Pacific Overlander Caters To Unique 'Overlanders' (3/27/2018)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

Overlanding in the woods. Photo: Courtesy of Pacific Overlander.

Mason Schreck grew up surfing and exploring up and down the coast of California. He eventually fell in love with Big Sur, not just for the surf, but also for the trails back in the hills that (back then) offered private camping.

“You could surf during the day and then take off and have a private camp," Schreck, 34, recently told Adventure Sports Network. "You needed a four-wheel drive then to be able to do that. My friends and I would do just that - it would be our 'secret' getaway back then.”

Unbeknownst to Schreck, this was his first encounter of many, with what he would come to learn was referred to as overlanding. Overlanding, as Overland Journal has described it, is “self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations where the journey is the primary goal.”

Schreck, kept embarking on various camping/road trips throughout Central and South America, eventually going on a surf trip with his brother to Chile in 2015. Renting a camper van, they came across limitations that sparked an idea.

“I found myself really wanting to rent a campable vehicle with a rooftop tent and all the camping gear. After one trip to Chile with my brother where we were put into a camper van with a rooftop tent I said, 'This is great, but I wish it were a 4×4 with this type of tent with this type of gear. Why don't we offer that at home?' That was where the gears started turning on that surf trip in Chile.”

With all the learned lessons of what’s optimal for overlanding trips, Schreck founded his company Pacific Overlander in September of 2016, from which everyday people could rent completely outfitted overlanding vehicles. Schreck has built the business personally with the help of his family and his wife, Sam.

Pacific Overlander offers a fleet of vehicles that are fully outfitted for overlanding adventures. The fleet includes a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, two Toyota 4Runners, two Toyota Tacomas, a classic Land Rover Defender and two camper rigs (one on a Chevy and one on a GM truck).

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