New Mexico Parks Busy This Holiday Week

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A sea of miniature homes is headed to Eagle Nest just northeast of Taos (see map) in northern New Mexico in waves during the Fourth of July week, the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle reported.

Glenda Lenz, owner West Lake RV, said her demographic has changed a bit from years past, but she’s still able to fill her park.

“I have noticed people from south of us are not coming as much, maybe because it’s in the middle of the week, but we have way less calls from there,” Lenz said. “Our RV park is still full, with maybe one space, but these people are staying longer when they do come in.”

Lenz said she’s getting a lot of people from nearby cities in Texas and Oklahoma.

“I guess they think it’s cheaper to stay here without having the air conditioning during the night,” she said.

Weathers RV Park is also full, the owners said.

Cynthia Triplett, owner of Angel Nest Retreat RV Park, said her numbers are lower, but she’s still enjoying a fruitful summer.

Triplett said she and her crew have been putting elbow grease into restoring the once bustling park.

“Considering the park had been sold and came back to me, we’ve gotten it back to a standard — to its very high potential,” Triplett said. “We’ve worked very hard — after the problems they had — but we kept at it, and we’re getting a lot of old customers back and word-of-mouth referrals. Where it was and what it’s gone through, it’s much better.”

Tom and Mary Sangster, owners of Lost Eagle RV Park, have been setting up small events to get ready for the Fourth of July.

“We’re pretty full, just now getting busy,” Mary said. “We’re just ready for when they come. (Many of them) are here for a short-term deal.”

Mary said the park intends to host a watermelon social, and Tom Perry played from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday (July 4) in the recreation room.

Dianna Baldonado, manager for Mountain View Cabins and RV Park, said all of her nine spots are booked up.

Bruce Manakas, owner of Golden Eagle RV Park, said he’s been booked up past capacity, and he and his staff are preparing for various activities during the week.

“We’ve made some dry parking spots, and we’ve got an overflow area,” Manakas said. “Including tent sites, we’ve got about 70 spots. We have a staff of hard-working, dedicated people to ensure the enjoyment of our guests. And we’ve still got a continental breakfast that’s complimentary.”