N.D. Officials Approve Zoning For RV Park Project (2/7/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

A zoning change for a proposed RV park from agricultural to public in Equality Township, N.D., drew objections from a neighbor and questions from county commissioners but ultimately received the go-ahead, according to the Williston Daily Herald

Charlene Hickel made the request to rezone 40 acres in Equality Township, where she wants to put an RV park with 100 sites. Hickel told commissioners the RV park is not intended to be a crew camp.

“Our proposal is for an RV park,” she said. “Not workers. There will be a designated area for children to play. That will be included in the overall park design.”

Hickel said she hopes to bring students out to the area for Arbor Day to plant trees.

Terry Weisz, the adjacent landowner east of the property, however, told commissioners he objects to the proposal for several reasons.

“Initially, it was a park with 38 sites,” he said. “Then, at the only planning and zoning meeting — which I wasn’t privy to — they upgraded it to 100. There’s a big difference between 38 sites and 100.”

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