Park Closure In Texas Is Affecting Local Economy (3/12/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

The way people vacation has changed throughout the years. One popular trend that continues to grow, is RV camping. Port Aransas, Texas, is home to several rv parks, and one in particular is causing some concern for the Director of Coastal Parks, according to KRIS. 

The RV park at I.B. Magee beach was wiped out during Hurricane Harvey and Coastal Parks is working hard to get it back up and running. Director of Coastal Parks Scott Cross said, “We’ve got to get that revenue coming back in that is critical to this county. The park right  grosses over a million dollars a year, and with it being closed you can imagine the impact.”

Cross states that it will cost between $2 million to $3 million just to rebuild the existing footprint. He says not only is this a top priority for Port Aransas, but for the county as well. Cross says revenue from Balli Park helps, but during the winter, I.B. Magee rv park has a 92% occupancy rate, “we feel it, it hurts,” he says.

Plans to break ground on the I. B. Magee Beach RV park will not happen until the end of summer. Cross is actively working on funding for the park.

Cross says an estimate of 7.5 million people go to Magee beach, annually. Luckily, other rv parks around town are full.

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