Michigan Board Gives Up On Campground Grant (2/15/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

Problems with one application resulted in the Branch County (Mich.) Parks Board withdrawing a request for state money to purchase a campground on Randall Lake, according to The Daily Reporter. 

The board learned it will receive grant funds for a Memorial Park bathhouse pending state approval.

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) objected to leaving a number of older campers on the Randall Lake property as part of a county park. It was part of the agreement with the current owners who wanted to sell to the county that the long-term older campers had to stay.

The current owners felt these campers are “the back bone of the park,” parks Manager Trent Arver told the board. Arver suggested possibly carving out a portion of the park and removing it from the grant application as a solution, but the DNR rejected the idea.

Thursday (Feb. 14), board members Steve Weigt and Bob Mayer voted to abandon the grant.

The board began the work in March 2017 to seek a $403,800 grant for a possible $545,700 purchase of a 25-acre campground on the east side of Randall Lake.

The parks board would have contributed 26% or $141,900 in local funds from its budget for the purchase. Arver estimated the county funds would be recovered over a seven- to 10-year period based on 60% occupancy.

The board never identified the property, but did say it was on Union City Road, with 65 campsites, three camping cabins, restroom shower building, boat launch, playground and other amenities. There is 1,000 feet of lakefront. Love’s Lazy Lagoon is the only campground matching the description.

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