There Are A Myriad Of Ways To Help Out The NPS (1/29/2019)

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The federal government recently reopened after the longest shutdown in U.S. history. Now, many federally-funded agencies, including the national parks, are in the process of recovering after being forced to close or operate with minimal staffing for weeks on end. If you want to know how to help national parks recover after the shutdown, this roundup offers several concrete actions you can take to get the parks back on their feet.

Donate To The Parks Restoration Fund

The Parks Restoration Fund was established by the National Park Foundation (NPF) during the shutdown as a way to start gathering funds to address post-shutdown damage. The NPF noted that donations will go toward assessing park damage and "provide [ing] the resources to coordinate projects such as natural habitat restoration, graffiti removal, and other volunteer efforts."

Sign Up To Volunteer

The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) and the NPF are both coordinating volunteer services for park cleanup and other activities. You can sign up to receive volunteer information on either organization's website (the NPCA's volunteer link is here and the NPF's is here). You'll then get further information about local volunteer opportunities and on how you can most effectively contribute your time.

Visit With Extra Care

If you are planning on visiting a national park anytime soon, (and always) make sure to clean up after yourself and be certain you don't leave any possessions behind in the park. This will help ensure that you don't further contribute to the park debris that accumulated during the shutdown.

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