Clothing-Optional Campground Plan Gets Hearing

May 24, 2010 by · 2 Comments 

The Morgan County Board of Zoning Appeals in central Indiana will have a public hearing at 6:30 p.m. today (May 24) to rule on a special exception request for the campground that Sandy Partlow says will be a private, adult only, clothing-optional campground, according to the Bloomington Herald-Times.

Partlow wants to open the camp on Peavine Road called Oasis of Chetwynd, which will have approximately 40 camping sites, she said.

Partlow said two members of the zoning board already have visited her property and both were looking at the legality of the campsite.

Kim Maynard, Partlow’s boyfriend, will help manage and operate the campgrounds on Peavine Road.

“We will allow public shows of affection, and that’s all right, as long as it isn’t breaking any laws,” Maynard said.

The couple have said they would be willing to allow local Boy Scout troops to use the campgrounds during the winter months, when the regular members are not in attendance, to enable the Scouts to earn special winter badges for camping.

The couple said their first obstacle is obtaining the proper permits to open the campground.

Kenny Hale, Morgan County plan director, said recent inspections of the property have revealed violations of Soil and Water and Indiana Department of Environmental Management regulations. Those violations will be sited in his technical report to the zoning board.

As for today’s meeting, Hale said several people have already called inquiring how to voice their opinion at the public hearing, and he is expecting a large turnout.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if you have 100 people who want to address the board on this issue,” Hale said. “But you can be sure that we will be ready for action one way or another.”

Indiana Adult Campground Riles Neighbors

May 12, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

A proposal for a campground is creating controversy in Morgan County, Ind. south of Indianapolis, according to TV station WTHR.

The 20-acre property just off Ind. 44 east of Martinsville includes a brick home, a couple of barns and a lot of trees. The peaceful setting is reportedly the home to what neighbor Larry Scherer considers disturbing behavior.

“[I envision] a nudist thing and swingers and we don’t need that out here,” said Scherer.

Owner Sandy Partlow last month petitioned her property to be zoned as a campground. That was the result of a complaint sent to Morgan County officials and local media about adult parties taking place at the property – advertised on a swingers website – and charging admission.

In response, the Morgan County Planning Office sent a notice to the owners to stop running a business called “Oasis of Chetwynd” until they got zoning approval. The planning director told Eyewitness News to run an adult business, they would need a different kind of zoning and they haven’t filed that yet.

Although one of the advertisements sent with the complaint describes it as a “clothing optional campground,” Partlow gave a different story to a local newspaper.

“Everyone has it in their minds that we are opening a nudist camp and we’re not,” she told the Bloomington (Ind.) Herald Times. “But if someone wants to sunbathe nude behind their camper, I [am not] going to be looking.”

“I’m against this. Totally against this,” Scherer said.

He said it was a moral dilemma.

“Except by the grace of God, so be I. Am I going to judge them? No. Am I going to fight this? Yes,” he said.

The Herald Times reports the owners plan for the campground is for adults over 21 and they will charge membership fees. There is a hearing planned regarding the zoning petition later this month.

Eyewitness News could not reach the property owners for comment, despite repeated attempts.

Swingers Campground Posting Riles Neighbors

April 12, 2010 by · 2 Comments 

A campground planned for a rural area of Morgan County in south central Indiana is causing controversy after an invitation to an event at the camp was posted on a swinger’s website, according to WRTV-TV, Indianapolis.

Peavine Road is quiet, with homes and horses dotting the landscape, but residents are concerned about a neighbor on a nearby hill.

Morgan County officials said a posting on a popular swingers website promoted a one-day event to be held at Oasis of Chetwynd in which clothing is optional. When WRTV’s Joanna Massee went to the website, the posting was no longer there.

Owner Kim Maynard said he’s just trying to build a campground for older adults and that stories of swingers, swappers and nudity are unfounded.

“When you find out (where the rumors came from), you let me know,” he said.

Kenneth Hale, Morgan County’s planning director, said Maynard admitted listing an event on the swingers site.

The county issued a cease and desist order because the property doesn’t have proper zoning for a campground.

“I don’t think (a clothing optional campground) would go over very well,” Hale said. “I think the people would probably frown on that here in Morgan County. We’re a fairly religious county.”

Maynard said his campground concept is changing as he grows increasingly frustrated by the scrutiny.

“I’m officially going to list this with GLAD and the Gay Lesbian Coalition of America … as a gay community camp. Everybody happy?” Maynard said.

Neighbors said they wouldn’t want either campground concept nearby.

“I wouldn’t want it next door,” said neighbor Larry Scherer. “It’s immoral. It’s fornication.”

Hale said that he expects laws pertaining to adult entertainment and businesses to be changed in Morgan County over the coming months.

Maynard has until April 26 to apply for special campground zoning.