RV Sites, Yacht Club Planned At Texas Harbor (1/14/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

The owner of Cove Harbor Drystack and Marina outlined his plans for his leased property at Cove Harbor North.

Cove Harbor Marina and Drystack owner Haythem Dawlett made a presentation before Aransas County (Texas) Navigation District (ACND) commissioners at their regular meeting Monday (Jan. 7) regarding his plans for an RV resort and yacht club on leased property in Cove Harbor North, between the floating docks and Business Highway 35 South, according to The Rockport Pilot.

Engineer Brandi Karl, representing Dawlett, addressed the city of Rockport’s moratorium on new RV parks inside the city, as well as the desire to rezone the property.

She noted there was a lapse in the moratorium and she made the application to the city to allow the RV sites, subject to ACND approval.

Karl said Dawlett is also seeking rezoning from industrial to commercial because overnight stays are not allowed in Industrial zones.

Dawlett said the whole community went through a lot after Hurricane Harvey and the entirety of plans for the leased property on which Cove Harbor Marina and Drystack is located is now a “much more personal project.”

He noted it is his family’s biggest single investment and it will be a family legacy.

He talked about his plans to make the property a destination point including the boat storage (drystack), the Cove Harbor Yacht Club, and a boathouse, as well as support businesses.

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