Ocean Lakes Campground Host Veteran Ceremony (2/11/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

Each of the 34 quilts laid on a table at Ocean Lakes Campground in Myrtle Beach, S.C., Sunday (Feb. 10) told a story, according to ABC 15. 

Some sported a soaring Bald Eagle, others had meticulously crafted patterns. Their designs each crafted one by one.

“It takes a village to make a quilt,” said Joan Wobbleton.

Wobbleton and her husband, Jim, dedicate themselves, along with other members of the Myrtle Beach Shore Birds, to make quilts for veterans who’ve served during conflict. It's a symbol of thanks and appreciation.

The group has a national impact and the Wobbleton’s have achieved extraordinary success during the last several years along the Grand Strand.

Last year, they awarded more than 700 veterans. This year, their to-do list includes more than 300 already.The 34 men who walked away with a quilt Sunday included a World War II veteran, a soldier from the Korean War, Vietnam and Afghanistan.

“It’s incredible that this is all happening today. It’s so nice,” said Carl James, a veteran and recipient.

“We live in the greatest country in the world and freedom doesn’t come free,” said Thomas Irwin, also a recipient.

Quilts of Valor started in 2003. Nationally, the group has awarded more than 211,000 quilts.

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