Canadian Officials Sparring Over Big Pond Appeal (2/1/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

Council should get a vote on whether to launch an appeal of a decision disallowing development of an RV park near Big Pond, Novia Scotia, says one Cape Breton regional councillor, according to CBC News.

CBRM council voted 7-6 last year to allow the project to proceed.

After a hearing lasting several days, the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (UARB) ruled this month in favor of a group of neighbors opposed to the RV park.

They complained the proposed Ceilidh on the Lakes campground would be noisy, unsightly and could pollute the nearby Bras d'Or Lake.

The UARB decided the municipality had not properly followed its own rules under the municipal planning strategy.

Ivan Doncaster, whose district includes the proposed RV park, opposed the plan from the start because of constituents' concerns.

He said their "quality of life was going to be altered dramatically," and he doesn't support an appeal of the UARB decision.

"I'm not in favour of it, because I think the residents went through a long, drawn-out ordeal and it was very taxing on their bodies, minds and systems," Doncaster said.

Municipal staff are still considering whether to appeal the lengthy 94-page decision.

The developer's lawyer, Chris Conohan, said his client is waiting to see what the municipality will do.

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