Florida Development Moves Ahead, Issues Solved (3/6/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

Developer and local attorney John Eden’s woes about county permission for him to build an upscale RV resort have ended, according to the Citrus County Chronicle

County Administrator Randy Oliver emailed Eden in late February that prior county hold-ups are fixed and development could start.

“I will have someone from my office personally work with your team regarding any county permitting to ensure the project moves forward in an expeditious manner,” Oliver wrote Eden. 

Eden’s take on the county’s recent decision: it’s mostly irrelevant because the property is now part of the city of Inverness, Fla.

Here’s Eden’s saga involving his 206 acres and his proposed Preservation Pointe.  

In 2011 the county granted Eden a planned development overlay (PDO) which allows for a more flexible development than what’s allowed under traditional zoning. Eden plans to build an upscale RV park at the site. 

Eden received the PDO in 2011 and county Land Development Director Joanna L. Coutu, in a 2016 email, told Eden there was no expiration date to his PDO.

In 2017 Coutu, in an email to Eden, allowed for some minor development changes to the proposed RV park. Coutu never mentioned any PDO expiration problems in the email.

But things got politically messy when Eden in February asked to be annexed into Inverness, saying he would rather work with city staff than the county. After two public meetings the city approved the request. The county objected during the second meeting.

Meanwhile Coutu, in a Feb. 19, 2019, email, told Inverness staff that she could “find no evidence that (the PDO) remained in effect and has not expired.”

So when county commissioners this week met to discuss the annexation issue, the PDO issue arose, too. Eden was ready and pointed to his 2011 and 2017 Coutu emails and Coutu’s 2019 reversal.

Oliver said his new email to Eden puts this PDO issue to rest. In his email to Eden, Oliver also said that the county’s land development code allowed Eden three more years on his PDO. The clock started ticking from the point of the 2017 email.

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