147-Site Utah Park Proposal Receives Approval (3/15/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

A proposed RV park in Veyo, Utah, is causing unease for a group of concerned citizens who claim the venture isn't following county code and will cause long-term issues in their rural community, according to the St. George Daily Spectrum

The Washington County Planning Commission approved a conditional use permit Tuesday (March 12) for the rural recreation ground — a project headed by Pine Valley Mountain Recreation LLC and Slade Hughes.

Hughes, who owns several businesses in Veyo, plans to turn a parcel of land on north Cottam Ranch Road in Veyo into a recreation ground designed for 128 RV spaces, nine cabin sites and 10 tent sites, to be completed in several phases.

Hughes is also a member of the planning commission and because of the conflict of interest had to recuse himself from the discussion and vote.

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