Tiny Homes Trend Hits Speed Bump in Cape Cod (3/14/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

The tiny home movement has really taken off, except that no one on Cape Cod or the Islands has been able to legally live in one.

As reported by the Associated Press, even on Nantucket, which passed a bylaw allowing tiny homes in 2016, none have been permitted because state building codes still make them illegal, said Andrew Vorce, Nantucket's town planner.

It's no different in any other town.

"The (state) building code is where the real bump in the road is," said Victor Staley, Brewster's building inspector.

But Dana Hope, of Provincetown, bought one anyway. She hopes her commitment to her tiny property becomes the impetus for Provincetown to figure out how to permit these places that would affordably allow Cape Codders to own a home.

"Tiny houses are a win-win," Hope said. "I want to be able to afford my life. To go out to dinner and to have just one job."

But last week, the Provincetown Board of Selectmen ruled that tiny homes on wheels are unrealistic.

Tiny homes, which are on wheels and not connected to sewers, electricity or water, are "not going to happen," Selectman Louise Venden said.

"I'm a realist," Venden said. “If Nantucket passed a law and they can't do it, then how can we?”

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