AGS Is Now Offering Free Digital Guide Updates (1/10/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

Campgrounds, RV parks and resorts face annual deadlines to showcase their parks in printed guest guides, but as Crowley, Texas-based AGS has learned over 33 years in the business, guest guides and site maps that are printed once a year do not always reflect a park’s latest improvements, which may not be finalized at press time, according to a press release.

With this in mind, AGS is now offering parks free updates to the digital versions of their guest guides and site maps throughout the year.

"By offering free updates to our customers’ digital guides, we can ensure that their guests have the most complete and up-to-date information about their premium RV sites, rental accommodations and other amenities throughout the year,” said Brian Schaeffer, president and CEO of AGS.

The digital guides are initially sent to parks upon publication of their printed guides and are posted on, the campground industry’s searchable database of restaurants and other businesses frequently patronized by campground and RV park guests.

Schaeffer said the updated digital versions of a park’s guest guides and site maps can be shared across all online platforms, ensuring that current and prospective guests have the absolute latest information.

For more information about AGS, visit its website or Facebook pages at or


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