Phoenix Housing Project Incorporates Airstreams (3/5/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

An early rendering of the housing project. An early rendering of the housing project.

A new development called Roosevelt Land Yacht Club could be coming to downtown Phoenix, Ariz., according to the Phoenix New Times

It’s a new take on affordable artist housing, conceived by a trio of creatives in Roosevelt Row.

The development would comprise Airstreams or other vintage travel trailers, integrated into a steel structure that would wrap around an existing parking garage on the northwest corner of Roosevelt and First streets. The multilevel structure would be situated on a 15-foot strip of land between the garage and adjoining sidewalks. At this point, that land is covered in grass.

It’s in the conceptual stage at this point, but True North Studio is getting ready to start the design review process with the city of Phoenix, which will have to approve the design and issue needed permits before it all comes together. The design also includes architectural elements and landscaping.

The working plan calls for about four stories with 30 units comprising silver Airstream travel trailers. Vento says the rental units will have about 350 square feet of living space, likening them to the average size of a studio unit in a high-rise apartment.

“They’re really iconic and they’re popping up all over the place now,” Vento says. “Our plan is to create an urban vertical housing project by using Airstreams.”

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