Northern California Hit Again With Heavy Rainfall (3/7/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

Continued flooding has made traveling hard in some areas. Continued flooding has made traveling hard in some areas.

Some parts of California have gotten no relief from the recent onslaught of heavy storms this winter. Where snow and heavy rain pelted areas in the northern part of the state last week, more rain wreaked havoc in the eastern county of Tuolumne on Wednesday (March 6), according to Newsweek. 

Wednesday’s thunderstorm left several roads in both Tuolumne and Sonoma counties flooded. In some instances, runoff water rushed across roadways, making driving perilous. The emergency dispatch system in Tuolumne County was also down, making reports of flooded homes and calls for assistance difficult.

Many routes through Tuolumne County, east of San Francisco and southeast of Sacramento, have either been closed or drivers have been advised to proceed with caution, according to CBS 13 in Sacramento.

It wasn’t too long ago that drought and wildfires tore through the state, and now mudslides and floods have made the region nestled close to Yosemite National Park just as dangerous.

Just last week, the system that brought ravaging rain to the coast in Sonoma County also dumped heavy snow in Northern California, which left 35,000 homes and businesses without power, interstate closures near the Nevada state line and record rainfall in some places.

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