Good Sam & Rand McNally Form Partnership

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Good Sam Enterprise LLC today (April 4) announced a partnership with Rand McNally to launch a suite of navigation products designed “to meet the needs of today’s outdoor consumer,” according to a press release.

The first product to launch through the partnership is the Good Sam GPS, powered by Rand McNally, according to a news release. The device provides custom navigation on suitable routes, taking into account the specific vehicle or vehicle/trailer combination. After entering vehicle attributes, including length of towed trailers, if propane is being carried and vehicle and trailer height, the Good Sam GPS provides navigation on roads suitable for the customer’s specific vehicle configuration.

For travelers on the go, the Good Sam GPS also features information and navigation to more than 2,000 Good Sam affiliated campgrounds where Good Sam Club members receive nightly discounts, as well as 12,000 additional parks and campgrounds across the U.S. and Canada. The Good Sam GPS also provides information and navigation to thousands of points of interest, all searchable directly on the device.

For NASCAR fans, the Good Sam GPS includes pre-programmed track locations. NASCAR locations will not only help fans, but NASCAR team haulers too.

“We are very excited by the early interest in the product by potential partners and are in discussions with RV and trailer rental companies that have interest in providing the Good Sam GPS for use by their customers,” said Marcus Lemonis chairman and CEO of Good Sam.

Good Sam said that additional products are in development and slated for release during 2013.

Other features of the Good Sam GPS include.

  • 7-inch, high-definition screen – nearly 90% larger than most GPS units.
  • Full-color touchscreen.
  • Large and high volume speaker.
  • Turn-by-turn spoken directions.
  • Pre-programmed “Points of Interest.”
  • Lifetime map updates.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.

Rand McNally Unveils RV GPS App for iPad

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Nearly two years after introducing the first GPS designed specifically for RVers, Rand McNally today (Jan. 9) launched the first RV GPS app for the iPad. The RV GPS is being shown for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

According to a press release, Rand McNally’s RV GPS for iPad is the first iOS application offered that is specifically designed for RV navigation. The new application, available on the App Store, provides RV class-specific routing based on Rand McNally’s proprietary road data and navigation, plus thousands of RV parks and campgrounds, RV-friendly locations, RVer tools and pre-planned trips.

The app also includes “dynamic weather,” a map overlay feature that helps drivers anticipate conditions such as high wind and precipitation along the route.

Also included is a bonus feature of the app: An e-book version of America’s No. 1 road atlas.

“About 20% of RVers have an iPad, and many of them take it on the road,” said Dave Muscatel, CEO of Rand McNally. “Our new app lets those travelers access the same premier RV routing, navigation and content available on our RVND GPS devices, and load it on their tablet.”

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Rand McNally Taking Its RV Navigation to OEMs

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Rand McNally announced today (Nov. 19) that XiteSolutions North America Inc. will be offering Rand McNally’s award-winning navigation software as part of Xite’s Infotainment systems for RVs. XiteSolutions is a leader in providing in-dash information and entertainment solutions to RV manufacturers in North America, according to a news release.

Xite will begin delivering Rand McNally RV navigation with their new X1 family of Infotainment systems in early 2013.

“Rand McNally’s RV-specific navigation delivers the perfect solution for the RV market – from superior routing based on RV size and class, to points of interest with RV-specific amenities, to features designed specifically for RVers such as checklists and breadcrumb trails,” said Craig Smith, president of XiteSolutions North America. “Our RV OEM manufacturer partners are very excited about the added value Rand McNally’s navigation brings to our family of Infotainment systems.”

Dave Muscatel, CEO of Rand McNally, said Rand McNally is looking forward to making the software used in its new RVND 7720 GPS device available in-dash via Xite’s solution.

“Xite has a great product and offers one of the best in-dash solutions in the industry. We are very excited to be working with them as well as by the overwhelming interest the OEM’s have shown in our joint solution,” Muscatel said.

Rand McNally’s RV software includes:

  • Specialized routing in the U.S. and Canada, including legal, physical and propane restrictions, for 11 different classes of RV.
  • Millions of points of interest including those specialized for RVs: RV Campgrounds with detailed amenities, including Woodall’s campground data, RV dealers and maintenance facilities, dump stations, rest stops, travel centers, pet-friendly locations, fishing locations and more.
  • RV Checklists/Maintenance Logs/Trails.
  • Rand McNally featured road trips, including Best of the Road, Regional Trips, Scenic Tours and Weekend Getaways.
  • 2D/3D Maps with Junction view.
  • Enhanced text-to-speech navigation commands.
  • Virtual Dashboard – ability to view key features at a glance.
  • Multi-stop route optimization.
  • User-configurable warnings to assist in creating detours, choosing to permanently avoid road segments, and receiving warnings for upcoming hazards such as bridges and construction.
  • Lifetime Map updates provided via internet download and transferred from a PC to the Infotainment System via SD Card.

XiteSolutions North America’s Infotainment systems with Rand McNally RV navigation will be distributed by RiverPark Inc.



Rand McNally Offers New Destination for RVers

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Rand McNally has expanded its award-winning travel community Best of the Road with a new microsite dedicated to RVers. The “Best of RVing” site, at, kicks off with a prize-a-day giveaway featuring items such as Rand McNally RV GPS devices, e-reader tablets and campground memberships, according to a news release.

In collaboration with the Good Sam family of RV clubs, the site also features an “RV Stories” contest in which RVers can win up to $5,000.

“Following the success of the Best of the Road online community of road travelers, it was logical to build a special section just for RVers,” said Dave Muscatel, CEO of Rand McNally. “Rand McNally has a long-standing relationship with RVers, who use our TripMaker RVND RV GPS as well as the Rand McNally Road Atlas, to explore the country. The ‘Best of RVing’ site extends that experience, providing an outlet for RVers to connect, share their stories, learn about the lifestyle, and get practical tips from experts and partners.”

Launched a year ago, is a community of road travelers who review the best stops on America’s highways and byways – including small towns and the points of interest between them. Every year votes are collected for the best small towns, which are then visited by amateur travelers in a Best of the Road Rally. With more than 77,000 “likes” on Facebook, has become the must-visit destination for travelers planning their road trips.

“Best of RVing,” now live at, kicks off with a prize-a-day giveaway for all site registrants through August 31, 2012. Prizes include Rand McNally’s TripMaker RVND GPS devices for RVers; NOOK Tablets from Barnes & Noble; and from Thousand Trails, Annual Camping Passes to their premier campground network. RVers simply register on and automatically they are entered to win.

To learn more, click here.

Good Sam is the parent company of Woodall’s Campground Management.



Rally RVers Give High Marks to New TripMaker Features

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Just in time for the spring RVing season, Rand McNally has added the Woodall’s campground directory into its top-selling TripMaker RVND GPS devices.

Woodall’s, part of the Good Sam family of RV clubs, community and publications, is North America’s leading source of campground information for RVers and campers, according to a news release.

With the addition of thousands of Woodall’s-reviewed campgrounds and amenities, the TripMaker RVND devices now feature more than 250,000 RV-focused locations, such as campgrounds and RV service centers, as well as millions of additional general points of interest.

“A year ago, Rand McNally introduced the first GPS device developed specifically for RVers and campers, and the response has been exceptionally strong,” said Dave Muscatel, CEO of Rand McNally. “The addition of the Woodall’s information provides RVers with a leading source of vetted campground data that no one else provides in a GPS device.”

Two weeks ago at The Rally in Phoenix, Rand McNally employees demonstrated the Woodall’s information integrated in the TripMaker RVND device. Those RVers who saw the demo gave it high marks. In particular, they raved about the depth of information, the ability to filter by campground amenities, and the option to review Woodall’s ratings and campground costs.

With the addition of the Woodall’s campground data, TripMaker RVND’s RV campground feature now includes:

  • RV parks and campgrounds with amenities such as dump stations, electric hook up.
  • Contact information and seasonality for each campground.
  • Private and public campgrounds including U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, national and state parks.

The GPS also features Woodall’s campground data for thousands of commercial RV parks and campground locations, with amenities including:

  • Family-friendly campgrounds and pets-allowed locations.
  • “Big Rig” parks.
  • “Green” parks.
  • Site information such as extended stay sites available, typical site width and pull through information.
  • Services such as fees, escort to site, dumping.
  • Essential information about seasonality and rates.
  • Proprietary “5-W” ratings, which reflect the views of unbiased inspectors who visit and rate every possible private campground each year.

RVers can find campgrounds and route to them by address, or by latitude/longitude. The Trails feature allows a trail to be recorded and played back, enabling a return to a campsite when traveling on unmarked roads.

Not only is the Woodall’s information being loaded into new devices, but existing TripMaker RVND device owners can download the data for free via the Rand McNally Dock. The Rand McNally Dock is a software interface (via a computer with an open Internet connection) that enables Rand McNally device owners to update, back up, and download content to their GPS units. For more information about how to download the Woodall’s content, TripMaker RVND owners should go to

Rand McNally’s TripMaker RVND GPS units are available at Camping World SuperCenters nationwide, at, at RV dealers and at select retailers and online sites.


Rand McNally, Woodall’s Launch TripMaker GPS

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Rand McNally's TripMaker RVND GPS for RVers.

Rand McNally, a leader in specialty travel and navigation, and Woodall’s, part of the Good Sam family of RV clubs, community and publications, are partnering to include Woodall’s campground data in Rand McNally’s TripMaker RVND GPS units for RVers.

The data will be pre-loaded in devices shipping mid-April, and also will be available to current owners of TripMaker RVND devices – both the 5-inch and 7-inch models – via a simple and free download in early Q2, according to a news release.

Rand McNally will be reaching out to existing owners to ensure that they are able to download the new content.

“Woodall’s is North America’s leading source of campground information for RVers and campers. We are very pleased to offer this very valued content as part of our industry-leading RV GPS devices,” said Dave Muscatel, CEO of Rand McNally.

Highlights of the Woodall’s Campground data include:

  • Listings for more than 12,000 RV parks and campground locations, with amenities.
  • Family-friendly campgrounds and pets-allowed locations.
  • “Big Rig” parks.
  • “Green parks.”
  • Site information such as extended stay sites available, typical site width and pull-through information.
  • Services such as fees, escort to site, dumping.
  • Essential information about seasonality and rates.

Importantly, the data also includes the proprietary “5-W” ratings, which reflect the views of unbiased inspectors who visit and rate every possible private campground each year.

“We are excited to bring together two well-known brands in the RVing community – Rand McNally and Woodall’s. Our carefully researched data will certainly enhance the value of the TripMaker® RVND GPS to RVers, especially those who have been loyal users of Woodall’s for decades,” said Ann Emerson, vice president and publisher, Woodall’s & Trailer Life Directory.

According to Muscatel, market research and direct feedback from current users indicates that the ability to find RV specific information on campgrounds is one of the top three features that RVers want in a GPS.

“And 65% of those surveyed told us that ratings, such as the 5-W ratings, were important. The Woodall’s data will augment the 12,000 campgrounds currently in the product, making our TripMaker RVND the most robust provider of campground information with RV specific information available,” added Muscatel.

Rand McNally’s TripMaker RVND line of GPS products, launched in 2011, include:

  • RV-safe & -easy routing – navigation for 11 types of RV; includes entry for weight, height, length and propane on-board; routes based on legal and physical restrictions, such as low bridges, roads with weight limits; warnings for sharp turns.
  • RVer amenities & tools – 13,000-plus RV parks and campgrounds with amenities such as dump stations, electric hook up, 6,000+ travel center locations with searchable amenities such as parking, dump stations, and showers, 24,000+ pet-friendly locations, and more than 150,000 places just off the interstate, organized by exit number.
  • RV-friendly trips & content – 12,000 Rand McNally Editor’s Picks, including Best of the Road 3-4-day adventures, regional trips, scenic tours, weekend getaways, plus photos and videos of destinations.

Rand McNally’s TripMaker RVND GPS units are available at Camping World SuperCenters nationwide, at, and through Rand McNally’s retail channels.

Woodall’s, Woodall’s Campground Management and www.woodallscm are owned by Good Sam Enterprises LLC.

Rand McNally Develops Custom RV-Style GPS

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Rand McNally TripMaker

Representatives of a time-honored, 140-year-old brand name in the road atlas business, Rand McNally, were working the floor of RVIA’s 49th Annual National Trade Show, Nov. 29-Dec. 1 in Louisville, Ky.

And while the company’s world-famous atlas is still available in print and digital formats, Rand McNally executives were promoting a product that is nothing short of cutting edge: a custom GPS system for RV and camping enthusiasts called Rand McNally’s TripMaker RVND.

First introduced to consumers in June, the TripMaker provides an impressive level of detail in terms of RV-specific routing and unique features designed for RV and camping travel with safety in mind.

Amy Krouse, a public relations director for Rand McNally who was showcasing the dash-mounted 5-inch TripMaker RVND 5510 ($299) and high-definition 7-inch TripMaker RVND 7710 ($399) in Louisville, says the new system utilizes proprietary data and routing for certain types of RVs.

“The routing is specifically for the size of the RV,” says Krouse, who was working the show with John Peters, vice president and general manager for Digital Strategy and Business Development. “You can choose from 11 different configurations — Class A, Class B, fifth-wheel, toy hauler, etc., – and the routing will take into account the general configuration of that size vehicle. If it’s a larger vehicle, you are always going to have a left-turn preference. If it’s a smaller vehicle, you’re always going to have a right-hand preference.”

Krouse, standing in the Equine Motorcoach exhibit at Louisville, said the new system was under development for a year and a half and takes into account plenty of RV owner input as well as various legal restrictions.

“So, low overpasses, weight restrictions, carrying propane, it will take that into account as well,” she told “A general GPS has none of that data in it. In addition to navigation, we also do amenities for the RVers. When we tell you there is a campground, we are going to tell you if it has a dump station, electrical hookups or different size places for you to park.

“If we tell you about a Walmart, we are going to tell you if it has a 24-hour pharmacy or overnight RV parking, and we are going to give you the phone number. So, when you are an RVer on the road and have a breakdown, we are going to tell you about the dealers and how to route there. If you are traveling with pets, we’ll tell you where the pet hospitals are.”

In general terms, Rand McNally’s GPS TripMaker includes amenities and easy search tools for more than 13,000 RV parks and campgrounds, 6,000 travel center locations, dump stations, parking, showers, and electric hookups plus 24,000 pet-friendly locations including animal hospitals and more than 150,000 places near interstates organized by exit and number.

Based on consumer research, this new GPS system also includes suggested RV trip plans – with photography and video – on anything from a weekend getaway to a week-long excursion with places to stop and things to do.

Although Rand McNally is utilizing distributors in Canada, it’s marketing directly to OEM’s, dealers and U.S. consumers through organizations like the Family Motor Coach Association, the Good Sam Club and Equity Lifestyle Properties.

Rand McNally Intros New TripMaker RVND 7710 GPS

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Rand McNally's new TripMaker RVND 7710 GPS.

Rand McNally introduced the latest addition to its award-winning line of navigation devices at the recent Family Motor Coach Association’s (FMCA) 86th Family Reunion in Madison, Wis.

The TripMaker RVND 7710 provides a large, easy to read 7-inch high-definition screen and 8GB of onboard storage for RV-related information, according to a news release.

“Members of the RVing community have been very enthusiastic about our TripMaker RVND 5510,” said Dave Muscatel, Rand McNally CEO.  “That device designed just for them provides RV-specific routing, stops and amenities that RVers need while on the road, and things to see and do along the way. The TripMaker RVND 7710 will further enhance the experience in large vehicles with its 7-inch high definition screen, provided at a competitive price.”

New features on the TripMaker RVND 7710 include the ability to integrate typical traffic patterns along your route; add custom points of interest such as red-light cameras, special shopping areas, member campgrounds, or any other dataset in a .csv format; and fishing spots found in Rand McNally Editor’s Pick locations.

The TripMaker RVND 7710 includes RV-easy routing for 11 types of RVs, plus a setting for use in cars. The routing takes into consideration Rand McNally’s proprietary research on bridge height, vehicle length and propane restrictions, as well as turning radius considerations for different types of RVs.

RVers can plan their next stop, or an entire multi-stop trip, utilizing the more than 14 million points of interest – many of which are viewable by amenities available on the TripMaker RVND 7710.

Key features of the TripMaker RVND 7710, designed with RVers in mind, include:

  • RV campgrounds, RV dealers and service, parking and rest areas including Walmart RV-friendly locations, and travel centers with detailed amenities such as dump stations, propane availability and more.
  • Detailed exit information that includes retailers and amenities for upcoming exits.
  • RVer yools such as checklists for set up and take down, maintenance logs, trails back to your campsite, and quick mileage calculators.
  • Pet-friendly locations including parks, animal hospitals and beaches.
  • Best of the Road three- to-four day adventures including interesting stops, videos and photos of the locations, maps and more to plan a memorable adventure. Includes the 2011 Best Small Towns in America finalists.
  • Regional trips, scenic tours, weekendg, and cityt.
  • 12,000 Rand McNally selected locations that will make any trip exciting and unique.

The TripMaker RVND 7710, available in North America in October, is fully operational in English, Canadian French and Spanish. The suggested retail price is $399.00 USD plus applicable sales tax.

For more information, visit