Whiskeytown Repairing Park After Rough Winter (3/8/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

After unprecedented wet weather this winter, park rangers at California's Whiskeytown National Recreation Area say they won't let storm damage and debris stop them from preparing for the upcoming spring season, according to KRCR. 

"We'll have that pretty blue water back soon enough," said Whiskeytown National Recreation Area Park Ranger Matt Switzer.

However, that doesn't mean they aren't facing a lot of repairs to get there.

Switzer says they've faced nearly  two feet of water in only a few days during the most recent winter storm.

Switzer added the heavy rain raised the water levels at Whiskeytown Lake high enough to overflow into the glory hole for several days and swept large amounts of debris into the lake.

"The lake's definitely pretty murky right now, especially after the rains we had last week. We had almost two feet of rain come down in a few days and then with this rain on top of it, the lake's pretty murky. There's a lot of small woody debris floating around in the lake," Switzer said.

Switzer said the heavy rain, on top of the damage caused by a recent snow storm, has also left many parts of the park in need of repairs.

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