Mass. Owner Frustrated Over Slow Pace of Sale (1/11/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

Will the town buy the soon-to-be for sale Westport Camping Grounds in Westport, Mass., on Old County Road?

Longtime property owner Martin Costa recently said that he wants an answer soon, and is suspicious that town politics is causing a delayed response, according to The Herald News.

Town authorities have asserted that they have not lost interest.

Costa last summer announced his interest in selling the family-owned and operated 33-acre property, and would like the town or school district to purchase it.

Costa noted that his patience on the matter is fading.

“It seems they are taking longer than what it should be,” Costa said.

He said there are interested parties, including two solar companies and a senior housing developer, but he still has no definite answer from town authorities.

Costa also said he has longtime campers who will soon begin inquiring if he will be open for business come spring. He said the delayed response from the town could hurt business, if a deal is not reached and he stays open this year.

“Though I have mentioned I wish to retire in a few years, this does not mean I wish to wait to sell. Word has spread rapidly about the availability of our land and several other business entities have come forward interested in purchase,” Costa wrote in a letter to town authorities and other parties. ″ I have not yet formally listed the property with my campground real estate broker because I want Westport to have the right of first refusal. But already I have shown the property to another party that wishes to keep it as a camp.”

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