Woodson Bridge RV Park Evacuated Due To Flood (2/15/2019)

Story by Woodall's Campground Management

Woodson Bridge RV park

The Woodson Bridge RV Park was evacuated due to high water. 

The Woodson Bridge RV Park in Corning, Calif., was under evacuation Thursday (Feb. 14) as the Sacramento River rose to flood levels, according to KRCR. 

The water level increased quickly, over the banks into the RV park, forcing residents to evacuate or move to a higher location.

Gini Whitney owns the RV park with her husband, George.

She says they knew the flood was coming, so they started evacuations early.

"I felt uncomfortable yesterday when I saw that 185, so we preempted evacuations yesterday and were proactive in getting them out. A lot of people went out," said Whitney.

She said they monitor the "California Nevada River Forecast" website to measure water levels.

She said they plan to reopen on Saturday, once the water goes back down.

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