Mass. Officials Seeking To Purchase Campground (1/29/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

The Campground Evaluation Committee (CEC) has agreed to draft an article for a May meeting that will ask voters to approve buying a 33-acre campsite on Old County Road in Westport, Mass., according to The Herald News

CEC Chairman Joseph Ingoldsby, following the CEC’s meeting, said the CEC unanimously agrees that the property should be purchased and used to supplement education and recreational opportunities.

Selectmen on Monday (Jan. 28) also agreed to place such an article before May Town Meeting voters.

Ingoldsby added that there are many flat acres, and its adjacent location to the elementary school and the proposed 5 through 12 school campus make it an ideal purchase for the town.

Ingoldsby said other needs could also be met, such as school parking, a secondary access road to the school campus grounds — which will be educating public school students from grades one through 12 — as well as a supplemental drinking water supply.

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