Pelland: Avoid Big Guys In GCUSA Switch

June 19, 2014 by · Comments Off on Pelland: Avoid Big Guys In GCUSA Switch 

It’s turning out to be a year where campground owners are seeing many changes in the sea of vendors serving their industry. Following on the heels of the announcement by Evergreen USA RRG, the recent notice from Go USA Camping is certain to impact many campgrounds at the most inopportune time possible – at the height of the camping season in Northern states, according to a written announcement from Pelland Advertising.

According to Peter Pelland, the CEO and founder, “We are not in the business of chasing ambulances, and we do not seek to profit from the misfortune of our fellow industry vendors; however, we also would like to assist individual park owners to take the time to make informed, long-term decisions rather than hurried choices that bear a semblance to panic attacks.”

The notice that Go USA Camping sent to its clients included the advice, “If we designed and hosted your web site then contact a website hosting and web builder company such as ‘’ or ‘1&’ to assist you with a new website.” Pelland took strong exception to that advice, and would never advise any small business owner to turn to one of those Internet industry behemoths to provide website development or hosting services.

There are several campground industry vendors who are small enough to know their clients by name, who understand the unique needs of your business, and who have a track record of serving the industry. Pelland Advertising is one of those companies, the company said.

Whether your park is directly impacted by the Go USA Camping announcement – or you simply feel that the time might be right for a change – Pelland Advertising would like to present an alternative to a rushed decision. Pelland said, “We are one of the campground industry’s leading suppliers of website development and hosting services. Independent of any alliances with third-party online reservation services, the reservation engine of your choice may be embedded into or linked from your site. Many of our clients prefer a simpler online reservation request system that is highly effective, particularly for smaller parks, and free of transaction fees. We offer solutions and alternatives.”

If your park is directly impacted by the Go USA Camping announcement, Pelland Advertising would like to assist you in making a carefully considered decision that will provide an easy transition that will not interrupt your business and will also be as seamless as possible in the eyes of your customers, according to the company’s announcement. It will provide the following services:

• Move your site to one of its dedicated servers at no charge.

• Begin hosting your site at an annual rate that will reimburse you for 50% of the cost of any prepaid hosting fees that you may have already incurred for 2014.

• Perform the necessary content revisions as specified by Go USA Camping, at no charge.

• Build and install an online reservation request form onto your site for a discounted flat fee, allowing you to independently handle inquiries while you make an unrushed, intelligent long-term reservation software decision.

• Get all of this done within the 30-day window specified by Go USA Camping.

Afterward, when your unhurried decision has been made, the company will replace the online reservation request form with the reservation engine of your choice, either embedded or linked (depending upon what is available from the third-party service provider that you will have chosen.) It will also provide a discount should you choose to have Pelland Advertising build a new site within the next 12 months.

Pelland ended the announcement by saying, “The timing may not be ideal, but we are here to help park owners to maintain the type of continuity that is essential to their long-term success.”