Airstream Park Developers Work to Ease Concerns (2/12/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

Airstream Project 2

Brad Guidi of Blue Flag Development shows early plans for the company's park project in Massachusetts. 

AutoCamp and Blue Flag Development both worked to assuade concerns over a proposed 108-site development at the former Sippewisset Campgrounds & Cabins in Falmouth, Mass., during a meeting on Feb. 7, according to Wicked Local Falmouth.

Plans call for a reduction in the number of campsites on the property from 122 to 108. RVs and tents on the site would be replaced with Airstream trailers with bedrooms, a bathroom and a living area. Large tents with hotel-style bedding are also planned for the property.

Other features include a two-story, 7,900-square-foot clubhouse with a check-in area, lounge, bathrooms with showers, a second-floor meeting space, a small retail shop, and an outdoor deck with a hot tub. The applicant also wants to create pathways for golf cars to navigate the property, construct a parking area for vehicles, and bring a denitrification system to the property to handle waste and effluent.

Neil Dipaola, CEO for AutoCamp, said his company has accommodated approximately 50,000 guests across all its locations since 2013. He said AutoCamp offers an alternative for people who don’t enjoy the rougher elements of camping and the outdoors.

Neighbors cited concerns over screening, how effluent will be treated on site, and whether the project will be accessible for family camping.

Lewis Stern, who represented 41 neighbors to the campground, said neighbors are concerned that families might be priced out of using the campground when AutoCamp takes over. At a meeting with the Falmouth Planning Board Jan. 22, Stern cited costs up to $375 to rent an Airstream at AutoCamp’s other sites.

But Dipaola said those figures are inaccurate. He said while prices can vary, the cost to rent an airstream is between $150 and $250 per night. Tent rentals, meanwhile, start at about $120, he said.

AutoCamp also plans to install a denitrification system to treat effluent from the airstreams. Residents raised concerns about the system’s proximity to a nearby marsh.

An engineer for the project said that the topography of the campsite requires that the system be located near the marsh. Diapola also noted that currently, there is no system on site to treat and prevent waste from impacting the marsh.

“The worst position you’d be in is what you’re in today,” he said of installing the denitrification system.

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