RVIA RVX Event Gets Underway in Salt Lake City (3/12/2019)

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SGB Media reported thaRVX: The RV Experience” is the new event offered by the RV Industry Association (RVIA), the Reston, VA-based national trade organization that represents RV manufacturers and their component parts suppliers.

RVX: The RV Experience, a new event offered by the RV Industry Association (RVIA), is underway in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the Salt Lake Palace Convention Center.

SBG Media reported that RVX, which runs through Thursday (March 14), represents an overhaul for the industry’s signature trade show. The annual show used to be held each November in Louisville, Ky., but over the last few years it began seeing lackluster attendance, according to Liz Crawford, SVP, trade shows and events, who joined RVIA in 2016 from Emerald Expositions.

Soon after she joined the association, executives decided to revamp the show with a new name, new date and new locale — all of which would combine to give it a new vibe.

“In November 2017 it became pretty clear we had to act pretty quickly, so we spent pretty much the month of December retooling it,” Crawford said. “In January 2018, we presented the new show to our board of directors, which is made up of manufacturers and suppliers of RVs. We announced the new launch and the board give us approval to move forward, so we visited 12 different cities in six weeks and chose Salt Lake.”

The show will be different from its predecessor in a few ways. First, RVX will move to different locales; San Antonio, Texas, was just named host city for the 2020 show.

RVX was designed to be smaller, at least to start. The trade show floor has been cut in half — from a million square feet to 500,000 — as part of the retooling process, Crawford said. While RVX may eventually grow back to the larger floor size, the association designed the new event to showcase only the best and newest products that manufacturers are bringing to market.

“What we were finding was that the OEMs were bringing a lot of product to the show in Louisville,” Crawford said. “There was new stuff, but you couldn’t tell what was new because it was interspersed with everything else. We started talking to manufacturers, and they said, ‘I had 40 vehicles there, but only two were new.’ Now we’re telling them, just bring the two. The manufacturers had to think about what was really going to move the needle right for the dealer and for the industry.”

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