TNARVC, Southeast Publications Partner Up

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Southeast PubsThe Tennessee Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds (TNARVC) announced a new strategic partnership for 2015 with Southeast Publications, the largest provider of guest guides for RV properties in the U.S. and Canada, according to an announcement from Southeast Publications and TNARVC.

In this partnership, Southeast Publications will bring its marketing and sales expertise to assist TNARVC with its membership recruitment, sales and marketing of its annual Tennessee RV/Camping Guide.

“In 2013, Southeast Publications enabled California ARVC to greatly improve their efforts in that state,” said TNARVC Executive Director Rob Halcrow. “Our board of directors believe that with the Southeast Publications sales force in the field, our message will now be carried to more parks, increasing our reach and sales to new members throughout the Volunteer State. TNARVC is excited to enter into this partnership with Southeast Publications for 2015.”

TNARVC will produce 50,000 copies of its Tennessee RV/Camping Guide which will be distributed across the state.

Wally Warrick, CEO of Southeast Publications, said, “Our legacy at Southeast Publications has been the industry leader in producing the millions of guest guides each year for (more than) 1,400 RV properties across North America. We are so honored to be a partner with TNARVC for their 2015 guide. To accomplish the goals we have set, our talented associates in the field will help TNARVC reach more RV properties across the Volunteer State,” Warrick added.

Warrick noted that , “our top associates of the year, Roxanne and Sam Waugh, are Tennessee residents and very excited to be part of our TNARVC team.” Other members of the 2015 TNARVC team include Michael Faelin and Ed and Teresa Herbert, all residents of Tennessee.


Southeast Donates $30k For Care Camps

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Southeast PubsSoutheast Publications said in a written announcement that during its 2014 National Awards and Training Conference (NATC) in Nashville, Tenn., the company raised more than $30,000 for KOA Care Camps, a charity which funds oncology camps for children with cancer.

The money came from sales associates during the conference, and the raised funds were then matched by CEO Wally Warrick.

“While Southeast Publications’ legacy has been the industry leader in producing the millions of guest guides each year for RV properties across the nation, our company is honored to support KOA Care Camps again,” said Warrick. “It was great that CEO of KOA (Kampgrounds of America Inc.) Jim Rogers was on hand to see the passion and commitment our sales associates have for this incredible program.”

Rogers was a guest speaker at the conference. He reviewed the growing RV/camping industry and thanked the Southeast sales associates for their support of camping, calling them the “chamber of commerce” for campgrounds in North America. Rogers also thanked and recognized Southeast Publications and its sales force as one of the top contributors to the KOA Care Camps program.

During the 2014 Conference, sales associates were rewarded for their efforts during the 2013 calendar year. In all, 83 associates attended the event, which also offered training in the expansive electronic offerings from Southeast Publications, based in Plantation, Fla..

“Our associates shared $20,000 in cash awards for their record-setting performance in 2013,” said Southeast Publications Business Development Sales Manager Brian McGuinn. “Now with all of the electronic offerings from Southeast, our website, our Facebook pages for Southeast and the MobileRVing Mobile App, our weekly podcasts and so much more — all free to our RV properties — our associates are excited that they can offer so much more than just excellent, full-color guest guides. They are helping our RV properties fill their sites.”

Carlene Morris, vice president of sales for Southeast, said, “It is amazing to think that we had (more than) 500 years of RV experience in the room with all of our associates this year. To add the power of the internet to our free printed guest guides, Southeast is truly becoming a marketing consultant for our RV property partners. This is a great time to be at Southeast Publications.”

During the 2014 Conference, longtime associates Roxanne and Sam Waugh were recognized as the “Top Sales Associates of the Year.”

“Roxanne and Sam continue to amaze all of us traveling the country and they produce more guest guides than some of our competitors produce in a year,” said Morris.

Waugh said, “When Sam and I started with Southeast Publications 23 years ago, we never realized how much we would enjoy this lifestyle of earning while we travel. We were serious when we told the group we plan to keep going because we and this company are stronger than ever.”

According to Southeast Publications, the company has raised more than $500,000 for KOA Care Camps since 1994.


CalARVC, S.E. Publications Together Again

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CalARVC touts autumn camping

The California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC) announced it has renewed its partnership for 2015 with Southeast Publications, the largest provider of Guest Guides for RV properties in the United States and Canada, the two announced in a joint press release.

Under this agreement, Southeast Publications will again bring its marketing and sales expertise to augment CalARVC’s with its annual membership recruiting, sales and marketing of its Camp-California! products.

“Through a concerted sales effort by Southeast Publications on the 2014 edition of the guide, CalARVC was able to greatly improve our efforts in the state,” said CalARVC Executive Director Debbie Sipe. “With their sales force in the field, our message was carried to more of our member parks, increasing our reach and sales to new members not only in California, but as far away as Canada. CalARVC is excited to enter into this agreement for next year,” Sipe said.

“While Southeast Publications’ legacy has been the industry leader in producing the millions of Guest Guides each year for RV properties across the nation, our company is honored to work with CalARVC again,” said Southeast Publications CEO Wally Warrick. “CalARVC truly offers the campers’ guide to California with its Camp-California! marketing program, including, a comprehensive digital package connecting RV properties and businesses with the elusive RVer,” Warrick added. “Our associates in California take great pride in promoting membership in CalARVC and sales of the Camp-California! products.”

Camp-California! Marketing is a wholly-owned subsidiary corporation of CalARVC. It owns and manages, the California Campin’ enewsletter, and Camp-California! The Camper’s Guide to California, which is available in print, online and on mobile devices.

Camp-California Announces ’14 Guide Partners

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Cover of the 2013 edition of the Camp-California Guide! The Camper’s Guide to California

Camp-California Marketing, a division of the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC), is preparing to publish in 2014 the 39th annual edition of its Camp-California Guide! The Camper’s Guide to California, a four-color glossy magazine that lists nearly 800 campgrounds and RV resorts throughout the Golden State. And to do so they are pairing up with big names in the industry.

Camp-California Marketing is partnering with Wolfgang Neuwirth of Advanced Media Marketing Group and Southeast Publications, according to a news release.

Neuwirth comes with 20-plus years’ experience in marketing and publishing, first with Cygnus Business Media and later with Milo Media. “We are pleased to be working with Camp-California again to produce their 2014 edition of the Camp-California Guide! The Camper’s Guide to California,” reported Neuwirth. “As we begin our third year, we are already discussing changes and improvements for next year’s Guide.”

Southeast Publications comes on board this year in charge of sales and marketing. “Southeast Publications is a 27-year supporter of the Camping Industry,” Sales Manager Brian McGuinn stated. “We are so honored and proud to be working with such a strong supporter of the camping industry. The Camp-California Guide and website are such a wonderful way for campers to explore the great state of California and get a sense of the spectacular differences between all of vastly unique regions within California.”

Southeast Publications’ five sales teams are traveling throughout California and manning the national sales desk. Members are: Ed and Teresa Herbert, Jim and Jacqualine Moore, Lynn and Kathy Holland, Bill and Kathy Freeman and Michael and Susan Faelin.

More Details Abot the Sales Teams

Ed Herbert used to be vice president of communications and marketing for a large healthcare system. But recently he needed more flexibility with his schedule to take care of his aging parents who live in different parts of the country. So Herbert started working as a traveling sales rep for Southeast Publications. He also sells advertising for Camp-California.

Herbert and his wife, Teresa, live in Tennessee, but they travel to Delaware to take care of Herbert’s dad and to Port Charlotte, Fla., to look after his mom.

“It’s wonderful to get to see them,” Herbert said.

It’s also worthwhile selling advertising for and Camp-California.

“I focus on the entire marketing opportunity, trying to connect California with businesses that do business in that state,” Herbert said. “If you are an OEM or an RV manufacturer, what an opportunity to get your brand in front of people camping in California.”

His clients include a Florida company that sells an eco-friendly fire starter.

Jim and Jacqualine Moore live in Palm Springs but like working for Southeast and Camp-California because they can travel frequently to the San Francisco Bay Area to visit their son.

“What we learned is that you really have to evaluate where your goals are and what your concentration needs to be and you tailor your travel schedule to that,” Jaqueline said.

Having a flexible work and travel schedule is also important to Lynn Holland, who has been working with Southeast since 2007. Based in Brentwood, in Northern California, Holland primarily covers campgrounds in the Monterey Bay area north to Ukiah in his 35-foot Safari diesel pusher.

While his wife, Kathy, occasionally joins him on the road, Lynn Holland said he usually handles the sales and marketing tasks for the team, while Kathy’s primary function is to provide back office, set up and follow up support for Lynn.

But that flexibility gives the Hollands the ability to build bonds with their grandkids while they also work with campground owners. “Kathy is a full-time granny,” he said. “We live two miles from our grandkids on purpose. She’s got drop off and pickup duties three or four days a week and our grandkids spend the night quite often.”

Bill Freeman and his wife, Kathy, have been working for Southeast Publications for the past five years. Bill previously spent 42 years working as an insurance industry executive, but now he and his wife are full-time RVers who travel California in their 40-foot Monaco Camelot. Their advertising sales territory includes California’s Central Coast from Ventura northward to Half Moon Bay as well as portions of the northern Sierra Nevada, including the Gold Country. “We love the freedom of movement, constantly seeing new places and new people,” Bill Freeman said.

“It’s a great job to travel and make money at the same time,” added Michael Faelin, a full-time RVer based in Fallbrook who worked in commercial property development before joining Southeast Publications two years ago. Faelin’s sales territory for Camp-California includes portions of San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Faelin and his wife, Susan, travel in a 41-foot Keystone Fuzion 5th wheel toy hauler with their 12-year-old-son, Brennan, and their 6-year-old daughter, Kiera. The Faelins use the garage portion of the vehicle as their office, which also doubles as a bedroom for their daughter.

“We homeschool the kids and they love the field trips they get in every place we visit,” Michael Faelin said, adding, “I am thankful that I get to spend so much time with my kids as the whole family explores the world together.”

CampCalifornia Enlists Southeast Pubs.

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Southeast Publications has formally partnered with Camp-California to acquire new advertisers and help market the 2014 Camp-California! Camper’s Guide to California.

Southeast Publications has a longstanding relationship with Camp-California and the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC) as a supplier member and sponsor. It was a natural progression for Southeast Publications and Camp-California to enter into a partnership that will not only benefit the two organizations, but will also prove to be a great benefit to the member parks and suppliers that take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of the 2014 publication, according to a news release.

“Camp-California and CalARVC are excited to work with Southeast Publications because of their longstanding positive relationships with CalARVC members. The company has been in the industry for many years and continues to grow. Based on their knowledge and experience and our shared ideas, Camp-California decided this was the best move for everyone,” said Susanne White, advertising manager for Camp-California.

Southeast Publications attended the CalARVC regional meeting last month in Paso Robles, Calif., to make the partnership official and Debbie Sipe, executive director of CalARVC, announced to the attendees of the Central Coast region meeting that Southeast Publications had been chosen to take on this venture. The announcement was received by the attendees with excitement and praise that Camp-California had partnered with a company that had so much insight into the needs and wants of all involved.

When asked about the new partnership, Wally Warrick, president and CEO of Southeast Publications, said, “We are not only excited about the opportunity to work with Camp-California in acquiring new advertisers for their 2014 Travel Guide, but we are also looking forward to increasing the awareness and exposure of the great properties and suppliers that are supporters of CalARVC. RVers and campers have relied on the guide as their main resource for finding their way through the California RV industry and we expect this partnership to greatly enhance its usefulness as well as raise even more notoriety in regards to the importance of the organization within the RV and campground community.”

KOA’s Care Camps Serve 5,000 Annually

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The following news release comes courtesy of Southeast Publications, whose vice president, Carlene Morris, is a member of the board of KOA Care camps. KOA Care Camps is a non-profit 501(c)3 charity of the KOA Owners Association founded in 1984 to assist with financially supporting qualified special non-profit cancer camps for children and young adults throughout the U.S. and Canada. In the release, Morris stated the following:

“When I looked at this video, I understood why we all work so hard to raise money for KOA Care Camps. Just to watch those young adults have a place where they could feel just like others their age made me want to work and get more donations and help in any way I could. As a board member of KOA Care Camps and vice president of Southeast Publications, I will work to make sure all kids with cancer can go to camp and have this wonderful experience. This was Wayne Morris’s and Peter Warrick’s charity of choice, they both felt they could not do enough for these kids with cancer.”

Since being founded, more than $4,283,845 has been contributed; and according to KOA Care Camp’s 2012 Annual Report, the program has grown to over 5,000 kids per year. We here at Southeast Publications wanted to share this video and support this great and meaningful cause. In 2012, Southeast Publications presented Care Camps with a check for $66,343 and we are quickly approaching our $500,000 donated goal. We believe that every kid deserves to be happy. Knowing our donations put smiles on young people’s faces and allows them a moment to just be kids is what keeps us working towards donating more. Take a few minutes, watch the video, share the video, and if you can, please donate.

Southeast Publications Touts Search Engine

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 Southeast Publications has officially  launched the new

The new includes  10,000-plus RV resorts/parks, campgrounds and marinas across the U.S. and Canada. and MobileRVing Mobile App provides travelers with the ability to search by name, state, ZIP code, radius or simply locate a nearby park by using the distance slider, according to a news release.

Travelers can utilize and MobileRVing Mobile App to view detailed park information and amenities, view the park’s online guest guide and view and locate nearby merchants, local restaurants and attractions.

View “preferred parks” with the MobileRVing logo which have been endorsed by Southeast Publications. Bookmark your favorite parks and access the ‘direct connect’ contact information to make easy reservations. The MobileRVing Mobile App also features GPS Navigation/Mapping and is available to download for free on your Apple, Android and Kindle Fire devices.

“Our new enhancements is in response to the overwhelming popularity of our travel search engine. Our preferred listings have been endorsed by Southeast Publications but we wanted to include as many parks as possible to help promote the RV and Camping industry,” says Wally Warrick, CEO, Southeast Publications. and MobileRVing Mobile App is just one of the additional benefits Southeast Publications qualified customers receive as part of the “Southeast Publications Guarantee.” To learn more about what Southeast Publications can do for you, visit

Southeast Publications Make Huge Donation

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Southeast Publications presents a check for $66,343 to KOA Care Camps at the recent Kampgrounds of America (KOA) 50th Anniversary Convention in Orlando, Fla. Pictured (from left) are Lorne Armer, KOA vice president, brand development; Carlene Morris, vice president, Southeast Publications; and Wally Warrick, CEO, Southeast Publications. The firm has raised and donated more than $450,000 since 1994.

Southeast Publications announced at the 2012 KOA Convention in Orlando, Fla., that the company raised $66,343 in 2012 to benefit KOA Care Camps and presented a check to Mike Kuper, chairman of the KOA Care Camps board, according to a news release.

“It was an honor to present the largest check donation in our company history to this great organization and represent the dedication of my father and Wayne towards the KOA Care Camps for the last 18 years,” says Wally Warrick, CEO of Southeast Publications.

Peter Warrick, founder of Southeast Publications, chose KOA Care Camps in 1994 to be the focus in the company’sbelief in giving back. In 2009, Peter Warrick was honored by KOA Care Camps in the Wall of Fame. Peter passed away in 2010 and under the leadership of Wally Warrick and Wayne and Carlene Morris, the company has continued that tradition and has raised and donated over $450,000 since 1994. Recently, Carlene Morris, vice president of Southeast Publications, has been appointed to the KOA Care Camps board of directors, a position that was previous held by Wayne Morris until his passing in July 2012.

“I am overwhelmed with the support we have received through our fund-raising efforts to KOA Care Camps, the children who benefit from this cause are very thankful,” said Carlene Morris.

This is the single largest annual donation in the company history to KOA Care Camps. Because of the contributions from Southeast Publications as well as the dedication and legacy of Peter and Wayne, the KOA Owners Association has created an award in honor of Peter Warrick and Wayne Morris to recognize the efforts and generosity towards this cause. Southeast Publications is committed to reaching the half-million dollar mark in 2013.


MobileRVing Mobile App Launch Updated

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Southeast Publications has released an app update of the MobileRVing Mobile App with new features and additional listings.

“Southeast Publications has always been among the leaders in new technology and marketing concepts for various types of travel and hospitality establishments including RV parks, resorts and campgrounds throughout the U.S. and Canada,” Wally Warrick, CEO of Southeast Publications, stated in a news release. “Our search engine site and mobile app are helping RVers find the right place to stay and things to do in the area.”

The updated MobileRVing Mobile App provides travelers with the ability to search over 10,000 nearby RV parks, resorts and campgrounds in the U.S. and Canada by name, state/province, city, ZIP code radius or simply a listing of nearby locations.

The search can now be filtered by distance from 10 to 200 miles with an easy-to-use distance slider allowing travelers to expand search options and find locations across North America. Travelers can utilize the MobileRVing Mobile App to view detailed park information and amenities, view the parks online guest guide (Mobile Guide) to help pick out a spot, view the mobile guide to view and locate nearby merchants such and local restaurants and attractions, bookmark favorite locations, and access “direct connect” contact information to make your reservation by contacting the park via phone, email or website at the touch of a button. The MobileRVing Mobile App also features GPS navigation/mapping to guide users directly to their destination.

In addition, the new “Preferred Parks” approved by Southeast Publications have been marked with the MobileRVing icon. These parks have been visited by a Southeast Publications Associate and have an excellent reputation within their respected communities.

MobileRVing Mobile App is free and available for download on iTunes, Google Play and Kindle or simply going to



Morris Joins Southeast’s KOA Care Camp Board

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Southeast Publications, a provider of guest guides and the travel search engine, announced that Carlene Morris has been appointed to the KOA Care Camps board, replacing Wayne Morris who held the position since 2010.

“Southeast Publications has supported the KOA Care Camps program for the last 20 years, we are proud to have Carlene represent us on the KOA Care Camps board,” said Wally Warrick, CEO of Southeast Publications.

Carlene Morris has been with Southeast Publications since 1990 as vice president and oversees the company’s sales management and associates.

Since 1994, Southeast Publications has successful raised and donated over $400,000 to benefit the KOA Care Camps and grant children with cancer the opportunity to experience camping.

“I am not only looking forward to participating on the board and be a part of the future of the KOA Care Camps, but also in raising more funds to benefit the children that this great organization supports”, said Morris.


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