Heavy Rainfall Floods Waco RV Campground

March 21, 2012 by · Comments Off on Heavy Rainfall Floods Waco RV Campground 

Parts of the city of Robinson, located southeast of Waco, Texas, received so much rain Monday night (March 19) that an RV park had to be evacuated.

Some residents of Flat Creek RV Park joked that the water level was so high there that they thought they might have needed an ark to get out safely, KXXV-TV, Waco, reported.

Barbara Chapla, who lives in the RV park, sat up all night with her husband and worried about the storm outside her trailer, but when her power went out she decided it was time to check outside.

“I peak out my back window and the water in underneath us,” said Chapla. “So I go to the door real quick, open it up, and my bottom step is underwater. I say ‘OK we got to bundle up the dogs and we’re out of here’.”

As she left at about 2:30 a.m., Chapla called the police and told them about the flooding. She and her husband evacuated the grounds, but the road out was not easy.

“There was no street,” said Chapla. “You couldn’t tell where the fields were, where the streets were.”

Eventually, the Robinson Fire and Police Departments were able to help the rest of the residents escape the grounds safely at around 3:00 a.m.

When those homeowners returned to the property, after the water had gone down, they found some of their lawn furniture and decorations had been carried away by the ravaging waters. They say that was a small price to pay for what could have happened if they were not evacuated though.

“Everybody was lucky that we did get out. I mean we all lost a little bit of stuff here and there,” said Chapla. “I love my neighbors. We’re going to pitch in together. We’re going to clean up…you know when it stops raining.”