France, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium.

“My role was to discuss the digital marketing benchmark study and share some of what we learned here in the U.S. and talk bout how the findings do or do not apply in the European market,” Schmarder said. “I expect they’ll be conducting a study over there.

Evanne Schmarder

Evanne Schmarder

“I spoke for about 30-45 minutes and covered some best practices and some of the more social media and e-mail marketing points. They had some questions, talked about demographics, and everybody took something away from the talk. Some were really interested in Pinterest, some were really interested in e-mail,” Schmarder said.

She also said she plans to work more with Schueuermann and Terry Goodall of Australia’s PathFinder OutDoor Destinations to keep each other up to date on global trends in interests and issues in the outdoor hospitality and recreation space. “We believe that people from other continents are interested, especially the RVing demographic, in exploring other parts of the world, perhaps at their own pace. RVing is perfect for that on all three of our continents,” Schmarder said from experience.

With Goodall’s help, Schmarder and her husband, Ray, spent three months in Australia earlier this year.

That global perspective on camping and RVing showed that some things are true around the world. “Just like park owners, consumers want the same thing over here, in Australia and in Europe. We want to recreate in beautiful, outdoor settings and bond with our families,” Schmarder said.



Schmarder Lends Expertise To RV Dealers

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Tackling two top digital marketing topics — content marketing and visual marketing — Evanne Schmarder of Roadabode Productions (and Woodall’s Campground Management columnist and contributor, as well as international camping speaker) announced she will address the National Association of RV Dealers (RVDA) International Convention/Expo attendees on Wednesday (Nov. 12). Offering two education-rich, interactive classes, each session is designed to offer actionable take-aways that can be put into play immediately.

Yes You CAN be a Content Marketing Rock Star will examine the concept of content marketing, tightly define and broaden the scope of content, and will assist attendees in recognizing and using content to their digital marketing advantage. A workshop portion of the session will teach students how to create a content editorial calendar, beginning with a big picture plan and drilling down to individual actions. The hour will wrap up with a discussion on current best practice metrics used to measure content marketing program success. Attendees will benefit from not only a fresh perspective as it relates to communicating their message but a systemic approach to building complimentary, measurable content.

Later in the day, Schmarder will present Successful Visual eMarketing. This session will explore the rise of visual content, why it matters to today’s consumer, and why it’s important for businesses to embrace. As the class progresses, students will be exposed to five types of unique visual content. The focus will then shift to techniques and tools everyone can use to create attention-getting visuals. Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of why they should embrace visual marketing, tools to streamline visual content creation, and the ability to create and use visual marketing to tell a story about their business and our industry. In essence, how to be an effective visual marketer.

“Digital marketing is an ever-changing, always-evolving topic. Watching trends and paying special attention to those that stick can greatly enhance the success of your business,” remarked Schmarder. “While both content and visual marketing have been prominent digital marketing tools these past few years their necessity has increased as has the consumers’ expectations. With a little know-how, I believe business owners can maximize and grow their exposure using these two tools, measuring success, and moving ahead of the pack.”

Watch two session promo videos as well as Schmarder’s Guerrilla Marketing Tools and More Video Marketing Mojo webinars on RVDA’s RVLearningCenter YouTube channel –

Schmarders Spending ’90 Days Down Under’

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90 DaysThe RV Cooking Show has joined forces with PathFinder OutDoor Destinations in Australia to launch the 90daysdownunder: 2 Americans 1 Road Trip tour, designed to explore and inspire Australian caravan holiday park, travel, and food experiences in the land down under.

The new RV/caravan travel brand and tour was developed following discussions between Evanne Schmarder, host and producer of the RV Cooking Show and frequent contributor to Woodall’s Campground Management, and Terry Goodall, principal at PathFinder.

Evanne 2“We’re boomer-age travelers visiting with an eye toward exploring Aussie travel and food experiences that are not in the brochures. The tour is slated to promote lesser-known but just-as-spectacular locales, attractions, national and public parks, farms, fisheries, wineries, and types of lodging that capture the interest of both RVers and those that enjoy the campground experience but prefer cabin camping. It’s an exciting opportunity for both active RVers and armchair travelers to learn how to enjoy their own road trip down under,” remarked Schmarder.

RV Cooking Show and PathFinder are working closely with “Rollin’ On TV” — the popular RV television show reaching more than 30 million homes in the U.S. both on cable and satellite — What’s Up Down Under (WUDU) – the popular Australian caravanning and camping TV show, hosted by Frankie J Holden and airing every week — Jayco Australia — which is providing Evanne and Ray’s Jayco Conquest motorhome — and Mitchelton Wines from Nagambie in Victoria.

Jose Moniz, Executive Producer of “Rollin’ On TV,” said that this tour will be of enormous interest to Americans and Australians alike. “’Rollin’ On TV’ is delighted that Evanne is joining our program and we’re looking forward to bringing our viewers her segments from Australia. We’ve always felt that RVers the world over share the same love and passion for the great outdoors and the freedom of the open road. I think giving our US TV audience the opportunity to see what caravanners and campers down under enjoy doing will be interesting and a lot of fun,” said Moniz. “With Evanne’s exuberance and entertaining way of presenting a story, no matter what the subject is, viewers can be guaranteed that her stories and experiences will be interesting and informative. We look forward to getting them on the air soon.”

Terry Goodall, former CEO of BIG4 Holiday Parks, developed PathFinder to assist accommodation properties in the outdoor recreation sector to develop and move to the next level. Goodall explained that his connection with Evanne and her husband/partner Ray has resulted in a strong partnership and that this 90 Days Road Trip is the start of what will be a series of such promotional tours. “With today’s changing marketplace and the fact that holidaymakers are looking for an experience – not just a holiday – PathFinder and the RV Cooking Show wanted to create a new and exciting concept for our industry.

“With the tremendous support of WUDU, Jayco, ‘Rollin’ on TV’ and Mitchelton Wines we have the resources to take what Australia does exceptionally well to the American market through Evanne and Ray, share with them the many reasons to come over here and enjoy this magnificent country and try out our parks, our food, and our wine. You never know, we might even get them to like Vegemite — Evanne loves it!”

The tour is now in its third week, having been through Anglesea and across the Great Ocean Road, to the gorgeous dairy-producing town of Warrnambool, Halls Gap in the heart of the Grampian National Park, Ballarat, rich with goldfield history, the wide-open wine and horse country of Nagambie, and has just crossed the border into New South Wales — Mulwala  — a foodie wonderland.

At each of the 23 locations along the way Evanne and Ray will be filming and photographing what the locations have to offer – scenery, shops, restaurants, local foods and wines and of course the holiday parks that will be hosting them. This footage will then be used on the television shows, the RV Cooking Show, provided to the participating parks for their own promotional purposes and ultimately made into a DVD.

Evanne Schmarder will also write about her experiences in WCM.

Evanne will be documenting their travels on several social media channels as they make their way up the east coast of Australia. Follow the 90daysdownunder Road Trip on the brand’s Facebook page:

Got Something Special at Your Park? Flaunt it!

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Evanne Schmarder

Evanne Schmarder is the principal at Roadabode Productions, a firm specializing in digital marketing strategy, consulting, and education for the outdoor recreation industry and is the co-author of “Unconventional Wisdom Works.”  She’s also the host and producer of the “RV Cooking Show.” She provided the following Modern Marketing column for the August issue of Woodall’s Campground Management. Evanne gets great satisfaction out of helping business owners maximize their marketing potential and can be reached at or (702) 460-9863.

Not one to be satisfied with rank and file lodging options when away from home – say the Marriott or Hilton – I’m a big fan of, described as “an online marketplace for vacation rentals that connects users with property to rent with users looking to rent the space.” By the way, “users with property to rent” are both private individuals and businesses. I particularly like Airbnb because of the interesting and unique places offered and especially enjoy browsing the “wish lists” – themed collections of some of the most interesting listings. (Find them by going to and scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Look for the “Travel” box on the left and click on “See popular listings”.) These wish lists are curated by both Airbnb and site users and typically have catchy names such as Trading Chores for S’mores, I Love Glamping, It Yurts So Good (one of the best listings I’ve come across on Airbnb: Malibu Yurt Retreat on Organic Farm:, and Trees and Zzz’s, to name some that effectively tie in with our sector of hospitality.

After perusing the wish lists and with interest in fun and functional lodging making my mind run wild with possibilities, I took the next logical step. I Googled “unique accommodations” expecting to be tempted with an array of must-visit outdoor hospitality properties. Boy, was I underwhelmed by the search results. Instead of oodles of listings touting yurts and tipis, solar cabins, boatels, Airstream alleys, Holiday Huts and more, only one result representing our industry appeared on the first page, KOA, and kudos to them.

I decided to qualify my search a bit so I modified my search term to “unique camping accommodations” and this time the results were primarily individual KOA parks interspersed with state visitor center links. After some minor digging, I came across a link for a Camp-California press release titled Unique Accommodations Available at Campgrounds. The release’s opening teaser talked about a park that offers overnight stays in covered wagons arranged in a circle around a campfire and quoted one enthusiastic guest raving that “the experience was off the charts.” Combined with the unique lodging, the park also offers activities that provide guests with an overall dude ranch vacation during their campground stay.

This guest didn’t just go camping. He and his Cub Scout troops had an experience. And today, in the highly competitive vacation market, experiences are what sell. But it doesn’t begin when the guest arrives at your park. Instead, in the wild world of the web and 24/7 research, purchasing decisions are based upon expectations you and others online set when vacation planning commences.

What experiences do you have to offer?

Whether you run a rustic campground or a themed resort, you have something special to offer your target market. Is it a back-to-nature, family park that offers an outdoor experience and nightly campfires and s’mores? Do you specialize in fancy tents that might even be looked upon as glamping units? Have you got a group of glammed up Airstream rentals or Holiday Huts that offer something out of the ordinary?

No matter what you have to offer, if you don’t make the features and benefits of your unique “experiences” obvious, folks won’t read between the lines. Easier said than done? Not really. Start by brainstorming what’s special about your lodging experiences and make a no-holds-barred list. Using your findings, I’d suggest reviewing and tweaking your website with the goal of appearing higher up and more frequently in the search engines.

Some ideas:

• Keywords and Search Engine Optimization: One of the things that makes KOA so successful in the “unique accommodations” search results is the consistent and targeted use of keywords and phrases.

Pare down your brainstorming list to no more than 20 words or phrases that best describe what you are selling. Working with your webmaster or digital marketing specialist, create a keyword/phrase universe using one of the many keyword tools available online.

Review the content of your website with a keen eye toward your keywords/phrases. Does your website call special attention to the lodging experiences you offer? If not, do you expect site visitors to search or might they simply leave and look elsewhere? Are there individual pages for each type of unique accommodation available? If not, are you at least pointing them out on a main accommodation page? Is the description appealing, does it paint a picture, do you have a call to action, and are you utilizing your keyword/phrase universe?

On the backend of your site, your webmaster will utilize keyword/phrase-rich descriptions, page titles, tags, etc. to bring your site higher in results for the search terms (keywords/phrases) identified and put into play.

• Images: These days everyone wants a visual. On each unique accommodation page make sure you have enticing images of “the experience.” Do you offer a safari tent with French doors and twinkle lights? I want to see that up close. What are the covered wagons like inside? What do you mean when you say “boatel”? Don’t just tell us; show us in beautiful, well-done images.

Again, your webmaster will describe and tag each image with the appropriate keywords/phrases.

And don’t be stingy… share! Add Pinterest “pin-it” buttons to your pages allowing folks to curate and share your photos and your website.

• Make it social: Add the promotion of your unique accommodations to your content plan and make them a regular topic of conversation on your Facebook page, your blog, e-newsletters and blasts, Pinterest, and anywhere else you maintain a social presence.

The Experience Economy

As expectations rise and experiences are considered not just a nicety but also a requirement, make sure that you are doing everything you can to put your outdoor hospitality experiences front and center when a prospect begins looking for that perfect getaway. Take advantage of one of your most powerful sales tools – your website – by doing everything you can to help it find it’s way to the first or second page of your prospects search engine results.

Wow them when they arrive and give them an experience they’ll talk about long after the vacation is done. Give them a reason to sing your praises in online reviews, comment on your social media outlets, and tell their friends. Your product is something special, unique, and an experience that begs to be shared. Do your part to spread the word.


Schmarder On ‘Building Marketing Resources’

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Evanne Schmarder

Evanne Schmarder is the principal at Roadabode Productions, a firm specializing in digital marketing strategy, consulting and education for the outdoor recreation industry and is the co-author of “Unconventional Wisdom Works.” She’s also the host and producer of the “RV Cooking Show.” She wrote the following column for the July issue of Woodall’s Campground Management.  Evanne gets great satisfaction out of helping business owners maximize their marketing potential and can be reached at or (702) 460-9863.

In today’s fast-paced online marketing environment nary a day passes without a new “must have” tool emerging, a platform enhancement that requires your attention, or a statistic or report that may hold an important nugget or two of wisdom. Certainly a savvy marketer wants to stay up to date but the reality is that you also have a business that requires your daily care and feeding. So the question presents itself, how does one keep up with it all? It’s exhausting just to think about it, huh?

An Abundance of Educational Tools

There are a number of e-mail newsletters and websites that offer a plethora of information, for free. A simple subscription will deliver daily, weekly or occasional updates directly to your inbox. For a 30,000-foot view on general business trends and practices I enjoy, and Subscribers receive frequent e-blasts that include a brief summary of magazine highlights.

Providing research on a number of digital topics, Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project ( gives digital marketers concrete data on topics that may help them understand the behaviors of their customers. In fact, a recent e-mail shares findings on 2013 smartphone ownership. Here’s the report teaser: 56% of American adults now own a smartphone of some kind; Android and iPhone owners account for half of the cell phone user population. Higher income adults and those under age 35 lead the way when it comes to smartphone ownership.

Your job is to tease out the parts that matter to your business and figure out how to use that data to your advantage.

For pure digital marketing content, a few of the several resources I look to are – e-mail marketing experts; – video marketing experts; and – a mishmash of online info, some valuable, some nonsense.

Lastly, peer-to-peer discussion exchanges can provide you with different perspectives, new ideas and concepts, and a general sounding board for any topical situations you may be experiencing. is ideal for this and there are a few really great groups you might consider joining. One of the most active, diverse, and informative is Horizon RV Resorts president and founder Randy Hendrickson’s RV Park Biz, where folks from all walks of the industry and all across the world convene to share observations, experiences, and resources in which they’ve found value. This LinkedIn group is “closed” so you must ask to join.

In a recent “discussion” started by active group member Edward Brooker, he asked, “Why do you come to this group?” Long-time industry guru (and WCM columnist) David Gorin commented, “I’m here because I think this is the 21st century equivalent of networking in the hallways at industry meetings, across the lunch table at a convention, or in the men’s room (and I assume in the ladies room although I’ve not had that experience). All the benefits with little or no cost in dollars or time. Takes the old park industry “cracker-barrel” to new heights.” No wonder Hendrickson finds LinkedIn delivers “lively, illuminating, thought-provoking conversation all across the spectrum.”

But Is There a Single Point-of-Reference

Resource for Outdoor Hospitality?

Because digital marketing is my business I take the time to frequently peruse each of these educational resources and many more and I very much enjoy it. That being said, I’ve not come across a single information-rich digital marketing resource that directly addresses the specific needs of campgrounds, RV parks and resorts… so I created one. Digital Marketing for the Outdoor Recreation Industry: Digital marketing insights, trends, tips and tricks for businesses dedicated to promoting great outdoor experiences is a monthly online publication dedicated to serving park owners, operators, marketers, and others promoting outdoor recreation. The e-magazine offers readers the latest digital marketing news, information, and food for thought as it relates to running an outdoor hospitality and recreation business.

For example, May’s inaugural issue, found at, took a close-up look at recent – and extremely useful for marketers – changes to Facebook’s cover photo rules, an article detailing the difference between social media and digital marketing (hint: one is a tactic and the other is a strategy), a nifty infographic titled 36 Rules of Social Media, and a handy-dandy 2013 marketing clock to help you plan your park’s special events. Some content is original while other pieces are hand-chosen from a number of tried and true resources. Either way, inside the virtual pages you’ll find each and every article relevant to our industry. It’s an easy and elegant solution to unnecessary information overload while providing news you need right now.

Seasoned marketers as well as small mom and pop parks can utilize this free resource designed for and targeted to the outdoor hospitality and recreation industry by subscribing at You’ll receive notification of each issue as soon as it’s released. Because it runs on Flash, it’s not viewable on iPads or iPhones but can be seen on all computers via all browsers.

Learn It, Live It

Notice I didn’t say love it. We both know that many folks simply don’t love modern marketing. It’s OK to view it as a necessary evil but a less than optimal idea to forgo this important business-building tool. Instead of reinventing the wheel or spending hours sifting through non-applicable articles in search of something that applies to your park, pick the brain of this industry expert – me – and choose to use the sparkling gems I’ve unearthed to serve you and your business.


Online Park Marketers Urged to Take a Survey

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Editor’s Note: The following news release comes from Evanne Schmarder, principal of Roadabode Productions.

If you market your park online via social media, e-newsletters, customer reviews, or any other method of digital marketing, your insight is requested.

The 1st Annual Digital Marketing Benchmark Study for Outdoor Hospitality ( will be closing soon and we’d like to hear from you. Park owners, operators and those working at a property in a marketing capacity are urged to complete the survey.

“We’ve seen surveys report on occupancy, activities and staffing but never digital marketing,” said Evanne Schmarder of Roadabode Productions. “Industry members will soon have a unique opportunity to compare their online marketing results against their peers. While we’ve had robust interest and input I want even more data before I close the survey. That’s why I’m asking all park owners, operators, and marketers that utilize online marketing channels — regardless of the extent of their programs — to complete the survey as well as pass along the link, encouraging peers and colleagues to participate.”

This short survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete and all responses are anonymous. Participants will receive a complimentary copy of the study report. All questions or comments may be directed to Schmarder at or (702) 460-9863. The survey can be accessed via a secure Internet connection here:

Please lend your voice to our industry’s strength and future … take the survey today and spread the word. Data can and does make a difference.

Schmarder Releases e-Magazine’s 2nd Issue

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Cover of second issue of Evanne Schmarder’s new e-magazine.

Evanne Schmarder has published the second issue of her new e-magazine.

She states in a news release:
“Providing tools, news and insight on today’s always present and ever-changing digital marketing landscape, Evanne Schmarder of Roadabode Productions is delighted to offer members of the outdoor hospitality and recreation industry a new e-magazine resource to build their businesses – Digital Marketing for the Outdoor Recreation Industry: Digital marketing insights, trends, tips and tricks for businesses dedicated to promoting great outdoor experiences.”
The second monthly edition, June 2013, can be read online and covers a number of items including Facebook’s new hashtags, three Google AdWords mistakes to avoid and a productivity tool that will become an instant constant companion among several other important digital marketing snippets.
The inaugural May issue can be accessed here.
“This digital publication is designed to help busy business owners sift through the avalanche of information to unearth the items that make a difference to their businesses, their customers and our industry,” said Schmarder. “I’m proud that my company has a long tradition of working with and educating many in the outdoor hospitality and recreation industry as it pertains to digital marketing and our new e-magazine will not disappoint. We deliver information that is not only timely and easy to understand but addresses the topics that I’m most asked about by park owners, operators, marketers, and others promoting outdoor recreation.”
Interested parties may click here to subscribe.

Park Industry Asked to Complete Brief Survey!

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Digital marketing consultant Evanne Schmarder, while camping in California in February, taught her class for the National School of RV Park and Campground Management in West Virginia via Skype. The innovative process received rave reviews.

Editor’s Note: Following is a news release from Evanne Schmarder discussing a new survey she is conducting for the outdoor hospitality industry.

In today’s business environment there is no way around it, digital marketing — websites, email communication, social media, video, and more — has captured a prominent place in the consciousness of the modern consumer.

One of the most frequent questions digital marketing consultant Evanne Schmarder of Roadabode Productions receives is “how does my online marketing program stack up against other parks?” The truth of the matter is, we really don’t know. Our sector of the hospitality industry is sorely lacking any meaningful marketing statistics or benchmarks.

To that end, Schmarder recently opened a groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind-in-the-industry project — the 1st Annual Digital Marketing Benchmark Study for Outdoor Hospitality ( — and is actively seeking study participants. Park owners, operators, and those working at a property in a marketing capacity are urged to complete the survey.

Designed to answer questions such as “what’s a good email open rate?” to “how much time should be spent on social media?” to “what digital marketing platforms produce the best results for our type of business?”, the study will provide valuable insight on a number of social media and digital marketing tools many campgrounds, parks, and resorts are using today.

“While park owners and operators know social media is important, it’s critical for them to understand where and how to maximize their marketing efforts, recognize success or the need to tweak their programs, and seize the potential of this ever-expanding set of tools to grow their business’ bottom line. Having a solid grasp on what methods are proven winners, where and how much time should be allocated, what to expect, and when a change in direction is required are a few of the many important answers this study endeavors to provide,” said Schmarder. “Participation is key to this data. That’s why I’m asking all park owners, operators, and marketers — from small parks just dipping their toes into the digital marketing pond to mega resorts with a robust online presence — to complete the survey as well as pass along the link, inviting peers and colleagues to participate, as widely as possible.”

This short survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete and all responses are anonymous. Participants will receive a complimentary copy of the study report. All questions or comments may be directed to Schmarder at or (702) 460-9863. The survey can be accessed via a secure Internet connection here:

Please lend your voice to our industry’s strength and future … take the survey today and spread the word. Data can and does make a difference.

About Evanne Schmarder

Evanne Schmarder is the principal at Roadabode Productions, a firm specializing in digital marketing strategy, consulting, and education for the outdoor recreation industry, is the co-author of Unconventional Wisdom Works – 25 Marketing Strategies to Build Your Outdoor Recreation Business Today and her client list reads like a ‘who’s who’ in the business. Evanne is the Modern Marketing columnist for Woodall’s Campground Management, writes a bi-monthly marketing e-newsletter, has been frequently published in a number of leading industry publications, and is a small business blogger for the Huffington Post. She created the RV industry’s first-ever online Digital Marketing Workshop covering targeted digital marketing techniques and topics and is the producer/host of Schmarder University, a small business interview series featuring industry thought-leaders. Evanne is a sought-after speaker and marketing panelist at national events and gets great satisfaction out of helping business owners maximize their marketing potential.

Schmarder/Pelland Work Now an e-Book

April 23, 2013 by · Comments Off on Schmarder/Pelland Work Now an e-Book 

Unconventional Wisdom Works: 25 Marketing Strategies to Build Your Outdoor Recreation Business Today has just been released in e-book format, available for instant download at Amazon, according to a news release.
The electronic version can be read on a variety of mobile devices, including the complete family of Kindles and the iPad, making the marketing strategies it conveys available to readers anywhere and any time they have their tablets or smartphones with them. The e-book can also be read on desktops and laptops via an easy e-book reader download.
“We are delighted to publish Unconventional Wisdom Works in digital format. This version allows members of the outdoor recreation industry an at-hand marketing reference or convenient read when they are on the go,” remarked Evanne Schmarder, who co-authored the book with Peter Pelland. “Additionally, we’ve activated Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature so prospective readers can peek inside the book for a glimpse of the wisdom — from websites to Google+ — that Peter and I have shared,” she continued.
“If you prefer to hold a book in hand, with natural light reflecting off the page, don’t forget that the printed version remains available,” added Pelland. “You can employ unconventional marketing strategies but still enjoy reading a real book. Afterward, it will look great on your bookshelf and serve as a valuable reference.”
Unconventional Wisdom Works: 25 Marketing Strategies to Build Your Outdoor Recreation Business Today, $9.99 e-book/$24.95 paperback, can be purchased by clicking here.

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