W. Va. County Prepares to Take Over State Park (1/10/2019)

Story by Ben Quiggle
Little Beaver State Park

Officials of a West Virginia county are prepared to take over Little Beaver State Park in the spring, but only if the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR) agrees to pay for deferred maintenance, Raleigh County Commission President Byrd White III said Tuesday (Jan. 8), according to The Register-Herald.

The lake must be drained 8 to 10 feet this year so that crews can place a membrane across the lake's 500-foot Class 1 Dam to stop leaks and replace an outdated valve.

Raleigh Commission voted during the regular meeting Tuesday to approve the plan. White said a verbal agreement has already been reached between commission and DNR officials. White said he plans to present a written agreement to DNR in the immediate future and that he will present an agreement which county attorney, Bill Roop, is in the process of drafting.

"They repair the dam. They dredge the lake; they do some other repairs that are required," White summarized. "The state will take care of all of that. We'll pay nothing for it."

The transfer from DNR and other state agencies of the 562-acre park, including the 18-acre lake and nearly 20 miles of trails, will be at no cost to the county, White said. The county had deeded the park to DNR in the late 1960s, he said. It is currently owned by the state, mainly via DNR and a patchwork of other agencies.

"It's simply them giving it back, with an agreement to do deferred maintenance," noted White.

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