Idaho City Looks To Increase Park Admission Fees (3/11/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

Every spring and summer, two of the city’s parks welcome more than 100,000 vehicles and the Twin Falls (Idaho) Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for maintaining the steep roads and parking lots to accommodate them, according to the Twin Falls Times-News

The city began charging a $1 vehicle fee in 1980 to help cover the cost of maintaining the parks. The fee was raised to $2 per vehicle in 1990 and to $3 per vehicle in 1998. No increase has taken place in 20 years.

Now, the Parks and Recreation Department wants to raise the fee to $5 in order to save up for major park renovations, as well as to allow visitors to pay with credit card. Residents will have a chance to voice their opinions on the proposed fee increase during a public hearing at the City Council meeting on Monday (March 11).

The city is required to hold a public hearing for any fee increase that’s more than 5%. As proposed, the fee increase would not affect the cost of a $25 season pass, a $30 coupon book or a $20 bus fee. The parks will also remain free to enter for anyone who chooses to walk or bike into them.

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