Owners Frustrated After Raid, Marijuana Busts (1/9/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

Broken glass has been left behind after law enforcement officers raided the Aumann RV Park Monday (Jan. 7) night and continued their search of the property Tuesday, according to KOCO.

Members of the Aumann family said they are absolutely frustrated that their home was ransacked, with Troy Aumann saying he's confused.

"You can ask some of the tenants, we have a good family oriented RV park," Aumann said.

Part of what was found at the RV park near Northeast 23rd Street and Interstate 35 in Oklahoma City was a marijuana grow. Aumann said six marijuana plants he was growing were taken while officers tore his home apart.

Aumann has a medical marijuana card and said he has tried to grow weed in the past.

His brother, Michael Aumann, was arrested on a cultivation complaint. Troy Aumann said his brother never touched the marijuana plants.

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