Vendors: Happy Dogs Make for Happy Campers

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As private parks become increasingly pet friendly, companies that supply the campgrounds, RV parks and resorts with products and services are broadening their range of pet related products.

Consider Jamestown Advanced Products.

The Jamestown, N.Y.-based company recently added a dog park product line.

“We provide everything you need to furnish a fully functioning dog park,” said Shari Eckman, Jamestown’s director of marketing.

That includes dog agility and training equipment, tire jumps, pet waste disposal equipment and related supplies. Jamestown also supplies dog owner resting benches, which can be seen along with other pet products at

“Our dog owner resting benches have a dog bone design incorporated into the back of the bench,” Eckman said.

Jamestown’s owners, Lee and Wendi Lodestro, have a particular affinity for dogs. They have two schnauzers.

Eckman said catering to people with dogs also makes good business sense. “Happy dogs make for happy campers,” she said.

Rabbit Hash, Ky.-based Intelligent Products Inc., which sells degradable pet waste collection products through its distributors and through its website at, is also seeing rising demand for its products, which it sells to campgrounds as well as cities and municipal parks, said Emily Rombach, the company’s marketing manager.

Founded in 1989, Intelligent Products sells degradable waste bags, dispensers, receptacles and signage. The company introduced a new compostable version of its pet waste collection tool in August, which it calls the “Bio-Mitt.” The Bio-Mitt is ASTM D6400 compliant.

“We’re looking for another good year,” Rombach said, adding, “I think people are becoming more environmentally conscious and more responsible about picking up after their pets.”

Orlando, Fla.-based DogiPot, which supplies oxo-biodegradable bags, is also anticipating another strong year, said Linda Rosado, DogiPot’s marketing and brand manager. She added that the company plans to attend the upcoming ARVC’s Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.

“We do the ARVC show every year and we always get great responses there,” she said.

DogiPot, which has been in business since 1994, launched a new Header Pak dispensing system for dog waste bags last year, which dispenses bags like tissues out of a tissue box. DogiPot’s product lineup includes pet waste stations, oxo-biodegradable bags, trash receptacles and signage. More information is available at

Some of the Leading Pet Suppliers to Campgrounds

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Bella Bagno Inc.

5500 W. Touhy Avenue, Unit E, Skokie, IL 60077; (847) 673-7328, fax (847) 673-7338;;

Products & Services: pet waste stations with scented and biodegradable bags; doggie purses with pet bags for leashes; sanitary supplies; food grade insecticides

Bow Wow Pet Waste Products

920 N. Highway A1A, Indialantic, FL 32903; (877) 253-6449, fax (321) 821-0499;;

Products & Services: pet waste stations, dog waste bags, trash liners and signs

CCSI International Inc. (All Paws Pet Wash)

8642 Highway 20, P.O. Box 98, Garden Prairie, IL 61038; (800) 537-8231, fax (815) 544-4353;,,;

Products & Services: swimming pool enclosures, All Paws Pet Wash

Doggie Deposit

P.O. Box 240520, 315 Main Street, Eclectic, AL 36024; (866) 398-3992, cell (334) 303-2401, fax (334) 541-4545;;

Products & Services: pet waste stations and fully degradable pet waste bags with custom print


2100 Principal Row, Suite 405, Orlando, FL 32837; (800) 364-7681, (407) 888- 4627 fax (407) 888-8526;;

Products & Services: environmentally- conscious pet waste removal products, pet stations, dispensers, oxo-biodegradable litter pickup bags and liner trash bags

Environmentally Safe Solutions LLC

710 Alderbrook Lane, Grants Pass, OR 97527; (541) 255-7368;;

Products & Services: cost effective pet waste management with specially designed waste containment receptacles with easy access to Oxo-Biodegradable bags

Intelligent Products Inc. (Mutt Mitts)

P.O. Box 626, Burlington, KY 41005; (800) 697-6084, fax (859) 689-5511;;

Products & Services: complete pet waste management system: outdoor dispensers, Mutt Mitt refills, signs, waste receptacles and posts; available in retail packaging for sale at camp stores

Upbeat Inc.

211 N. Lindberg Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63141; (800) 325-3047, fax (314) 535-4419;;

Products & Services: pet waste control equipment and supplies

Four-Legged Campers Gaining Attention

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America's campgrounds are paying more attention to their four-legged campers. Photo courtesy of Normandy Farms Campground, Foxboro, Mass.

America’s campgrounds are going to the dogs, in a good way.

Since most RVers with pets bring their pets along on camping trips, it behooves campground owners to accommodate their furry guests. They’re doing that in a variety of ways, thanks to a number of suppliers who have entered the sector to meet campgrounds’ needs.

One of the more intriguing suppliers is All Paws Pet Wash, a division of CCSI International Inc., Garden Prairie, Ill. The firm’s portable pet washer is now available in six states and is expanding its footprint in campgrounds, says owner Russell Caldwell.

What some campgrounds began as a courtesy to campers is now becoming, like vending machines, a trusted revenue stream, Caldwell noted.

His company’s pet wash is a modular unit, which starts at $29,900. The price seems steep at first, until a prospective buyer starts fiddling with the numbers.

“The odds of a camper with a dog who needs a bath are great,” Caldwell noted.

The standard rate is $5 for six minutes of use, which includes a vacuum drier. The average use is about $9, Caldwell said.

Campers and users of the All Paws Pet Wash at other public installations such as city parks, self-serve car washes and gas stations, don’t seem to balk at the cost, he said.

The unit comes in a near turnkey state with installation of water lines and electrical service taking about two hours.

The company also distributes a line of pet shampoo.

Intelligent Products Inc. based in Burlington, Ky., one of the oldest names in pet waste management, stresses that its products are made in the U.S. Founded in 1989, the company offers the popular Mutt Mitt, outdoor dispensers, signs, waste receptacles and posts.

Its classic Mutt Mitts feature special hand-lettered advertising opportunities on each Mitt for its customers, such as campgrounds, notes Emily Rombach, marketing manager. Mutt Mitts also are available in retail packaging for camp stores.

The public in general, and campground owners in particular, is showing an increased awareness of groundwater runoff and the potential disease threat from pet wastes, she noted.

DOGIPOT, based in Orlando, Fla., this year introduced its new DOGIPOT Header Pak Junior Bag Dispenser to hold DOGIPOT’s new line of oxo-biodegradable DOGIPOT Header Pak Litter Pick Up Bags (i.e., hanging litter pick up bags). These new items give customers more choice and the Header Pak bags will fit all major brands of hanging bag dispensers.

“DOGIPOT has the highest quality of environmentally conscious products to help keep your dog-friendly areas free from unsightly, smelly and harmful dog waste,” noted Linda Rosado, marketing and brand manager. “There are DOGIPOT imitators in the market, but nobody is able to match DOGIPOT’s experience, high quality product line, world class customer service or value.”

Rosado added, “DOGIPOT provides the most environmentally-friendly dog waste removal products to help keep campgrounds and RV resorts free from harmful dog waste by encouraging pet owners, not maintenance staff, to assume the responsibility of eliminating dog pollution.”

Rosado said 2011 was a good year, given the current national economic climate, and she’s expecting a similar year in 2012.

Founded in 1994, DOGIPOT sells pet stations, dispensers, oxo-biodegradable litter pick up bags and trash liner bags.

Vendors Address Pet Needs in Campgrounds

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Since more than half of campers today travel with their dogs, more campgrounds are accommodating these canine companions to the benefit of the camper and the environment. Several companies today are contributing to the cause by making the world a more pet-friendly place all while helping the environment.

Intelligent Products Inc., Burlington, Ky., is known for the popular Mutt Mitt. Owner and inventor Dale Bartes used to live on a corner lot in Chicago where many pet owners out for a walk would relieve their dogs. His yard was a mess and his wife said he needed to do something about it. Bartes decided to put out a box with newspaper bags in it and people started using the bags to clean up after their pets. Then as an added benefit he placed a paper towel inside of the newspaper bags and people started leaving money to show their appreciation. And so, the Mutt Mitt was born. Bartes started going to trade shows and later came up with the Mutt Mitt dispensers.

“The bottom of our Mutt Mitt has a pocket like a mitten, so it is easier to pick up pet waste,” said Rod Lukey, operations manager. “That is why they are called Mutt Mitts. It is unique because of the pocket, but also the two-ply design provides better protection. The Mutt Mitt was invented from the ground up as a pet-waste pick-up tool. The seams are along the sides, not the bottom, so your fingers won’t go through it. They are also white opaque so you cannot see through them, which people like. Mutt Mitts are also biodegradable.”

Bartes served in the United States Army and believes in the importance of American-made. His Mutt Mitts have been made in the USA since their beginning in 1989. Lukey said each year Mutt Mitt sales have increased, even through difficult economic times and several companies want to advertise their name on Mutt Mitts. “That is what I love about America is the ingenuity – let’s put our name on dog poop bags,” he said.

Intelligent Products Inc., P.O. Box 626, Burlington, KY 41005 (800) 697-6084,,

Bow Wow Pet Waste Products, Indialantic, Fla., was created to provide parks, property owners, apartments, communities, marinas, hotels and more the necessary resources to affordably clean up and manage dog waste. The company offers free shipping on its products and carries as many environmentally friendly products as possible.

“All of our dog waste bags and trash liners are completely degradable and made from recycled materials,” said Joe Chanda. “Our dog waste bags will fit most competitors’ dispensers and we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our pet waste stations.”

Once a Bow Wow pet waste station or dog litter bag dispenser is installed, dog owners have oxo-biodegradable dog waste bags to clean up and a properly dispose of their pet’s waste.

For questions or to set up a house account, call (877) 253-6449 or email Order online at Bow Wow Pet Waste Products, 920 N. Highway A1A, Indialantic, FL 32903.

DOGIPOT Inc., Orlando, Fla., has been making a full line of pet waste pick up tools to help keep public areas pet waste free. The DOGIPOT concept was invented 23 years ago in Europe and the system adapted to United States requirements in 1994.

The DogiPot Pet Station includes a powder-coated lid, hinged and attached directly to a 10-gallon waste receptacle. DogiPot litter bags are oxo-biodegradable and DogiPot Jrs. are junior bag dispensers with high bag capacity, ideal for public area visitors.

The DogValet Dispenser/Disposal Container is an all in one product to make it easy for pet owners to pick up after their pets. The new polyethylene DogValet container is an economical, durable, freestanding dog waste removal product supported by a four-foot galvanized square post. It holds up to 400 litter pick-up bags, dispensed out of two dispenser slots, and has clear instructions and graphics posted on how to use the bags.

DOGIPOT also makes a variety of accessories.

DOGIPOT Inc., 2100 Principal Row, Suite 405, Orlando, FL 32837, (800) 364-7681,,

CCSI International Inc., Garden Prairie, Ill., is in the business of keeping your pet clean through its All Paws Pet Wash, a self-service pet washing station. The pet wash industry is a relatively new industry the last three to four years, according to Russell Caldwell, president.

“We have our pet washing stations in a variety of locations, and certainly a campground or resort would be a great spot. We are promoting to RV parks and recreation areas. Right now we are looking at putting them in the Nebraska state parks because people there were taking their pets into the showers and it was creating plumbing problems. We also have several bids within the military sector for placing them on base because a lot of them are adding dog parks to their bases. In a park district or recreation area the pet wash station is a profit center or a neutral cost, because it will pay for itself.”

All Paws Pet Wash stations can be customized to the location as far as color or graphics, and can have a cash, token or credit card system. CCSI also makes a seasonal model that does not have heat, for campgrounds, resorts or other parks not open year round.

“The people who call us are the entrepreneurs wanting a nice return on their investment,” Caldwell noted.

Pets are put inside the All Paws Pet Wash tubs, their collar is placed on a hook, payment is inserted and the wash begins. The more money inserted the more time the owner has to wash. The standard unit comes with three different kinds of shampoo — flea and tick, tearless or oatmeal based for sensitive skin — then a coat conditioner, a dog deodorizer and a tub disinfectant. There is also a vacuum system to vacuum off water before blow drying.

CCSI has been in production of their pet wash stations since 2009 and manufactures out of Illinois. All Paws Pet Wash stations can be found so far in Illinois, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky and New Jersey. One is in front of an Ace Hardware, others are in front of grocery stores, and Pilot stations have begun to install them at some of their locations.

“Units come complete so all you have to do is hook up your utilities and you are good to go,” Caldwell said.

CCSI International Inc., 8642 Route 20, Garden Prairie, IL 61038, (800) 537-8231,,

By Leanne Phillips