Oregon Officials Hear Update On Health Of Park (3/14/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

Imagine what Cannon Beach, Ore., would have experienced if the Rajneeshees had settled in Cannon Beach.

After a renewal of the contract between the city and Escape Lodging to manage the city-owned RV park, on Wednesday (March 6), members of the city council met with representatives of the lodging company for a look back and update of the RV park and how it went from a potential cult site to a thriving visitor destination, according to the Cannon Beach Gazette.

Escape Lodging President Patrick Nofield displayed a 1985 Eugene Register-Guard article about how the Rajneeshees were scoping land in rural Cannon Beach for their center which prompted the city’s quick purchase of the 52 acres for $2 million.

The RV park’s history was a part of Escape Lodging’s annual report in preparation of their contract renewal with the city. Nofield brought key members of his team to discuss how the RV park fared over the last year, and shared the parks storied history as well.

The city later purchased the land and contracted with Escape Lodging in 2002 to manage the RV park and resort. Since that time, the city has reimbursed the private business for any expenses incurred while income goes directly into the city bank accounts.

Nofield said that there were “no regrets” in the site purchase and shared wisdom from the Steve Martin, his business partner and mentor in the venture. Martin died in 2000. 

“Steve said that the money is a ‘report card’ as to how well we’re serving people,” Nofield remembered.

In exchange Escape Lodging gets a small monthly fee and a percentage of the profits, and during the winter months sometimes those profits are slim to none. This past year the net profit for the site was close to $500,000, although January and February bookings were “extremely low.”

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