Carolina Pines Is Set To Offer Unique Experience (3/11/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

Carolina Pines is not going to be a typical Myrtle Beach RV resort, according to Myrtle Beach Online.

It’s actually located on Highway 90 outside of Conway, S.C.

While the site is not waterfront like many of the area’s RV parks, General Manager Troy Bittner said his park is going to offer campers a chance to get away from the bustle of Myrtle Beach and spend time in a luxury resort with plenty to do.

The park is owned by Sun RV Resorts. 

“We’re in a more peaceful setting out here in the countryside,” Bittner said. “While people can stay here and get away from the chaos of the beach, we will be taking them over there every day of the summer to enjoy all the sights and summers.” 

Just because the site is not in Myrtle Beach, does not mean people will have to use their trucks or RVs to get to the ocean. Carolina Pines will offer shuttles to and from the ocean and other Myrtle Beach attractions during the summer.

Once completed in this summer, the park will feature indoor and outdoor pools, mini-golf, a sports center, nature trails, bowling alley, yoga center, a dog park and other amenities. In addition, Bittner said there will be live events, like concerts or family shows to keep people entertained all day while on site.

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