Rocky Mountain Nat. Park Breaks Visitation Record (2/15/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

Rocky Mountain National Park

Visitors at Rocky Mountain National Park 

Every year, visitors from around the world are drawn to the soaring peaks, the green valleys, and the charismatic wildlife of Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park, according to the National Parks Traveler.

In 2018, visitation hit a peak of its own, breaking all previous records. The park received a total of 4,590,492 visitors last year - a 3.5% increase over visitation in 2017. This number represents a slight increase from previous record visitation in 2016 of 4,517,584.

While single-digit increases remain impressive, overall visitation has increased over 40% since 2012. 

To put those numbers in context, it is worth noting that across the country national parks received over 330 million visits in 2017.  According to the National Park Service, of the 418 sites in the system, 385 count visitation and half the total visitation to the National Park System comes from just 27 parks.

Historically, Great Smoky Mountains National Park beats out all others, and in 2017 the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area joined Great Smoky with more than 10 million recreational visits.

In Rocky Mountain, fall visitation, particularly on weekends, continues to increase. And more weekend winter visitors are braving the slippery roads. In 2018, seven of the 10 top busiest days fell in September; the remaining three in July and August. 

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