See Photos: Grand Canyon National Park Turns 100 (3/1/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

Grand Canyon National Park in the 1930s.Grand Canyon National Park in the 1930s.


The Grand Canyon is celebrating a big milestone this year, as it is officially 100 years old, according to Fortune.

On Feb. 26, 1919, Congress passed legislation backed by President Woodrow Wilson recognizing the canyon as a national park. The natural wonder has become an American symbol and a space for visitors to connect with the raw outdoors. The scenic landscape holds both the heritage and culture of America's first people and a collection of unique historical and geological records.

The canyon, primarily carved by the Colorado River over the past 6 million years, stretches 277 miles through the Arizona desert. The 1,904-square-mile park draws 6 million tourists a year exploring the river rapids, the hiking trails, and its incredible geological and cultural history.

Tourists, geological researchers, and photographers alike go to experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site — that includes renowned landscape photographer Ansel Adams who helped fuel the environmental movement and helped convince government officials to take land preservation seriously.

Take a look at pictures of the Grand Canyon throughout the years by clicking here. 


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