Colorado City Could Deem Parks 'Work Camps' (1/9/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

Groups of travel trailers housing temporary pipeline workers would be regulated as work camps, not as RV parks, under a resolution proposed Tuesday (Jan. 8) morning by Logan County (Colo.) Commissioner Byron Pelton, according to the Journal Advocate.

Pelton proposed the resolution during the commissioners' work session Tuesday morning.

The resolution comes after the commissioners denied four applications for special use permits for RV parks a week ago. The issue of the RV parks came up in October when property owners appeared before the county's Planning and Zoning Commission with requests for the permits so they could rent space to oil and pipeline workers who are part of a temporary workforce.

The planning commission raised questions about inadequate water supplies, septic systems and a state requirement for bathing and restroom facilities for RV parks. The commission later forwarded the issue to the county commissioners, who voted on Jan. 2 to deny the special use permits.

By labeling the properties as work camps rather than RV parks, the county avoids the requirement of bathhouses altogether. Pelton's proposed resolution also makes clear that camper trailers or vehicles must be "independent," that is, they must have built-in "toilet, lavatory, and bathing facilities requiring connection to a sanitary sewer."

The resolution also nullifies the issue of whether the properties must offer "engineered" septic systems and commercial water wells by requiring only that the Northeast Colorado Health Department, which Pelton called "an arm of the (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment)" issue documentation saying that the property's water and sewer facilities are acceptable.

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