Land Lease America Launches 'LLA Hospitality' (1/15/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

Land Lease America, a multi-unit campground owner and operator, has announced the launch of LLA Hospitality, an all-inclusive suite of management services for campground owners nationwide.

Cody Sauer and Josh Weissenstein, co-founders and principals of Land Lease America, will lead the new offering, according to a press release.

"Historically a niche segment with individuals owning and operating single properties, campgrounds and RV parks have seen increased acquisition activity from traditional real estate investors," noted Sauer. "These investors desire exposure to the asset class, but with ownership comes the challenges of operating a hospitality business. At the same time, guest's expectations for services and amenities have increased. We designed LLA Hospitality to provide management services that address both the investor's needs and camper's expectations."

"Using our own firsthand experience, we crafted a full-service management platform," explained Weissenstein. "It features streamlined processes utilizing upgraded technology and management tools, as well as support and development for on-site team members in the individual parks. We needed this solution to grow our business and to address the unique challenges Land Lease America encounters as an investor-operator in the outdoor hospitality market."

LLA Hospitality offers expertise in campground operations and hospitality management. Services include training and recruiting, operations support, accounting and revenue management, as well as data analytics and business planning.

"We offer a full-service management contract that allows owners exposure to the campground market without the operations responsibility," explained Sauer. "We also offer an advisory services plan that provides an a la carte selection of our services as needed. Our parent company Land Lease America will, on a selective basis, provides direct investment —offering owners immediate liquidity and additional funds to be used towards a campground's growth."

Land Lease America has already proven to be a transformative and creative force in the campground industry.

"LLA and KOA has been a winning partnership," said Toby O'Rourke, President, Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) "They are professional, strategic and have a good operational mindset that has built profitable campgrounds and added value to our system."


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