Nova Scotia Family Embarks On Year-Long RV Trip (2/6/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

The Durant family of Nova Scotia gather in front of their camper, which they’ve named “Trailer Swift,” while in the midst of their year-long tour around Canada and the United States. 

The travelling Durant family has not only caught the imaginations of Nova Scotia residents, but is now attracting attention across North America, according to the Digby County Courier.

Lindsay Durant, 42, and her husband Cory, 48, sold their home in New Waterford and are currently in the middle of a year-long tour of North America with 11 of their 13 children.

“Whether we go to the grocery store or we go down to the playground, we do get a lot of compliments on our family because we stand out so much,” Lindsay said. "Even though in the homeschool community families tend to be larger than other families, that larger is usually around five kids. No matter where we go we are normally the largest family around.”

The Durants, originally from Alberta, first came to Cape Breton in 2004 but moved back out West after eight months. They returned to Cape Breton in 2006, where Cory worked independently as a carpenter and Lindsay continued as a stay-at-home mom home-schooling the children.

Durant said they always planned this year-long trip. Their adult children still at home are ages 18, 19 and 21.

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