Hiker Trapped in Quicksand Rescued at Zion Park (3/13/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

A hiker was rescued at Zion National Park in southwest Utah over the weekend, hours after his leg got stuck in quicksand during a snowstorm.

ABC News reported that Ryan Osmun and his girlfriend, Jessika McNeill, had hiked for about three hours through the park, up the Left Fork of North Creek trail, also known as the Subway, on Saturday when McNeill tripped, and her hands and knees fell into quicksand.

"I was trying to calm her so she wouldn't sink more," Osmun, 34, told ABC News in an interview that airing on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday. "As that was happening, I didn't realize my right leg was sinking into the sand."

The quicksand swallowed Osmun's entire leg by the time he'd helped free his girlfriend from the dangerous mixture of sand and near-freezing water. McNeill tried to dig him out but the water kept refilling the hole.

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